Build and Grow Your Spiritual Business Video Course

How to Build a Successful Spiritual Healing Business Using Simple Strategies to Attract Your Dream Clients

A 7 part video course for  spiritual business owners to teach you how you can start and grow your business using simple strategies to attract (and keep) a flow of happy clients.

All videos are pre-recorded and set out on a beautiful login platform.

Break through procrastination and overwhelm and get started building your successful business.

In this course I show you what’s important, and what is not when it comes to marketing and growing a successful spiritual business.

You will know where to start to actually move the needle! Discover what works for marketing your business online and locally and how to do it in a grounded way, not cheesy salesy or dancing on socials kinda way (These are time tested and lasting methods that don’t cost lots of $$)

My business started as an in-person bricks and mortar healing business in a small country town, within a short time I was booked out giving healings and readings to clients. I started to build my online clientele in 2008. I went fully online in 2018 and have grown my business to 6 figures using simple methods that work for everyone and without crazy spending.

My business mantra is “Grow where you are” You can build a successful fulfilling business without needing all the expensive bells and whistles.

Spiritual business owners do not need to struggle and suffer when it comes to offering spiritual products, services and events! Your business has value and I can teach you how to communicate that simply  in your actions, your marketing and your energy.

 In these videos you’ll learn how I built my successful business as a healer, spiritual teacher and angel medium from scratch without complex technologies or exspensive marketing strategies.

 $297 AUD plus GST 

Would you like to confidently attract a flow of paying clients to your healing business?

I am here to help! I want to give you the confidence to create a business that supports, prospers, and fulfils you.

I hear from a lot of spiritual business owners who feel lost and overwhelmed about how to create the successful business they KNOW is possible for them.

They’re passionate about turning their gifts into a business, but they struggle with how to attract and keep a consistent flow of good (paying) clients.

After a while healing business owners can become burnt out and deflated from working too hard, giving all their energy and time for way too little return.

So I decided to do something about it.

In this video course I show you the exact same strategies  I used consistently to build my 6 figure spiritual business from scratch.

I’ve worked with many spiritual business owners who felt lost about how to get their businesses off the ground. They were struggling to figure out how to get their work out to the world, how to price themselves and how to get clients!

If they did have clients they often felt drained and taken advantage of because they didn’t have good boundaries in place.

They knew there had to be a better way.

After learning from me their businesses started to attract the results they needed.

They gained confidence to promote their services, they tightened their boundaries, shifted their energy and set themselves up for success with pricing.

This video course is built based on my experiencess over 2 decades as a full time professional energy healer, angel medium and spiritual teacher. I built my successful business from scratch with no back up income or savings using simple, low cost methods.

I learnt what worked and what didn’t, I did it on a low budget and low tech. I have put together the most important points in this video course for you!

This isn’t a typical business course.

I am not trying to sell you a big complex system, an expensive strategy or a funnel.

I am pulling back the curtain on exactly how I built my spiritual healing business and walking you through precisely what you need be doing in your small healing business to set yourself up for success.

I built my successful spiritual business using simple strategies and tactics that worked to get a flow of clients through my doors. I didn’t have access to money or complex marketing techniques or expensive websites or PR gurus. I grew step by step using my mantra of “Grow where you are”

” A light went on for me after watching these videos packed with plain wisdom, they took the mystery out of marketing my healing business.  I was feeling a lot of anxiety about promoting myself as an Intuitive Reader, Aromatherapist, and Reiki Healer. I didn’t know where to start. This course helped me let go of my fears and just do it. It works!”

Candace, Qld

Maybe You:

❌Feel overwhelmed about exactly how to attract and keep ideal, paying clients to your healing business.

❌Need simple business advice about how to set up your business for success on subjects such as: pricing, boundaries, branding, and marketing.

❌Don’t fully understand how to market yourself to the right audience

❌Struggle with the idea of being too salesy or fake

❌Don’t even know where to begin.

❌Wonder if you can make enough money to live on, doing what you love. You’re even thinking of taking a job.

❌Worry that you’ll attract skeptics, trolls, time wasters and people who want freebies?

It doesn’t have to be like this, there is a way to share your gifts with the world and earn a good living without burning out!


 ✅Having clarity about what works and what doesn’t when promoting your business in inexpensive, simple, and effective ways.

