About Rachel

Rachel Scoltock is a renowned angel medium,  spiritual teacher, and author with 2 decades of working with clients and students.

Passionate about guiding souls on their spiritual journey, Rachel stands out as a beacon of authenticity in a world saturated with spiritual noise.

Her unique approach emphasises the importance releasing fear energy and turning down the voice of your ego to ignite your inner light and establish a genuine connection with your intuition and your angelic guides.

With a range of offerings from private readings to transformative programs, Rachel is dedicated to helping individuals find clarity, purpose and a deeper spiritual connection with their angels.

Beyond her professional credentials, Rachel’s personal journey and profound experiences with the angelic realm make her a sought after guide for those seeking genuine spiritual enlightenment.

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Instagram: @rachelscoltockangelmedium

Facebook @rscoltock

Or send me an email admin@rachelscoltock.com

I believe in paying forward by donating to Children’s Ground, an incredible First Nations organization who are doing ground breaking work creating access to high quality education, health and economy their way!

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Rachel Scoltock in kitchen holding a mug and wearing a terracotta coloured dress

Hey, I’m Rachel,

My official credentials are Angel medium, spiritual teacher, and author. 

My calling is to guide souls to switch on their inner light and connect with their Angelic guides

My journey to this unusual career might surprise you.

Profound awakenings can come from the most unexpected events.

For me it was a deep voice that came out of nowhere, speaking to me on a lonely mountain road.

This voice, somehow  felt deeply familiar. It urged me to stop, and moments later, I was confronted by a harrowing scene- a catastrophic car accident that could’ve claimed me had I not listened to that voice.

In that life-altering moment, I faced a crossroads.

I could dismiss the voice, brushing it off as a coincidence or imagination.

Or I could embrace the mystery, lean into the unknown, and seek deeper understanding about who was speaking to me and why.

I had to find out more. I delved into the spiritual realm. The voice grew clearer, guiding me, protecting me and leading me in a new direction.

This was the voice of an angel who had chosen to communicate with me.

But the question remained:

Why? And, what was his purpose for me?

I immersed myself in the world of angels. Seeking to understand their messages and my purpose. 

As I learnt more, I realized they weren’t just guiding me; they were empowering me to awaken others to their guidance. 

This wasn’t an easy journey.

Embracing the spiritual, especially in a world filled with so much doubt and negativity, can often feel like swimming against the tide.

But with every soul I helped, every connection I facilitated, I realized…

Finding your true path and purpose is about releasing your fears and removing the negativity and energy blocking your intuitive channels.

This turns down the noise of your ego, so you can turn on your inner light and tune into the gentle guidance and profound messages that are always there echoing everything your soul came here to do and experience!

Ready to tune in? Let me be your guide!

Contact me.

Angel Blessings,
Rachel  x

How I can Help you to Turn on Your Soul Light

My classes, private sessions, programs and books are created to light you up. I do this by helping you to turn down the noise, the negative voices, the fears and the distactions so you can tune into your guidance and connect with your angels. This means that you can easily find your path, know your purpose, and become exactly who YOU came here to be!?


  • Private Readings-Insightful, loving, supportive and accurate- you will get illuminating clarity, next steps guidance and answers to shift your life! 
  • Angel Healing– I offer a limited number of private healing sessions over Zoom please contact me for details
  • Archangel Attunements Deeply healing online classes held monthly to tap into the light of the Archangels and their guidance for you.
  • Become an Angel Communication Practitioner:  Fully Open your soul gifts, activate your psychic channels, learn to expertly read oracle cards and communicate with angels.
  • Spiritual Business Courses & Mentoring to clear your blocks and build and grow your successful spiritual business.
  • Books: Inspirational, magical, and healing guides to working with angels and activating your energy.