Want to know how to receive more messages and signs from your angels?


Meet Rachel

Rachel Scoltock is a powerful and illuminary angel medium, author, and spiritual teacher who can help you to turn your soul light all the way up so you can be your authentic self and share your purpose with the world. 

She does this by helping you to release the blocks that keep you small and invisible, bringing through accurate and meaningful guidance and teaching you how to fully open your soul gifts to communicate with and channel the messages from the angels. 

Rachel takes the fear and mystery out of angel connection and psychic development, helping you to clear the blocks and fears holding you back from creating a fulfilling life.

Whether you’re new to spirituality or an advanced student, Rachel can show you how to switch on your soul gifts, understand the messages from your angels, and fulfil your purpose.

She does this through her classes, Angel Communication Practitioner program and private reading and healing sessions

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Here’s How You Can Work With Rachel:

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Free: How to Hear Your Angels Masterclass

A Live Online class to learn how the angels talk to you and how to undersstand their signs

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Tap into the Power of Archangels

Join my monthly online workshops to Connect with Archangels, receive their guidance and clear your energy.

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Angel Communication Certification

Open your clairvoyance and other psychic channels. Become a channel for the angels messages and healing. Find Divine guidance for your path.

What They’re Saying 


“There is a very powerful energy that gathers with Rachel’s Archangel Attunement Events they deepen my connection with the angelic realm. Rachel is authentic and holds the space with her heart open and the angelic frequencies flow from the first moment. It is exquisite to be part of these attunements.”

-Tash, Australia

The Angel Communication Program is so informative and inspiring. The insight and information helped me to move forward with confidence to trust the path I am on. 
I am able to do my angel work now from a place of honesty, integrity and absolute faith in the Divine and the Angels.
Rachel encouraged me to believe in myself, my gifts and helped me find my passion and life purpose.”
-Nicki James, NSW

Rachel’s Books

Deepen your awareness and understanding of  your personal energy and the Divine angels who surround and guide you. Available in online bookstores

Loving Your Sensitive Self

A Guide To Managing and Protecting  Your Energy

Book Living with the angels

 My Life With Angels

How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels

The Angel Communication Practitioner Program