Learn to Confidently Receive Angel Messages using your Oracle Cards

Join us for an  inspiring and insightful workshop presented by the renowned Angel Medium, Rachel Scoltock.

In this video masterclass you have an opportunity to learn how to receive clear angel messages from your angel oracle cards.

Expand your intuitive abilities and deepen your knowledge of angels as Rachel shares the secrets to getting clear guidance and answers from your angels.

Are you ready to discover the secrets of receiving deeper, clearer intuitive messages from your angel oracle cards?

  • Are you feeling stuck and looking for the right path?
  • Do you want clarity about REAL guidance versus False or imaginary ?
  • Do you want more confidence in bringing through clear angelic messages for yourself and others?

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Thank you for this free class. While you were doing the clearing, my hands were warm and tingling, I could see the purple light surrounding my energy, felt a lot of peace after  cutting the toxic cords. You are Amazing and a Blessing to all of us.



I have researched many possible programs to work on my gifts.
Rachel Scoltock is a special guide and teacher, I have no doubt.
If you are called to do this type of work, you will know if Rachel is the teacher for you. She is tremendously gifted with a talent for helping you learn how to work with the angelic realm.


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I have learned to believe in myself and my ability to work with the angels especially with the Angel Oracle cards and how to help myself, and others

Barb J Rossi


Rachel has an exceptional attitude towards delivering content to her clients. I have enjoyed witnessing her way of working as it gives me a strong foundation for my own professional career as an Angel Medium.

Rachel is also friendly, loving and kind, and an exceptional Medium – her healings have been the most powerful I’ve personally experienced.

Joanna Becker


Would you like to learn the angel oracle card methods used by professional angel mediums to receive deeper insights for your life?

An 120 minute Angel Oracle Card Masterclass with Leading Angel Medium Rachel Scoltock

Here is what you’ll learn in this invaluable free class:

Professional Angel Medium tip #1

Tune in for clearer messages:

 What you do before a reading is just as important as the moment you layout those cards.

This is something I do before every single reading

Professional Angel Medium tip #2

Switch out of ego into Higher Self

I have a simple tip to share with you so you stop blocking yourself when it comes to readings.

Tap into a pure stream of information from the angels.


Professional Angel Medium Tip #3

Learn the 3 Simple Principles

 To receiving more detailed, clear angel messages and watch as your card reading abilities open up!

Plus during this class you will RECEIVE a message using your cards!

Are You Ready to Discover Your Guidance?

I’m Rachel Scoltock, an angel medium, author, and spiritual teacher. I’ve spent the past 2 decades sharing the angel’s messages and teaching how to communicate with angels. Right now we are in a time of intense change, both personally and globally. You are being guided to follow your soul path, to get on with your purpose and to shift away from negativity.

Your angels can guide you on the right path   Start your journey today. Come and learn the steps to receiving clear angel messages in this free interactive class. Rachel x


The Angel Communication Practitioner Program  has been the most outstanding course I have been part of in the last two decades.  I finally have achieved the spiritual and psychic connection that I have longed to achieve with the angels for so long!  I feel more at peace and whole than I have ever felt at any other time in my life.


NSW Australia

Do you have a strong desire to connect closely with the angels to heal yourself and others?

Imagine unlocking the potential of your psychic abilities and learning to communicate with the angels daily!

With the Angel Communication Practitioner program, you will learn how to effortlessly connect with the angels, channel their messages of love and healing, and learn expert techniques to read angel oracle cards.

Experience the incredible power of healing with the angels and establish a daily spiritual practice that will transform your life. Let the angels guide you towards peace and your true purpose.

Discover how you can become an Angel Communication Practitioner by visiting the webpage here.

Get in touch with Rachel and book a chat to find out more about this life-changing program starting on 23rd April 2024