About Rachel

Rachel Scoltock is an angel medium,  spiritual teacher and author with 2 decades as a professional.

Rachel helps you to turn your soul light all the way up so you can find your authentic self and share your light and purpose with the world.

She does this by helping you to release the blocks that keep you small and invisible and teaching you how to safely open your spiritual gifts to communicate with and channel the messages from the angels.

An expert on energy protection and a clear channel for the angels messages and healing, Rachel has an uncanny ability to help you to activate and remember your own spiritual gifts and heal the blocks and fears that hold you back. tapping into your guidance and creating a deep, life-long connection with your angels.

She holds transformational, loving space in her programs, classes, private readings, meditations, and books so you can find the clarity, confidence and purpose for your life journey.

A lover of dogs, travel, Earl Grey tea, and country and blues music. Rachel’s world travels took her from her birthplace in Jersey in the Channel Islands, to her spiritual home of Australia, where she now lives beside the ocean.

Get in touch:

Instagram: @rachelscoltockangelmedium

Facebook @rscoltock

Or send me an email admin@rachelscoltock.com

I like to pay forward by donating to Children’s Ground, an incredible First Nations organization who are doing ground breaking work creating access to high quality education, health and economy their way!

If you’d like to donate or learn more go here 

Rachel Scoltock in kitchen holding a mug and wearing a terracotta coloured dress

    How it Began

My full story is in my book My Life with Angels but here’s a snippet about how the angels first came into my life and changed it forever:

I was driving alone on a steep mountain road, when a loud, disemboded, male voice said ”Stop”.

I slowed and within seconds I came across a multiple car accident.

People and mangled vehicles were scattered across both lanes of the wet road.

I would have been one of them if I hadn’t heeded that voice!

In the following months, I heard the same voice speak my name.A feather appeared each mornng on my doorstep. I sensed a presence with me all the time.

I read every book I could find to understand what was happening.

My search eventually led me to a seminar which validated everything that was happening was angels.

How I became an Angel Medium

After the seminar the guidance became much louder, my angels guided me to study and develop my soul gifts as a channel and healer so I could share their messages with others.

I’ve now worked for over 2 decades full time as a professional angel medium, healer and Spiritual mentor and written 2 books. This is my soul purpose and it lights me up every day to be able to do this work!

I want you to experience the joy and fulfiment that comes from being your true-soul- self!

I offer angel communication practitioner certification to those who feel called with work with the angels, turn up their soul’s light and be a guiding light for others.

Everyone can learn the steps to connect with their angels and access their miraculous loving support, messages and healing whether for their own personal growth or as a way to help others. 

The angels came to me all those years ago to switch my soul-light on, they gave me the ability to share their love, healing, and messages with you.

Are you ready to find out what guidance the angels have for you? Contact me.

Angel Blessings,
Rachel  x

How I can Help you to Spark Your Soul Light

My readings, classes, programs and books are created to light you up from within by sparking the soul energy within you . I do that by connecting you to your angels and sharing their guidance and healing so you can find your path and become exactly who you came here to be!🌟


  • Private Readings-Insightful, loving, supportive and accurate- you will get illuminating clarity, next steps guidance and answers to shift your life! 
  • Angel Healing– I offer a limited number of private healing sessions over Zoom please contact me for details
  • Archangel Attunements Deeply healing online classes held monthly to tap into the light of the Archangels and their guidance for you.
  • Become an Angel Communication Practitioner:  Fully Open your soul gifts, activate your psychic channels, learn to expertly read oracle cards and communicate with angels.
  • Spiritual Business Courses & Mentoring to clear your blocks and build and grow your successful spiritual business.
  • Books: Inspirational, magical, and healing guides to working with angels and activating your energy.