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Rachel Scoltock is the Angel medium,  spiritual teacher and mentor for emerging spiritual seekers, healers and leaders who want to unlock their gifts and find their Divine life purpose.

Whether for their own personal soul-path or to create a fulfilling soul-guided business.

She helps lightworkers and spiritual seekers like you to release their fears and blocks, open their psychic channels , tap into their angels’ guidance to find their true path

Her programs, classes and books have helped thousands of lightworkers to find clarity and confidence and purpose by accessing their psychic gifts, and communicating with angels.

Many have gone on to share their gift with the world as healers, angel messengers and teachers.

An expert angel medium, energy therapy expert, author and dog-lover originally from Jersey in the Channel Islands, Rachel lives beside the sea in Australia.

Find her at rachelscoltock.com

Instagram: @rachelscoltockangelmedium

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    How it all started and how it’s going:

People ask me all the time, “How did you end up becoming an Angel Medium?”

I prefer to call myself the PR girl for the angels!

They bring all thewisdom, guidance, protection and healing. I’m just here to let everyone know how working with these amazing spiritual beings can change and heal your life!

My full story is in my book My Life with Angels but here’s a snippet about how it all began for me:

I was driving down a steep mountain road, when a loud male voice boomed ”Stop”.

Shocked, I slowed the car and checked the road. There wasn’t another living soul in sight.

As I accelerated the voice spoke again, louder this time: “STOP”.

Around the next bend I slammed on the brakes, skidding on the wet road.

People and mangled vehicles were scattered across both lanes. A car was hanging over the mountain edge by its back wheels!

If I hadn’t listened to that voice and slowed down, I would have been in the crash.

But who had saved me and why?

In the following months, I had more intense spiritual experiences:

I heard the same voice speak my name, giving me guidance in the early mornings. I found a feather every day on my doorstep. I felt a presence with me all the time.

I read every spiritual book I could get my hands on to find out who was with me.

My search led me to a seminar about Angels.

Every sign I’d encountered was mentioned in that seminar.

After that their presence grew even stronger, they began to teach me. I was guided ( forcefully) to study and fully develop my psychic gifts as a medium, healer and teacher so I could bring the angels powerful healing and guidance to more people.

Fast forward- I’ve worked for 2 decades as a professional Angel medium, Energetic Healer and Spiritual Teacher. I worked with thousands of people in my busy healing practice until switching to writing, speaking, and teaching full time.

In this era of awakening lightworkers it’s my mission and priviledge to be a guide, mentor and teacher.

I teach angel communication skills & professional psychic development programs to those who feel called with work with the angels and be a light for others.  I mentor and teach soul driven lightworkers how to build successful, high integrity, and fulfilling spiritual businesses.

I was lucky to learn from some of the most wonderful teachers in the world of spirituality and healing. I’m honored to have spent time with generous Indigenous healers to understand their wisdom and tools.

When the student is ready , the teacher appears!

Does my awakening story resonate with you?

Are you ready to find out your purpose  and  what guidance the angels have for you? Contact me to see how I can help you.

Angel Blessings,
Rachel  x

Hello Beautiful Soul!

I’m Rachel,

Angel PR girl!

I’m passionate about helping lightworkers to get rid of their draining blocks, unlock their soul gifts, and find their true path-What they came here to do and be.

I love to see lightworkers emerge from my programs glowing with confidence and excitement, trusting their guidance their next steps and knowing exactly what they need to do to make their dreams a reality!  

Many go on to build successful healing businesses doing what they love as energetic healers, psychic mediums, teachers, and authors.

For me it’s all about Love. Bringing more Divine love to the planet, loving what you do and connecting to your true, spiritual guidance from the angels.

How to Work with Me

My classes, programs and books are designed to light you up, connect you to the love of the angels and your soul so you can become exactly who you came here to be!

  • Archangel Attunements Deeply healing Zoom experiences for Lightworkers.
  • Angel CommunicationCertification Program:  Take your gifts and spiritual path to the next level. Develop your psychic abilities, learn to expertly read oracle cards and communicate with angels.
  • Business Courses & Mentoring: Courses & 1-1 Programs to build and grow your spiritual business.
  • Books: Inspirational, honest and easy to read guides to working with angels and protecting your energy.
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