Rich Radiant Angel

with renowned angel medium Rachel Scoltock

A spiritual business mentoring program


Rich Radiant Angel is a spiritual business mentoring program designed to take you from struggling and stuck to empowered, magnetic and soaring into your dream business. It is time to reclaim your power & step into your purpose.

During your spiritual business mentoring program you will:

  • Move from feeling blocked and stuck in sabotage, self doubt and struggle to experiencing freedom and confidence in yourself and your next steps.
  • Clear limitation, unconscious blocks and struggles in your material life to magnetise opportunities, love and prosperity.
  • Free yourself of repeating negative patterns and unconscious beliefs that keep you trapped and attracting scarcity and drama so you can finally claim the life you are meant to live.
  • Shift to higher spiritual awareness and deep connection and access clear intuition and guidance whenever you need it.
  • Delete self doubt and learn to see, feel and fully know your true path.
  • Break free from the draining energy linking you to toxic situations so you can feel light, free and ready to meet life with an open heart and mind.
  • Release the low vibes blocking you from experiencing flow and keeping you invisible to success.
  • Harness and transform your presence and stand in your power to attract what you desire and need!

Are you willing to make the shift, to rise above the fear, release your barriers to success & create freedom, success and abundance?

Hi, I’m Rachel

My work is a potent combination of Powerful Energy Therapy, Intuitive coaching with grounded therapy and accurate channelled guidance. I’ve been doing this professionally for 20 years successfully helping people to clear their blocks and find their true path forward!

I am lovingly honest, very clear and straightforward and highly skilled. I will give you what you need to move forward.

Transformation requires a shift in your whole self.

On top of the tools, healing and guidance, you’ll also receive deep support from me.

I’m so excited for you as you say yes to your dreams in this powerful way so they can finally come to life and you can do the sacred work you came here to do!

Rachel x


Rich Radiant Angel

What You Will Receive

Monthly Mentoring Sessions

90 minute via Zoom. These powerful sessions are sacred space for you to heal, release, and raise your energy vibration to radiance on every level. Each session will go deeper in clearing you of lower frequencies, self sabotage, traumas , beliefs and fears which are blocking and holding down your energy. All sessions are 60 minutes except your first session which is 90 minutes.
As we create and claim your vision into reality, all fear and limitation will dissolve . Each session will focus on supporting you to claim the life of radiant abundance you deserve and need! No more hiding behind fear, struggling to survive and feeling crushed by negativity!

1 x 30 min Channelled Guidance Reading

This is your chance to experience Rachel’s amazing channelling, receive accurate insights and divine guidance for your life Value $497

angel wings illustration medium

Rich Radiant Angel

Support Material

1 x Guided Meditation to Clear Fear

When you ascend rapidly it is normal to go through fear, and moments of doubt. The old way is like an anchor trying to pull you back to your comfort zone of scarcity and fear. With my channelled meditations you will zap those freak-out moments and eliminate the old scarcity mentality for good.

Value $97

1 x Guided Meditation to Connect to Source for Abundance

Bust through the unconscious barriers to financial freedom, adjust your energy to align with and receive infinite prosperity and Divine wealth.

Value $97

1 x Mindset Mantra Meditation

I will record a personalised mantra meditation using your intentions and my intuitive guidance to help you to overcome unconscious patterns and magnetize your energy for success. Value $497

1 x Letting Go Meditation

One of my most popular guided recordings- Surrender your anxieties, worries and goals to the Divine angels and the Universe with this potent guided meditative journey.

Value $33

angel wings illustration medium

Are you ready to raise your Divine power and ascend to become the Rich Radiant Angel you have always known you were?

As your vibe and mindset improves, you will notice that your finances, relationships, and health transform too.

It is all about activating the right energy frequency and raising your self-belief!

This immersion is an intensive sacred space for you to heal, release and raise your energy on every level.

I love to help women clear their self sabotaging patterns, and break through their fear to claim a powerful self belief and a strong vision. Success, Love and Prosperity are all waiting for you , there is no more time to waste.

With my help you can make an incredible transformation. But you have to be willing and ready to take this plunge, let go of the money karma drama and the draining patterns which are keeping you stuck.

I have the 16+ years of professional experience with potent energy therapy skills, an accurate intuition and a true desire to lift and empower you to your live your best life and unleash your sacred gifts.

Transform yourself inside and out as you are guided through high-level spiritual attunements to accept the new codes of abundance and healing.

Are you over trying to do everything by yourself?

Self healing, attracting and manifesting your desires, bringing in the money, trying to manage the everyday work load? It is time to reach out for professional and focused help.

You keep thinking if you could sort your love life out, or find the right job, or get a lucky break, everything will heal be ok?

Nothing can really change until you change your energy!

Are you an empathic light worker, with bucket loads of compassion but you keep meeting draining people who sabotage your good efforts?
If you have been struggling too long on the energy roller coaster, feeling exhausted, going up and down in your frequency, hitting the same patterns and fears over and over again…You need to learn about how to manage and protect your energy.