✅Knowing how to set clear professional boundaries for your clients with ease so you’re not leaking money and time or giving away your gifts.

✅ understanding how to price your services and offerings the right way which will lead to your success, rather than just copying others or grabbing a number out of the air!

✅Working with the energetics and mindset of a successful spiritual business so yo can start using these easy methods right away to attract what you want and need.

 ✅Releasing the ways you block your clients from finding you! Many spiritual business needlessly sabotage their clients without realizing it! Make these adjustments and get ahead of the crowd.

✅Standing out above the crowd. Showing up in a professional way, giving a great service to your customers, and making your spiritual healing business fulfilling and prosperous!

No need for expensive strategies, marketing gurus or complex systems

The strategies I teach you in this course have given me a consistently and ever growing spiritual business for 20 years. I have given this information to my Rich Angel Mentoring clients with amazing results!


You can purchase this course for $297 AUD plus GST (approx $190 USD)

 Yes! Give Me Access Now

Are You Still Wondering if this Course is For You?

I understand. There are a lot of business courses out there and many different methods and advice.   

Some is overwhelming, complex and expensive. Some is about funnels, ads, etc. This isn’t that. It’s an introductory course of videos about how I built my healing business from the ground up and my indepth suggestions about what you NEED to be doing and how.

I’ve made everything in this pre-recorded video series simple, easy to apply and clear.

There are no special technical skills needed for you to get started, no jargon, no long winded stories and no B.S. I am giving you simple examples, guidance, and information  you can use from MY experiences as I built my spiritual healing business as an Angel Medium, Energetic Healer and Spiritual Teacher and the guidance I offer to my spiritual business Mentoring clients which works for them as well.

These videos were a total life-saver  when I started my little energy healing biz.  I had NO plan about how to fiind clients I thought “build it and they will come but they didn’t!”  I contacted Rachel begging for help and she sent me all her wisdom wrapped up  in these  videos. I actioned some of the suggestions and got results almost immediately.  Big Gratitude!

Jackie Harvey

Reiki Master, EFT coach

These Videos Are For You If:

You are starting or you already have a healing business as a sole trader- working as a natural or alternative therapist or teacher.


You want simple, low cost tips to market your business in your local area and/ or online.


You want a strategy to attract a consistent flow of  clients to make your business a success so you can help people through your services.



You would like down to earth advice and insight from someone who is authentic and has already built a successful healing business both with in person sessions and online.



You want to know what’s worth doing to create success and what is unnecessary-Learn from my mistakes and wins!



You’d like some simple, effective, inexpensive ways to attract clients and keep your business flowing and growing!



You want some tips about pricing and presenting your services in a way that means you can be financially independant and earn enough to live on.



You’d like guidance and insights from someone who has been there about how to manage subjects such as mates rates, discounts, difficult clients,marketing, managing your energy levels, staying in integrity, and other important business related information.



You’re excited to get your business flowing and growing, you’re willing to take the necessary steps to make your business the best it can be both for you and your clients!



You have services which you offer in person and are thinking of taking them on-line.

“Just wanted to say these videos are SO great! I’ve just watched them all plus again and got so much from them. Feeling great, inspired and organised! ”
Paula Holyoake

Angel Psychic, Reiki Healer, Yoga Teacher

What this information does not cover :

PAID Social media advertising, ads, or building sales funnels, how to do launches for programs.

I am not a social media expert but I have built a great following of engaged clients who become paying clients.

It does cover content marketing, unpaid social media tactics, basic marketing strategies(local and online), and other simple ways you can get yourself known, promote your services and attract paying clients who need your services , will tell thir friends and keep coming back for more.

It’s not about how much you spend or tacky self-glorification, it’s about getting your message out there and showing your pontential clients what you do, how good you are & how to book in with you.

I built my 6-figure healing and angel reading practice from the ground up and with a zero budget.  I’m still growing, it’s evolved so much but every decision I have made has lead me here. I still use most of these tactics today and I teach them to my mentoring program clients. I’ve seen my program clients build succeessful businesses and meet their income goals.

I’m tired of seeing spiritual businesses struggle! I see how they block themselves with outdated ideas, guilt and fear. They sell themselves short doubting their abilities because they don’t do the simple things that will boost their income and get the word out about how amazing they are!

