Happy Clients

I love happy customers and I am really big on integrity and authenticity with this work.  I always bring my best self and focus on being of service. That said, I give all the the accolades to the angels!

I call myself the Angels’ PR Girl, they do all the amazing work I’m just the one who brings them through!

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I have gained all the knowledge I need to work with the Angels

I recently completed the Angel Communication program with Rachel, and I loved everything about it!
If you are given a powerful gift, it is important to know how to take care of it.
With Rachel’s help and knowledge I now have a deeper understanding on how to invoke the Angels into my life. I have all the right tools for my spiritual practice, interpreting the cards, how to prepare myself before a reading and the most important thing, how to protect my energy.
I could not have done this without this without Rachel’s help. The program takes you through all the steps one at a time and the students get to practise on each other. I have gained all the knowledge I need to work with the Angels and I have a new friendship with one of my fellow students.
I highly recommend the Angel Communication program to anyone who is on a spiritual journey.

~ Mariah S.

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"This program has awakened my ability to feel and connect with my angels!"

Being part of the Angel Communication Program was incredible!

This was my first introduction into learning about the angels and how to communicate with them. This program has awakened my ability to feel and connect with my angels and build a strong relationship with them.

The program had such incredible and magical healing sessions, I was truly blown away.

Rachel is incredibly gifted. The way the course is delivered was so easy to follow and very quickly I was able to connect with the angels.

I also loved learning how to interpret the cards and how to use my intuition to understand their meaning. The program is worth its weight in GOLD. Thank you very much Rachel, you have opened up my world xxx


Much Love,

Mimi Haddad, Sydney

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"This program gave me the confidence to start my business as a healer"

The Angel Communication program removed the blocks and fears that were keeping me stuck .

Rachel taught me how to create strong psychic boundaries and gave me the confidence to step onto my true path and start my business as healer.

This program and Rachel’s guidance and teaching were the catalyst for this positive step forward in my life. What a truly divine experience. I am so glad I took the leap of faith and participated in this amazing program.

– Nadia S, Australia

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"I received loud and clear messages in ways I'd never imagined I could!"

I thoroughly recommend the Angel Communication Program. The methods Rachel teaches make sense and are easy to apply (which was important to me) Through them you’ll discover your psychic abilities! During the program I received loud and clear messages, I never imagined I could!

Rachel created a very supportive, online space for the group to rapidly shift.

I really appreciated the grounded wisdom, the extra guided meditations and the fact that I can keep coming back to the training session replays. Thank you Rachel!

– Robert K, Sydney

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"You have helped me through a very difficult period "

One of the best things about the Angel program is that Rachel helps you to discover what you really want in your life, and shows you how to get clear, guided steps from your angels. She then encourages you to follow the guidance steps to make sure your dream becomes your reality,

During the program I received guidance about a dream I have had for years. I can now see it coming into reality. I feel so excited and passionate about it!

Thank you Rachel! You have helped me through a very difficult period and now I am so close to reaching my goal!

– Emily L, Sydney

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Encouragement and Positive Messages from the Angels

I had an Angel Reading with Rachel.
I must admit Rachel’s reading was so amazing and special in every way. Her energy was so angelic supportive kind and gentle throughout. The reading has given me so much hope and excitement for the my new bright future.
Rachel gave me so much encouragement and positive messages from the angels, it was so empowering and powerful.
I am so glad I followed my intuition and purchased a reading with Rachel. I would highly recommend anyone to book an angel reading with Rachel.

~ Sinead C.

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"If you are considering working with Rachel I can highly recommend it."

I’ve been working with Rachel for many years clearing away old ‘wounds’. I did the Rich Radiant Angel Mentoring program when I was ready for more and boy has my life and business been ramping up ever since. Things shift on deep levels and the feelings of empowerment and feeling truly grounded have helped me to shift personally as well in ways I did not even think of.

If you are ready to jump to a higher level, the tools you will receive and work Rachel will do with you will be truly transformed.

– Natalie Yates. Qld

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"The energy was incredibly high, and I am so glad to have experienced that!"

The Archangel Metatron Attunement was truly incredible! The energy was incredibly high, and I am so glad to have experienced that! Such an amazing feeling when you invoked Metatron. I literally thought I was on a spinning ride! And the feeling of the cube when it hit my aura, was just unexplainable. 


Thank you again! What an amazing experience! 


Amelia Avery, USA

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I Could Feel A Shift During the Healing Session

Rachel is so loving, kind, generous with her time, healing, and energy. Amazing! I could feel the shift during my healing session. I also had a separate private Reiki Training and the Reiki training was beautiful.

~ Julie R.

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"IThe messages I received were above and beyond what I expected."


I was so grateful to be there live with you last night. The messages I received were above and beyond what I expected. You are the most beautiful shining light and I am so grateful that I found you. Thankyou for a life changing angel masterclass . It was truly amazing and so beautiful. Thankyou , Thankyou , Thankyou


-Suzie M Queensland


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" I now feel lighter, stronger within myself and much more trusting of my intuition."

Rachel your Angel Communication Certification Course is so informative and inspiring.
You have such wonderful insight and information that helped me to move forward with confidence and trust the path I am on. 
I love the work you do and I also love doing this work, you come from a place of honesty, integrity and absolute faith in the divine.
I am so excited to have learnt from you and you have encouraged me to believe in myself, my gifts and helped me find my passion and life purpose.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge

– Nicki J, NSW

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"My Intuition Really Kicked In. ..."

 I joined Angel Communication  because I wanted to learn how to better connect with my intuition and my angels for spiritual guidance.

I loved everything about this program!

I loved the group connection, the live classs where we learnt practical skills like learning to use the angel oracle cards, and automatic writing. I felt I got so much more from these classes than I could get from just watching Rachel’s free content. 

It felt personal and I am very grateful for that. 

The program helped me to learn and understand the meaning of the angel signs. Since then the signs have ramped up in my life.

I have clear affirmations to work with and I have cleared some emotional energy with regards to my health and relationships that I needed to let go of.

Overall, Angel Communication was a beautiful experience that I am really grateful for. 

– Paula H, Adelaide

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I Would Recommend a Reading with Rachel

Rachel’s energy is contagious!! She is so kind and sweet, and truly cares about people. I would recommend her to anyone for a reading. She brought tears to my eyes because you really feel her genuineness. She also gave me meditations to use yaaay!
Jessica M
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An Eye Opening Reading

Hi Rachel, I just wanted to thank you so much for the reading it was more than I could’ve ever imagined. You touched on so many things and everything you spoke about was so on point I still can’t believe it. I can’t thank you enough for doing this for me. You are truly a blessed woman with many gifts I will keep you in my prayers to God and to the angels and I thank you for all the help and support through this reading. I am certainly going to put it all in to practice. It was quite an eye-opener,

~ Joanne M

I’ve completed 2 courses with Rachel now plus been in attendance at multiple live offerings.

I can honestly say working with Rachel and the Angels has changed my life in the most positive ways. I am so grateful for all of Rachel’s work which I access daily and the genuine and beautiful person Rachel is. Couldn’t imagine life without Rachel!

Paula Holyoake, Adelaide

Disclaimer: Events, Programs, Consults, Readings, Energy Therapy, Angelic healing and other modalities and techniques offered here do not and are not ever meant to replace medical assistance or psychiatric care. Always seek medical advice for pain, disease, emotional issues and injuries. I am not a Doctor or psychiatrist, psychologist and any information shared is not to be taken as professional health advice or meant to replace or negate such advice.
Rachel Scoltock