I’m more than an energy therapist, I have written books about energy, I see people’s energy fields and I understand how mind/ emotion and energy work together.

I will teach you simple techniques to take care of your energy which directly improve your material life, your business, your health and relationships!

Rachel x

Are you ready to make that shift, rise above the fear, to release those unhealthy patterns and blocks and become a RICH RADIANT ANGEL? Would you like to chat about the program and the possibilities for you?

I am taking on a very limited number of clients on this program and then closing doors so I can give the participants my full attention and energy.

Take the first step to changing your life: Contact me using the form below.


Rachel seated at desk wearing white top sunflowers next to her

Why work with me?

I have been working for more than 16 years with clients all over the world helping them to change their lives through shifting their energy and beliefs about themselves.

I am an Angelic Channel with a clear connection that only comes with years of working with thousands of clients, I am an energy expert which means I see, sense and feel your energy and can remove and heal blocks and cords at a distance very easily.

As a professional and qualified Energy Therapist and coach I have trained and worked with incredible teachers and healers and Indigenous Shaman from around the world.

I am in integrity, working for the highest good of all.

Don’t waste anymore time waiting for things to change!

If you are ready to stop struggling alone and release your blocks so you can create the happiness, inner peace and financial freedom you know you were meant for, I invite you to a free insight call with me.

I am a powerful healer, coach and angelic channel. I will activate the power within you to get out of struggle and create your Divine success and a deep spiritual connection.

Book a discovery call

Are you ready to make a huge shift, rise above the fear, to release unhealthy patterns and blocks and finally live the life of your dreams?

Simply complete the form below and I’ll be in touch to arrange your free Rich Radiant Angel Discovery Call.

Here’s what past participants had to say:

If you are considering this program, I can highly recommend it. I’ve been working with Rachel for many years clearing away energy ‘wounds. I did the program early this year when I was ready for more and boy has my life and business been ramping up ever since. Things shift on deep levels and the feelings of empowerment and feeling truly grounded have helped me to shift personally as well in ways I did not even think of. If you are ready to jump to a higher level, the tools you will receive, and work Rachel will do with you will be truly transformational.

- Natalie Yates, QLD

Doing this program changed my life I’ve cleared past situations, past energy attachments and I’m not participating in the negative behaviour patterns that previously held me back i.e. people pleasing, judging myself, worry. It’s amazing how it changed my whole outlook and goals in life.

I finally feel free again! I think the best thing about it is that that I was given the tools and guidance that I use in my everyday life after the course so I still feel like I am learning!

- Natalie Melrose


I was guided to Rachel’s course at a time in my life when spiritual and angelic support was truly needed. Although I was already equipped with knowledge, learning how to use it in a supportive, loving, and caring group environment where everyone is there for the divine purpose, was amazing.

Thank you, Rachel, you are a gift from the angels, and you bring to the world something that is truly lacking.

Unconditional love.

I was blessed to be a part of this.

- Kath L

New South Wales, Australia

Since attending Rachel’s program, my energy is more grounded, protected, and signs from the Angels keep appearing. When things at work are tough, I know exactly how I can protect my energy and I am not holding on to the energy like I was before.

The love connection between me and my husband is stronger, and my children know that they are truly loved and looked after, all of this has made a vast difference in my life.

- Diana, UK

I am so glad that I decided to do the course with Rachel. Working with Rachel has been an absolute pleasure and exactly what I needed at this stage of my life. You will finish each session feeling inspired, invigorated, and supported.

The beautiful, relaxing atmosphere that Rachel creates and the meditations that we do during the program means that you will feel calm, enlightened and peaceful.

You start seeing the benefits right away.

I have met some truly lovely like-minded people during this course and have formed solid friendships. For me it brought the beginning of the end to a dark period of my life. Do yourself a favor and sign up to do a course with Rachel, you won’t regret it.

- Sonya J

NSW, Australia

I was feeling completely overwhelmed with my life, and my anxiety and stress levels becoming unmanageable.

I felt strongly drawn to attend Rachel’s program and just knew I really needed to do it.

The experience was transformational for me.

I found all the sessions deeply healing and felt I was able to let go of some of the long- held stress, fears, pain, grief and other energies that had me gripped at the time and were holding me back.

It left me feeling light, relaxed, clear, recharged and so much better able to cope with the everyday stress in my life. Rachel is an absolutely beautiful, compassionate, down to earth, warm and talented healer. She creates a loving, non-judgemental, safe space for deep healing to take place.

- Chrissy Worthy

NSW, Australia

For those looking to heal their energy and learn the skills pave the way to a brighter present and abundant future Rachel’s program will help.

Her gentle guidance to clear any blocks or fears you may have, and showing you how to continue to do this for yourself, mean you can very quickly overcome anything that is holding you back in your friendships, business, job or life in general.

Thank you, Rachel.

- Leanne R

Queensland, Australia