Are You Ready to
Shine Your Light? 

~ Rachel Scoltock – Angel Medium

 Hi Beautiful Soul,
I’m Rachel

Angel Medium, Spiritual Teacher & Author.

I’m here to help you dial up your inner light by showing you exactly how to open to the angel messages, healing, and guidance which is waiting for you!

In a world full of distractions I know how hard it can be to tune out the negativity and fear so you can actually hear your angels & follow your guidance.

Whether you’re at the start of your spiritual awakening or ready to develop your psychic gifts and turn them into a successful soul-led business, my classes, books, and programs will help you switch on your psychic abilities, awaken to the power of angel communication and answer the calling of your soul.

It’s time to become who you came here to be!

Rachel Scoltock Angel Medium holding a cup of tea and wearing a terracotta coloured top in an aqua kitchen

Here’s How We Can Work Together:

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Free: WorkingWith Angels Masterclass

A Live Online class to learn how to tune into the angels to hear their guidance and discover your purpose.

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Archangel Attunements

Monthly Zoom Events to take your spiritual path to the next level. Connect with Archangels, receive deep angelic clearing of your energy & discover your guidance.

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Angel Certification

Develop your healing and psychic gifts to a professional level. Learn to read the angel oracle cards and bring through clear angel messages for yourself and others. 



“There is a very powerful energy that gathers with Rachel’s Monthly Archangel Attunements they deepen my connection with the angelic realm. Rachel is authentic and holds the space with her heart open and the angelic frequencies flow from the first moment. It is exquisite to be part of these attunements.”

-Tash, Australia

The Angel Communication Program is so informative and inspiring. The insight and information helped me to move forward with confidence to trust the path I am on. 
I am able to do my angel work now from a place of honesty, integrity and absolute faith in the Divine and the Angels.
Rachel encouraged me to believe in myself, my gifts and helped me find my passion and life purpose.”
-Nicki James, NSW

Rachel’s Books

For spiritual seekers and lightworkers to deepen their awareness and understanding of your powerful energy and the Divine angels who surround and guide you.


Learn to Love Your Sensitive Self

A Guide To Managing and Protecting  Your Energy

Empaths and sensitives are naturally compassionate, yet they struggle with their capacity to sense, and soak up the emotional energy of others.
Learn how to stop being depleted and overwhelmed by other people’s energy and discover the power of your aura.

Book Living with the angels


My Life WithAngels


How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels
Angels are powerful messengers, healers and guardians who help us in creative and miraculous ways. Discover stories from 2 decades of working with angels. Learn how you can easily access the guidance, healing and protection of the angels for yourself.

The Weekly Angel Guidance Video

The Angel Blog

10 Unmistakable Signs That The Angels Are With You

10 Unmistakable Signs That The Angels Are With You

Do you recognise and understand the signs from your angels when they show up? 
Or you dismiss them because you aren’t sure what they mean?

I’ve put together 10 signs of the angels and what these messages are trying to tell you!
Here are 10 signs that the angels are communicating with you and what they mean  :

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