Monthly Angel Attunements with Rachel:

Connect with Your Angels and Transform Your Energy

Angel Attunements are monthly online workshops for spiritual seekers and lightworkers to heal and activate your Divine energy, open your intuition and receive guidance and healing.

Each session includes a channelled guided meditation and deep energetic cleanse to raise your frequency and remove lower energies.

These classes bring you into connection with your spiritual path and help you connect to your angels and Source. Opening your gifts and guiding you on your path.

When you book any Angel attunement you can join the live class plus lifetime to the replay.

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Unlock the Power of Angel Attunement

Angel attunement harmonises your energy with the divine guidance and support the angels provide. It’s a profound experience that enables you to establish a connection with your angelic guides, receive their messages, and access a wellspring of spiritual wisdom.

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Archangel Attunement: Your Gateway to Divine Guidance

Archangels are formidable celestial beings who act as messengers of the Divine. You can deeply connect with Archangels and experience their nurturing guidance through our monthly online classes and guided meditations. Bid farewell to negative energies and welcome the healing light of the Archangels into your life.

Angel Communication Certification: Unleash Your Psychic Channels

If you’re eager to explore your clairvoyance and other psychic gifts, our Angel Communication Certification program is your pathway to enlightenment. Learn the art of communicating with the angels, seek answers to your most profound questions, and receive divine guidance for your journey. Unleash your spiritual potential and gain the confidence to trust your unique path.

Testimonials from Our Angelic Community

Tash, Australia: “Rachel’s Archangel Attunement Events create a powerful energy deepening my connection with the angelic realm. Rachel’s authenticity and openness allow angelic frequencies to flow from the beginning. Being part of these attunements is truly exquisite.”


Nicki James, NSW: “The Angel Communication Program is informative and inspiring. The insights and knowledge gained have empowered me to move forward with unwavering confidence in my chosen path. I can now engage in my angelic work with honesty, integrity, and complete faith in the Divine and the Angels. Rachel instilled in me the belief in my abilities, helping me find my passion and life purpose.”

Your Angelic Journey Starts Here

Our book serves as your roadmap, guiding you to protect your energy and unleash your inner power. Overflowing with practical strategies, it’s more than just a vision; it’s your manual for crafting a life in alignment with your soul’s purpose. Grab the book now and kickstart your transformation.

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