A 6 Week Program to Develop your Intuitive Gifts, Learn to Connect with Angels, Bring through their Guidance and Support.

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Do feel called to deepen your connection with the Angels?

Would you like to confidently through clear guidance from the angels that you can trust?

Are you seeking Angelic healing, support and guidance for every area of your life?

Would you like to work with the Angels to bring through messages of love, healing, and peace for yourself and others? 

This is your opportunity to become a certified angel communicator

 In Angel Communication you’ll learn techniques to enable you to tune in to loud and clear messages and be confident about your guidance and what it means.

I will teach you how to see, sense and hear their angels and trust the guidance you receive.

I’ll show you how to let go of doubt and understand your messages and signs

You’ll learn how to read the angel oracle cards and bring through angel information and healing guidance for yourself and others

You will learn what is real guidance and what is ego – false guidance.

I will help you to release the  fears and unconscious negative beliefs blocking your intuition and sabotaging your goals.

I will walk you through exactly what you need to do to open to seeing and sensing angels and your spiritual guides. You will start to  get the indepth, detailed answers and clarity that you can trust.

You will learn the techniques I use every day as a professional. I’ll show you how to safely develop your psychic gifts, protect your energy, confidently communicate with the angels and discover detailed and accurate messages for yourself and others.

Many of my graduates go onto start their businesses working with the angels as energy healers, angel communicators, and spiritual teachers after taking this program, others simply take it for their own personal development and to find their next steps.

Full Price $1997 AUD ($1300 USD)

6 Monthly Payments of $397 AUD ($250USD)

The program removed the blocks that were keeping me stuck and detoxed my energy, removing fears that were holding me back. It taught me how to create strong psychic boundaries and has finally helped me step into my true path. A month after taking this program I have now begun stepping into my path as healer. I know this program and Rachel’s wonderful guidance and teaching has been the catalyst for this positive step forward in my life. What a truly divine experience, I am so glad I took the leap of faith and participated in this amazing program.  

Nadia Saretta


Do You:

Struggle to trust the messages you receive. Would you like more confidence & certainty in your connection?

Feel stuck about what your next steps need to be. What your purpose is and how to move ahead?

Want to stop going around in circles, procrastinating and take guidance from your angels instead?

 Would love to know the difference between real Angelic guidance and False ego Messages  so you can trust!?

What you learn in this certification give you deep angelic connection and intuitive clarity and confidence about your next steps!

I joined  this amazing program to get back on track spiritually and to learn more about the angels and how to bring them into my everyday life. Since completing this program I have gone on to start my spiritual business which is very much a co creation with the Angels.
Rachel is a delight to work with and has a wealth of information to share on this course including guidance and some very relevant bonuses.  I highly recommend Angel Communication and its most authentic creator. Take that leap of faith and join!

- Lynn

Qld, Australia

In This Program You will: 

  • Develop your psychic abilities to receive clear messages
  • Learn how to read the angel oracle cards. Bring through clear, detailed, healing messages with Angel Oracle Cards..
  • Answer your burning questions about your life purpose and any other life area 
  • Learn to see, sense, hear and know your angels and understand their guidance.
  • Learn 2 angelic healing techniques to bring powerful healing for yourself and others.
  • Discover energy protection to keep your energy safe and clear
  • Begin a straightforward daily spiritual practice to connect with your angels and stay on track. with your guidance
  • Discover the difference between false ego guidance and real angel messages
  • Build trust in your guidance & confidence in your intuition
  • Identify and release the blocks that sabotage you.
  • Learn how to overcome your ego mind so that you can tune into the Divine Angels at will.
  • Learn which angels and guides are with you
  • Have Lifetime access to the entire program and all replays
  • Join a Community of lovely, like-minded souls where you can receive support and have questions answered by Rachel in person!

Suitable for beginners and experienced intuitives.

Thank you for facilitating such an incredible program. I absolutely loved how you shared such incredible insight into how to connect with the angels and all the different ways the answers may be given/received. What I loved the most were the guided healings, they were incredibly powerful and the messages and images received were magical. I loved your energy and your mentorship style. Thank you very much for such an amazing program. I am so grateful I can still go back now and relisten to all the sessions and experience the healing over and over again.

-Mimi H Sydney


✔Learn to see, hear, sense your angels , and their messages for you so you feel guided every day.

✔You’ll learn how to clearly discern between true and false guidance with ease so you stop second guessing your messages

✔Learn how to intuitively read angel oracle cards and channel the angel message

✔Discover and build a straightforward spiritual practice to keep you connected and protected.

✔Meet your guides and the angels who are with you and understand their messages.

🪄Discover guidance about  your purpose and make decisions that keep you aligned.


Allow yourself to release your blocks and fully tune into your intuitive self and your angels so you can move forward with ease and confidence.



