My Story and How I Became An Angel Medium

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The question I am asked the most is “How did you end up becoming an angel medium?”

It’s true, it is a strange career choice, especially as I was traveling in Australia and planning to go back to the UK to work as a touring music promoter!.

It all began when a deep voice told me to stop my car. I was driving alone on a twisty mountain road between Tamworth NSW and the coast.

Moments later, I rounded a hairpin bend to narrowly miss a multiple car accident.

I knew the voice had saved me from a crash. But who was it, and why?

Back home, I heard the voice again, speaking my full name. I awoke at night to heavenly music drifting into my windows, I received a feather on my doorstep every single morning. (I still do)

I was lead to a seminar in Sydney about angels. It was there that I discovered I’d had an angel intervention from Archangel Michael.

The more i learned about angels, the better life became, things seemed to fall into place I avoided more disasters!

The seminar taught me to ask the angels for help, as they can’t intervene unless we do.

I asked for help with finding my purpose, and I was directed to study as an energy healer and angel medium.

This is where I honed my abilities to channel the angels and their energy and open my psychic channels to see them.

I opened my healing business “Beautiful Soul Healing” a few months later in Australia on a wing and a prayer!

This September marks my 22nd anniversary of Beautiful Soul Healing.

(So many people told me I couldn’t do it!)

Now I teach others how to connect with their angels, understand their guidance, and find their purpose. I channel the angels healing and teachings at my monthly angel attunement classes.

I’ve written and published two books: My Life with Angels which tells my story along with many other angel miracles, and Loving Your Sensitive Self a Guide to Protecting Your Energy.

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock

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