I love sharing this knowledge with my clients and followers, it’s so satisfying to help other healers and psychics  share their gifts and be financially supported while doing it. I love the freedom and abundance working for myself brings! I want all this for you too.

You don’t need to struggle!

Why Listen To Me?

rachel holding computer and standing smiling

When I started, I didn’t have a large client base! With no back up savings and no other income I had to learn how to draw clients to me fast!

I leaned on my past career promoting music events as a marketing manager. I also learned a lot from my mentors and how they interacted with their audience.

I figured out what worked through trial and error and I built a solid business with many repeat clients, giving healings and readings, group meditation and workshops from my home clinic.

I had a full diary with in-person work for 15 years, I always did a few distance and online sessions, then I transitioned my business fully online in 2018. I now have experience with promoting my biz to a local audience and online to a worldwide audience.

I discovered which marketing techniques actually work to attract a stready flow of loyal clients.  One which I share in this course is THE most central reason my business is still growing after 20 years!

I really understand how stressful and overwhelming it feels to wonder how to attract clients to your business.

You might worry that you have to employ a marketing guru, spend a fortune on a website or advertising, or learn social media training.  (You don’t, especially if you aren’t selling online courses and even then…) All of this can be a big block to getting started and I am sure this is why some intuitives and healers give up before they’ve even started.

You don’t have to change who you are to create success in your healing business.  It doesn’t need to be complex, expensive, or difficult to earn money doing what you love.

Learn some simple to implement strategies and knowledge from someone who has been where you are!

Investment : $297 AUD  Lifetime access


  What’s included?

Video 1- Introduction and How it All Started For Me. Smart Ways to Market Yourself: 16 min

Video 2-How to Attract and Keep Good Clients.23 mins

Video 3-How to Brand Yourself The Right Way.31 mins

Video 4-The Energetics Of Business 37 mins

Video 5-Boundaries, Branding and Blocks 40 mins

Video 6 How to Price Yourself for Success 39mins (updated)

Video 7 Elminating Beliefs that Keep You Undercharging and Overgiving 40mins (updated)

Video 8- Social Media and Marketing Online- the Basics 39mins (bonus)

Video 9 – The equipment you need for great video and audio (low spend) Bonus!

I will keep adding bonus content to this course)



This video course is packed with easy to understand wisdom and insights about how to set yourself up for success and abundance.  I’ll teach you all my hard earned wisdom, tips and techniques I’ve implemented since the beginning.


You’ll feel more confident and excited to work on your business after this series of videos.

8 pre-recorded videos -Each video is between 15 and 40 minutes long. Please note-Some were recorded a few years ago, others more recently.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive 2 emails including login information for instant access the videos on my ThriveLearn Platform.

You have unlimited access to this video course.


I never ever thought that working with the angels and energy healing could become my business but Rachel has helped me to discover how to do it and it’s growing step by step in amazing ways. I’m not scared of it anymore. I love being able to help people and earn money doing it”

-Kathryn, NSW


The information in these videos come from my personal experiences as a professional Angel Medium, Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher based in Australia.I share the ways I built my success from the ground up since 2003 to date. I offer you the information for you to use in your business. It includes work you must do to see results. Please note that to have real success you must be authentic, have high integrity, be well trained, professional, and willing to work and give your best in your business!You can utilize the ideas suggested in this course and use them for the purpose of growing your own business. I am not responisible for the outcome or any results or lack thereof in your own business or income. This course does NOT include personal or live access to Rachel Scoltock by email, phone, video call, DM or any other way. There is no 1-1 private , face to face, or email  instruction with this course and Rachel Scoltock cannot answer enquiries about your personal business.  Enquire about private mentoring and upcoming Angel Academy Programs to have your personal questions answered.This course is the intellectual property of Rachel Scoltock When you purchase it, it is for your own personal use only, there are terms and conditions attached as follow: You may not copy, duplicate or resell, OR forward, lease, or lend these videos or any part there-off, including: Video, written or audio content including my words / transcripts or this sales page in part or full,  nor may you copy any of my content on this website including blog articles and course material or marketing material in part or full. I will pursue legal action if this occurs and your access to this program will be revoked. By purchasing the course you acknowledge and accept these conditions.Please contact for enquiries

Full price $297 AUD plus GST ( approx $180 USD)

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