A note from Rachel…

In this cerfication you’ll learn indepth about how to work with the angels, how to read angel oracle cards, bring through messages of love, peace and healing for yourself and others, and so much more.  This course is a launch-pad- prepare to open your wings and soar!

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium &  Spiritual Teacher. She’s worked for 20 years as a professional having earned a reputation as an authentic, down to earth angel expert and teacher.


  This Certification program will give you clarity, confidence, and certainty so you can finally understand your angel’s guidance for you.


6 Live Training Sessions with Rachel

6 x Weekly Sessions Starting March 7th 2023 -April 11th 2023

Replays will be available if you miss any classes.

rachel scoltock seated in green dress

Session 1 | Group Training Zoom Call

Opening Your Divine Connection

We begin with  opening your connection with the angels and your soul. 

Rachel Scoltock in light colours sitting on a house deck

Session 2 | Group Training Zoom Call

Understanding Angels

Learn to work intimately with the angels to receive their inspired messages & healing light. Be attuned in a special ceremony to the cards & your special angel-of the cards.


rachel seated at a computer desk with a notebook

Session 3 | Group Training Zoom Call

You Are A Divine Channel

Discover how to use angel oracle cards* to translate clear, accurate & meaningful messages from the angels.


Rachel seated at desk wearing white top sunflowers next to her

 Session 4 | Group Training Zoom Call

Advanced Messages

Continue the journey of receiving detailed angel  messages. You’ll discover Which angels and guides are with you and why. 

Rachel seated at desk wearing white top sunflowers next to her

Session 5 | Group Training Zoom Call

Overcome Ego-Find your Purpose

Release all that does not serve you, your goals or your purpose. Eliminate negativity and fear, understand how to consistently live in higher vibrations. This session will take the lid off your intuition and angel connection. 


Rachel seated at desk wearing white top sunflowers next to her

Session 6 | Group Training Zoom Call

Healing with the Angels

Discover 2 incredible angelic healing techniques you can call on at anytime. Intuitively identify & release blocks. Discover how to quickly move stuck energy and expand your psychic senses.


Do you have Questions?

Watch my FAQ video before sending me your questions to admin@rachelscoltock.com

P.S. You need to bring a deck of Angel Oracle Cards to the program. I strongly suggest you bring the Archangel Power Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine or any of his Angel Tarot decks. All available at online bookstores including Amazon


Choose to Pay in Instalments or in Full

One of the best things about the course is that Rachel does not say just wish for what you want and hope you get it! Instead, Rachel assists you to discover what you really want in your life, she shows you how to get guided steps from your angels, then encourages you to actually follow the steps to make sure your dream becomes your reality! I am currently working on my dream I have had for years. I have a large amount of work ahead of me, but I can see it coming into reality. I feel so excited and passionate about it!

Thank you Rachel! You have helped me through a very difficult period.

Emily L

NSW Australia

Pay in 6 Instalments

 6 Monthly Payments -$397 AUD

One Time Payment

Early Bird $1997 AUD


Join Rachel’s Weekly Live Classes Where-ever You are in the World

The weekly live classes are run at 2 different times so that no matter where you are in the world you can attend a live-stream session. 

Tuesdays at 7pm Sydney Australia time ( Australia/ Europe/ India friendly)

Wednesdays at 10 am Sydney Australia time (US/ Canada/ Australia friendly)

Check your timezone 

download Angel Communication Program 2023 Dates and Times

angel wings illustration large

Sign up now and Get Started Today!

As soon as you sign up you will have access to the pre- recorded  Angels and Archangels introductory lesson including the PDF guide  and some meditations for you to start today!

I have sensed for years that spirits or angels were around me, but I didn’t know how to interact with them and I didn’t understand why they were there? Rachel clearly explains, demonstrates and guides you through her program step by step to learn how to communicate and receive clear guidance from the angels.


NSW, Australia

Rachel presented beautifully presented, inspirational sessions each week, with great information about connecting with my intuition and angels. We were taught simple, useful techniques to enhance communication and intuition.

The value and quality of the program is gold standard.

One of my favorite parts is learning to interpret the messages. This program is fun and amazingly inspirational. I felt supported in every session. I love that we have lifetime access to the replays and the amazing additional material. This all helped to transform and awaken the individuals in the small group. I look forward to working with Rachel in future programs.

– Natalie Rose


As I am new to working with angels. I was delighted to hear about this program. The whole course was fantastic and I loved every minute of it.

From Rachel’s beautiful energy to the grounding meditations and healing sessions it surpassed my expectations and truly changed the way I communicate with angels & my intuition. I highly recommend this course and working with Rachel.

– Zita x


 I have attended this program twice now because of the way  the program made me feel and the powerful energy and shifts that happen. All the changes and spiritual progress I made inspired me to grow my healing business. which incorporates Yoga &, Reiki, and now Psychic Angel Readings.

