Zoom FAQ’s

Rachel now uses Zoom for her online events: private sessions , workshops and webinars

Zoom is very easy to use for anyone with an internet connected device.

Here are some details to help you if you have never used it before.

How Do I Link To a Zoom Session or Event?

Before your session or a Zoom event. Rachel will send a Zoom link via email to you containing the unique link for the session .

Check spam. Sometimes your email spam filters will block the email.

If you do not receive the link-send rachel@rachelscoltock.com an email well before the session and it will be sent again. NB Rachel cannot check emails during live events.

Once you click the Zoom link it may prompt you to take steps. The meeting then will open up on your screen.

If it says: please wait for the host. Simply wait until I come online the meeting has not begun yet. You can enter a webinar/ zoom event at anytime after it has started.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a software that allows you to have face to face (video and audio) calls and group calls of 100 or more. Zoom is easy to use and allows recording.

It is perfect for Live events and workshops and

It is also perfect for private sessions such as the Soul Clarity sessions as it allows you to see and talk with Rachel from anywhere in the world. It is just like being in the same room and it works well for energy therapy.

For webinars and events, your microphone will be automatically muted so you can see and hear Rachel and the slides but the event won’t be interrupted by background noises from the individual audience members.

You can turn your camera off too, so you can watch without being seen. This is advisable. You can use the chat box to type questions and comments to the group and to the host of the event.

How Do I use Zoom?

Zoom works via a FREE APP that you can download to your device. Please download it well before our meeting to avoid stress and time-wasting.

Visit zoom.us and follow the links to sign up for a free account.

If you are using a PC or Mac for the meeting: when you follow the link (sent by Rachel) to join a meeting for the first time, it will provide instructions on how to install it on your computer.

If you wish to connect the Zoom call via a smartphone or tablet, please search for ‘Zoom’ on the Apple App Store or Google play store depending on your device.

Before the meeting- download Zoom and follow the prompts to TEST your audio, video and microphone.

You can choose to use a headset/ earphones with a microphone during the session which can help with the quality of sound and your privacy if you have other people nearby who might hear.

(You will need to test them with zoom before the session)

Check your volume is okay and close down all other tabs on your device so you get the best strength of internet.

Charge up your device or have it plugged in for the event/ meeting.

If you have sound or visual issues in a webinar it is usually related to your internet connection. You can close the video to just listen to the audio, move closer to your modem, close down other apps and tabs.

If the meeting shuts down unexpectedly- reconnect with the link and wait online for the meeting to resume.

If for any reason there is a technical problem in a private session we can arrange we can use back up options such as mobile phone/ messenger video call or a new zoom link if there is time enough left in your session or we may reschedule. This is very rare because Zoom is so reliable.

Recording Your Session

All webinars are recorded and the replays are emailed to everyone who signed up within 24 hours of the live event ending. You may be able to purchase the recording if you haven’t already signed up.

If you would like a recording of your private session, Rachel will show you how to record once you are online. If not possible, Rachel will record the session and send it to you via email within 24 hours. Your session can take several hours to upload, so please be patient.

All private session recordings are deleted after you have received yours.

What Time Zone is The meeting held in?

All meetings are held in Australia on Sydney Time Australian Eastern Time. ( either AEST or AEDST depending on the time of the year.)

When you book in for a private Soul Clarity session you will receive a link to Rachel ‘s online booking calendar so you can book the session time best for you.

Make sure that the calendar is set to your correct timezone before searching for a suitable time.

If you can’t find a time that fits, you can email rachel@rachelscoltock.com with your City/ Country and your times and days of availability.

You can find out what the time difference is between your location and Sydney Australia by simply typing into Google what day and time is it now in Sydney Australia. (Please note it may be a whole day ahead) Or use your world clock in the clock app of your phone.