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I’m so excited you’ll be joining us. Please click through to the Angel Academy page, here to sign up.

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I would love to hear from you. Please contact me:  admin@rachelscoltock.com

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Check the menu for upcoming programs, events, and courses. You can send my team an email to register your interest or book a discovery call.

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I never read fan or hate mail and my assistant won’t forward it to me. Post positive reviews on my socials, send me good vibes (or cut your cords with me and move on)

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I’ll answer all your questions when you join my Mentoring program, one of my Angel Academy programs or Attunements. Otherwise go checkout my blog it’s packed with wisdom for spiritual seekers!

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I appreciate it, but again I get way too many emails and DMs to read them all. Come say hi over at Instagram! I’m @rachelscoltockangelmedium

Looking for a Healing session?

Sorry I don’t offer one-on-one healing anymore. Except for within my private Mentoring Program, otherwise come to my monthly group healing Archangel Attunements.

Want to book for a Private Reading?

Readings are still available for a limited time. You can find all the information you need, including a book button, here

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