I’ve found that many spiritual souls are very good at giving but they often have a block to receiving.

When you block the good that is offered to you, then you can create an energy imbalance that shows up as scarcity, delays and other problems.

You block the Universe from delivering blessings, abundance, and love to you.

A few Christmases ago I discovered a major block to receiving that was causing problems in my material life.

At the time, all the gifts and cards I sent to friends and family overseas did not arrive at their destinations. I knew this wasn’t entirely a physical world issue because I wasn’t receiving anything either!

When a persistent problem shows up in the 3D it’s a signal from the Universe that there is an energetic block.

I knew I had to find and release this block, to get the parcels moving, so asked my angels to reveal the cause.

Right away, I saw a thick, black energy cord linking me me to a past situation that had caused me a lot of pain and shame.

The experience and my response to it, had created a belief that I did not DESERVE to receive good.

Over time the cord had thickened and I could see how this negative belief was manifesting in my material reality and blocking the good things coming to me,

I worked with Archangel Michael to cut the cord and remove all the emotional energy that had built up as a barrier to my Divine deliveries!

Now here is the best part.

All the backed up parcels and cards showed up,  along with extra gifts:

I received a prize, discounts, refunds, messages of love and other unexpected gifts. I realized something important.

When we block ourselves, the Universe never stops TRYING to deliver blessings to you. Those gifts just get held up in the energetic equivalent of a postal depot for lost and returned deliveries!

When I cut the cord, the physical, emotional and spiritual deliveries were released and could arrive on the physical plane!

The Divine has an unlimited supply of deliveries that it is waiting to deliver to you! Think of all that you’ve been praying, for earning, and manifesting!

Your ability to receive and accept these depends on your willingness to let go of the beliefs, experiences, and fears that hold you in lack and undeservedness!

Are you ready to receive abundance, joy, and other blessings in your here and now reality? Then let’s find and release those energetic blocks!

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Angel Blessings
Rachel Scoltock x
Angel Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher



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