How To Work With Your Angels Free Class

The Free Working With Your Angels Online Workshop :
How To Receive Spiritual Guidance & Discover Your Purpose

Are you ready to make a deep connection with your angels & learn how to receive unmistakeably clear, detailed guidance for yourself and even others?

  • Would you like to go to the next level to open your intuitive gifts?
  • Do you want to learn how to bring angels into every part of your life?
  • Would you like to receive clear angel messages for yourself and others?
  • Would you love to let go of negative energy and unblock your intuition with a powerful angelic clearing

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Take the next step: Communicate with the angels, discover your purpose & magnetise miracles.

This 90 minute Zoom Class with Leading Angel Medium Rachel Scoltock is valued at $797

Here is what you will receive in this free training:

 Lesson #1

Professional Tips for Angel Communication:

How to receive exciting, detailed personal messages from angels. Learn my secrets for connecting daily with your angels including oracle card readings & more

 Lesson #2

Create a Strong Connection with Your Angels.

Unblock your spiritual connection, learn which angels are with you and learn to see and sense their presence. Begin to TRUST in a deeper connection with your angelic team.

 Lesson #3

Work with Angels

How to work with Angels as part of your career or  every day life. Allow angels to uncover your purpose: Move from feeling limited and unsure about your path to having clear- real guidance from your angels with a deeper understanding of what is possible for you.

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Would you like to know the steps to hearing your angels and receiving clear, meaningful guidance messages from them? Join me for this 90 minute free class so you can get started right away.  Rachel Scoltock – Angel Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Author


 Open your Intuitive Channels, Learn to See and Sense Angels and Give Yourself and Others Accurate Readings

Do you want to develop your psychic gifts? Learn to see, hear and sense angels to give yourself and others  detailed and accurate readings and messages?

Join my highly rated 6 week Angel Communication Certification Training I’ll support you each step of the way. You’ll uncover, heal & release self limitation, fear and blocked energy, understand your next steps AND align with your true Divine purpose. You are here to make a difference in the world! Small group training.. live.

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