The program gave me faith and trust in my life purpose. The space held and the group is different to any course I’ve ever done before.

If your heart is calling you to this, it’s for a reason. Listen to it. I can’t imagine my life without the angels and all their ways of communicating with me, I am so grateful for the psychic gifts Rachel has helped me to develop. 

Paula Holyoake Healing




I joined to learn how I could connect to my angels and receive their guidance in a clearer and more profound way. I also wanted to improve my intuitive senses of seeing, feeling, hearing, knowing and removing blocks holding me back. Also I wanted to dig deeper into finding my life purpose, to clear self sabotaging thoughts and heal my body, mind and spirit.

I loved Rachel, what a beautiful healer and teacher! I loved the program! It fulfilled all my expectations, it was well structured and had great practical exercises, prayers and affirmations. I learned superior methods of clearing my energy and connecting to my angels, more so than other programs I have taken before.I am very grateful that the classes are recorded and I can access the classes again and again whenever I desire. I also have to say how much I loved and appreciated the guidance I received from Rachel. It has been so helpful in guiding me forward,


-Emily L

NSW, Australia


Here is what’s included:

6 x 90 minute Live Group Training sessions 

2 x 90 minute Angelic Healing sessions Bonus Start Now Angels and Archangels Module

A Choice of Live Classes in different timezones

Bonus4 guided meditations to enhance your practice ($197)

Bonus New The Archangel Guide  Ebook(Value $97)

Access to Rachel for questions, support and mentoring via the private facebook page and on live calls (Priceless)

A new community of like-minds to support & share your journey. (invaluable!)

Lifetime access to all the sessions, pre-recorded content & bonus content to review at anytime on the Angel Academy Portal

Valued at over $8k AUD




(approx $1327 USD/997 GBP)

Monthly Payment Plan Options:
6 x $397 AUD (approx $250USD/222 GBP)

Limited time offer:

Here’s what past participants had to say:

This program really helped push my life and intuition to a new level. I cleared blocks I didn’t even realize I had and cut the cords from a tough childhood. Rachel’s meditations have completely transformed me and my energy. Life has improved vastly and wonderful things keep happening.

Since attending Rachel’s program, my energy is more grounded, protected, and signs from the Angels keep appearing. I know exactly how to protect my energy when things get tough.

- Gina

I recently completed Rachel’s program. Rachel delivered everything she described about the course and so much more. Her delivery and teaching of the content was exceptional. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning to communicate with the Angels and their guides. Rachel teaches very powerful yet simple and effective processes anyone can use to open and strengthen their communication with the Divine and their intuition.

There are many guided meditations and healings as well as bonus material you can continue to use after the course is completed.

I truly am so grateful for Rachel and her ability to heal and teach.  This course would help anyone from a beginner to an advanced healer.  Thank you Rachel for the lifelong gifts you have given me. 


- Robert M

NSW, Australia

The program was energetic, miraclous and efficient from the beginning to the end. It’s beyond a certification, it’s a deep spiritual awakening, because I felt I left the program  much more prepared to live life in a mature, spiritual and fulfilling way. The program also healed me from the inbalance of over-giving. She teaches with her whole soul and delivers beyond the offer. I’m thankful and gratified with the privilege of being a part of this course and fully recommend it for anyone who is serious about spirituality. Thank youthank youthank you.
I hope this helps people know how truly “the real deal” you are, Rachel.
- Laila Andrade Brazil

Contact @lailabeandrade

Life Changing.

I think an important part of any course is how it’s delivered, and Rachel did this amazingly!
I also loved how it was split between learning and interactivity on the Facebook group and the healing sessions.

The information was also very digestible, so it was never overwhelming. I’ve really loved working with Rachel & the rest of the group on the program!

Not only is the course content amazing with interesting subjects. bonus materials and meditations but you feel guided and supported throughout the whole journey.Thank you so much for everything – you’ve truly changed my life!

- Natalie


Thank you for facilitating such an incredible program. I absolutely loved how you shared such incredible insight into how to connect with the angels and all the different ways the answers may be given/received. What I loved the most were the guided healings, they were incredibly powerful and the messages and images received were magical. I loved your energy and your mentorship style. Thank you very much for such an amazing program. I am so grateful I can still go back now and relisten to all the sessions and experience the healing over and over again.

-Mimi H Sydney


Pay in Full  $1997 AUD

6 Easy Payments  $397 AUD:

I am here to help you!

I understand if you have questions, maybe even fears about jumping in. (My FAQ video is here)

I can reassure you that most people who attend this program start out feeling a little nervous.

There are no tests, homework, ego, or competition.  My intention is to teach you these wonderful angel connection tools so you can benefit from the angel’s guidance and healing.

your angels and certainty in your direction & purpose.

Angel Blessings,

Rachel x

rachel scoltock sitting on floor hugging knee and  wearing an aqua and blue kimono
angel wings illustration large

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