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Do you sense an invisible force stopping you from stepping fully into your purpose and power?

Have you felt fear about speaking your spiritual truth, developing your healing and intuitive gifts, raising your prices or going for it with your spiritually centred business?

These blocks and fears can be the result of something called Witch Wounds.

“The witch wound is the psychic trauma that all women carry after millennia of invalidation, disempowerment, and abuse. Patriarchal culture has systematically invalidated feminine gifts like intuition, embodiment, collaboration, emotional intelligence, and healing.

The witch wound is what rears its ugly head when any awakened woman has the audacity to put herself out there as her authentic, powerful, healing, intuitive, witchy self. It gets even more triggered when that same woman decides to charge what she’s worth for those gifts.” From Healing the Witch Wound by Natalie Ann Taggart

Does this resonate with you? It certainly did with me when I first read it.

How Witch Wounds can show up in your life:

A crippling lack of confidence & self doubt

Imposter Syndrome: “Who am I to do this?” plus chronic self comparison

Keeping yourself financially poor, stuck in a draining situation such as a job you don’t like, a toxic relationship or under charging in your business.

Procrastination about making positive changes and stepping on your soul’s path.

A deep fear of being rejected, judged, trolled, persecuted, humiliated for shining your light.

Anxiety about charging appropriately for your services

Worry abouut people judging you,  or saying Who do you think you are?

Invisibility: A terror of being seen and heard as spiritual healer, teacher, psychic or even a spiritual seeker! .

A resistance to following through on your purpose- attending a training course or starting or building your business.

These collective wounds hold you in a pattern of powerlessness & fear trying to make you safe while keeping you horribly stuck. The best way to heal them (for yourself and others) is to recognise you have them and then release the fear, so they can no longere control you.

A few years ago while teaching my Certification Program, one of the group burst into tears, shaking uncontrollably.

She was rigid with fear and couldn’t say why. She admitted that these anxieties had stopped her from studying reiki and other spiritual healing courses, even though she was really drawn to them. I psychically saw that she had a witch wound from a past life suffering persecution for being a healer.

I worked with Archangel Michael to release the fear. She became calm and looked brighter and lighter than before. I am happy to say she went on to build a thriving spiritual healing business as a healer!

As a teacher who guides lightworkers to open their psychic channels and find their purpose I have seen this story play out hundreds of times.

How can you heal your witch wounds?

Thankfully the witch trials of the 14th-18th centuries are over. We are no longer at risk of physical harm for being a healer, artist , spiritual entrepreneur or intuitive therapist. However, we do see internet trolls and other ways that the Witch wound rises up

In the world at the moment we are seeing a lot of persecution of people for their skin colour, culture, who they love, and how they identify. We are also witnessing female artists being shamed and blamed for various reasons, that don’t make sense except for the fact that the old Witch Wound is still alive in the mentality of the collective consciousness.

The fear mind can’t tell the difference between a real threat and an imagined or remembered one but they can be triggered by judgment and persecution we witness in others .

Whenever we have an unconscious fear it can act as a blind spot, blocking you from what you want. Until it is released!

Here are 3 ways you can release these Fears:

1- Positive Affirmations. Affirmations are self love in action and witch wounds need love.

Affirmative statements can calm your mind and replace destructive fear-based ideas with thoughts that build strong positive energy. You can use affirmations anywhere!  Repeat regularly: It is safe for me to ….be a healer/ Speak my truth/connect with my angels/start my business. I am safe!

Affirmations are powerful medicine for the fear mind which when left to it’s own devices will project all kinds of scenarios and trigger your fight of flight reaction.

2-Focus on Service. Everyone who has ever done anything creative or entrepreneurial has experienced self doubt and imposter syndrome. Including me. Nowadays I shudder to think what would’ve happened if I’d listened to my very loud fears and chosen to NOT start my healing business in 2003!

The ego fear mind is focused only on protecting your small-scared self from perceived threats & worst case scenarios- your higher self thinks bigger. You shift into Higher Self by thinking about how you can serve the greater good.

Imagine how much positive energy you will add to the world by getting past your fears & following your heart. Think about how many people you can potentially bless and inspire by shining your light, rather than keeping yourself small. This mantra is my favorite ego buster. It helped me whenever I thought “who am I to do this”: When I get nervous, I focus on Service.

Remember the bigger the FEAR the bigger YOUR purpose! Move through the fear knowing you have so many blessings ot share.

3-Heal and Release. I don’t know if you have experienced the power of Angelic Healing in my programs or at the monthly Angel Attunements? Angelic healing is profoundly effective, intense and fast for releasing fear. The transmutation is the most powerful I’ve encountered.


These Witch wounds can be uprooted and cleansed from you very quickly with deep angelic clearing.

I have a powerful class and healing focused entirely on this subject. How to Heal the Witch Wounds with the Angels.  This class will help you to identify the witch wounds and release and heal them for yourself and the collective consciousness  The time has come to release these awful psychic blockages so you can shine your light and be who you came here to be!!

????✨Go here to take part in this powerful Class. You get lifetime access. How to Heal Your Witch Wounds

Surrender your fears to the angels and let go!

In the meantime if you feel that resistance, that inner voice that wants to keep you safe and pull you away from your purpose and power, recognize it as your witch wound and send yourself love.

Make a decision to not let the fear control  you. You can choose to heal these wounds with your angel’s help, and to step into the powerful path that your soul is calling you to.

Are you ready to release fear and self-doubt so you can claim your power and fulfil your purpose? Join my Angel Communication practitioner Program 

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Author, and Spiritual Teacher with 2 decades as a professional psychic, energy healer and teacher of angel communication. 



  1. maureen kolada

    This awesome! I’d like to have the monthly attunement from the Angels – where do I go to here this. I’ve heal alot of the witch wounds but sometimes they sneak back in – good to hear I can just give them to the Angels and they’ll help me.

    Thankyou for this

    Hugs and Blessings

    • Rachel

      Hi Maureen, I have emailed you some links to join the monthly Angel Attunements. You can find out about the upcoming angel events by signing up for my weekly newsletter, and also go to this page;
      Everyone is welcome at these events, you can come to one or join them all. Angel Blessings Rachel x

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