Angel Guidance Readings

Do you feel stuck? Would you like to receive clear direction, accurate insight, and loving guidance from your angels?

Receive clear guidance steps and insight to shift you away from struggle and put you on the right path for you.

Hi! I’m an angel medium with 2 decades as a professional psychic reader and angelic channel.

Angel Readings are bring you clear messages from your angelic guides to guide you, help you to overcome challenges and give you the insights you need to move forward.

Your Angel Guidance Reading will give you the guidance steps you need to help you to get where you want to be.

Delivered with warmth, integrity, honesty, love and clarity, I’m 100 percent focused on getting the accurate answers you need right now.

Angel readings are prescriptive rather than predictive. Because your future is not written in stone!

You’ll get insight and messages from the angels about the best way forward, how to bring about your dreams, and solve your problems.

I can help you manifest your heart’s desire, heal and overcome challenges and understand your path and purpose.

I love to show you what steps to take in order to reach your heart’s desires.

I can tell you the likely outcomes of any situation, tell you what you most need to know, your best option and what is blocking you.

hand dealing angel reading cards

How my Angel Guidance Readings work

Once you pay, using the button below, you will receive an email directing you to send your questions to me.

You need to send your questions and a recent photograph of yourself. My assistant will reply with the date for your reading. Your reading is recorded as an m4a audio recording and is delivered via email on the day of your reading, so there’s no need to book an appointment.


Please know…

  • I respect your spiritual and physical privacy. After a session I disconnect from you & your angels and I don’t tune in until your next reading.
  • I’m committed do doing your reading with love and full attention. Your reading unfortunately doesn’t include follow-up questions or messages. Your payment covers the reading with that you booked and the audio file that I send you.  For further questions, please book another reading.
  • Sorry I don’t offer refunds. I stand by my readings which are packed with value and very helpful practical and spiritual guidance. You’ll receive meaningful guidance steps, uplifting insights and a recording that you can listen to, many times.

To book your Angel Guidance Reading, first pay using the link below, then check your inbox for my email. Then send me an email with your  questions and a recent photo. I’ll reply with your session time and date.


$497AUD for 4 questions: 1 Hour Reading
$297AUD for Half Hour reading 2 Questions
Select your preferred reading at checkout.

You do not need an appointment time as your reading will be recorded as an audio file and emailed to you. Waiting time is 14 days minimum at the moment.

Praise for Readings

Over the last 20 years, I’ve been lucky to have given thousands of readings to people from all over the world

Here’s what some of them say …

“I ordered an Angel Reading with Rachel and I am so very glad I did!

She really ”saw” me and my energy and the crossroad in my life where I am right now. And through the Angels eyes she also saw the best way forward for me which I can feel in my heart and soul, is the right way for me to go!

She was very accurate about everything and she delivered the messages in a very kind and Loving, clear and deep and interesting way.

I am a Healer and Angel Medium myself but it gave me so much listening to the kind advice of the Angels and her clear and lovely voice, also with a lot of humor and encouraging words.

I know I am surrounded by Angels, but so many, I had no idea.

I could feel them around me when listening to her and that also feels so amazing and give me even more confidence on my way forward! I am giving my very warmest recommendations for a Reading with Rachel Scoltock! And it actually feels like we are good Friends already!

Thank you so very much Rachel!” ️

- Cecilia Staffansson


Rachel! I can’t thank you enough for my reading!

I would love to set another time to do a healing session with you.

Thank you for sharing your gift with me and so many people around the world!

You are a beacon of light.

- Jill

Los Angeles, USA

Wow and wow you are extremely good at your readings and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for doing this reading, THANK YOU!
- Frank


Thank you so much for an amazing reading. I’m on such a high since yesterday afternoon. You’re spot on with every detail and it’s exactly what I needed right this time in my life. This is going to help me so much.
- R

Sydney, Australia

I wanted to respond to your lovely reading, it was just so amazing that I was very emotional and found it hard to put into words how grateful I am to you and your angels! Much love and light to you!
- s

WA, Australia

I would like to thank you for your reading, it really hit home and reassured me that everything was going to be ok. I was amazed you knew about my road trip and described my family members to a T! I ended up finding a place to live exactly as you said, and I now feel much happier.
- Kristy

NSW, Australia

Thank you for my reading, it made so much sense. It was funny that Archangel Michael said I do not need to do any more study, as I had already decided to finish up. You mentioned that you saw a group at the Lake and asked if I was in any groups. I am in a social group. We are going to have a picnic at that Lake this weekend! Thank you, I am so glad my angels led me to you. I just love the work you do and how passionate and authentic you are about your beliefs. I really love that about you.
- Tracey Campbell

NSW, Australia

Dear Rachel, your reading resonated with me so much. I got emotional a few times because I felt so understood (if that makes sense). I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guidance and encouragement which is exactly what I needed to get to this point and get my healing business started.
- Teresa

Vic, Australia

Thank you and the Angels for the most inspiring and somewhat kickass reading … just what I need to re-focus and get to work. You gave me a game plan. I don’t think I can fully express my gratitude for all that I have learnt and will continue to learn from you. I truly felt like I was sitting with you as the reading was taking place. I feel as though a weight has been lifted and also clarification of what has been coming through over the past few weeks as signs and guidance. Also knowing where I am blocking myself is a mighty gift to moving forward.

- Lynn Mitchell

Queensland, Australia

Are you ready?

To book your Angel Guidance Reading, first pay using the link below, then check your email for a form to fill in. I’ll reply with your session time and date.


$497 for 4-5 questions one hour.

$297 for 2-3 questions half hour

I am so looking forward to reading for you!

rachel scoltock with angel communication cards laid out in front of her
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