What is the Universe Waiting To Deliver To You?

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The Universe responds to everything you think and feel.

In my sessions and programs I help people to identify and release their inner blocks to abundance and healing.

I’ve noticed that releasing these negative energies can have a powerful and often instant positive effect. 

Once you are free of sabotaging vibes, the manifestations that seem to have evaded you can finally appear.

It’s as if all the good karma, wishes and prayers you’ve been waiting for are held up in a warehouse,
then you cut all your toxic cords, forgive the people who ripped you off and let go of self limiting beliefs…
and BOOM,
they all get shipped out at once!

A similar situation happens when you change your mindset from scarcity thinking to prosperity consciousness,
you simply STOP resisting the Divine flow and all the good that wants to come to you, can finally arrive.

Last week I finally faced a situation that was one of my barrier’s to receiving Divine deliveries- literally!

Ever since Christmas i was frustrated because almost all my online gifts for friends and family were taking a ridiculously long time to arrive.

Added to that, presents and orders that were coming to ME were also delayed.
People kept asking- have you got my gift yet? 

Feeling a bit sooky that my birthday gifts hadn’t arrived,
I decided to meditate on it and see if I was the cause of this apparent block!

It turns out that I was.

I recruited Archangel Michael wielding his cord cutting sabre and tuned into my body,
asking to be shown the block, if there was one.

Almost immediately I psychically saw a thick wiry cord reaching back to an upsetting event 25 years ago.
I saw how this situation had wounded my self worth creating feelings that I was undeserving.

I prayed, asking for this cord of fear to be replaced with Divine Love and understanding, freeing me of all limitation.

As Archangel Michael severed the cord and it floated away,  I felt a strong pulling sensation in my lower back,
I  recognised that I’d internalised a big scarcity belief from that situation.

I fell asleep for an hour and woke up feeling light, and free of a lower backache (which I thought was from doing too many squats!)

Cord cutting can be miraculous and often relieves physical pain, free’s the mind and also heals blocks.

Now here comes the best part:

All the backed up deliveries have arrived!

The postie has been here more times in the past 2 days than in the past 3 months!

and… I found out i’d won a $100 fuel card today, had an amazing day of synchronicity, pampering and a photo-shoot yesterday.

I WAS blocking my deliveries and other good things, luckily the Universe conspired to help me to see that there was another level of healing to be done to improve my connection with the Divine Source!

The Divine is the Source of all of your good,
You are connected to the Divine and that can never change.

However, you can be corded to situations, people and even beliefs that drain off your manifesting power and block the flow of abundance from the Source.

These cords, once severed will activate the Divine Flow again and connect you to Spirit.

Whenever you feel stuck, it’s a sign to clear your energy and reconnect!

My brand new Online Training program is all about  releasing your blocks to abundance to activate your flow and create a sacred open connection to the Divine. 
Rich Angelic Alchemy is a 6 session live course designed to take you through the steps of clearing your energy, changing your mindset and teaching you how to align with the Laws of Abundance.
You’ll discover an easier, effortless way to create your life without ego and struggle.
My program also offers incredible bonuses including 3 private Soul Sessions with me.
Spaces are limited.

Use this link to request more information or attend the free masterclass

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Angel Blessings
Rachel Scoltock x
Angel Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher

You can book a private reading or healing session with me Book here




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