Loving Your Sensitive Self -Book

About the Book

Loving Your Sensitive Self-A guide to managing and protecting your energy

By Rachel Scoltock

Empaths and sensitives are naturally compassionate, yet struggle with their capacity to sense, and soak up, the emotional energy of others. This overwhelm can be exhausting & many empaths feel depleted trying to navigate their sensitivity in today’s often insensitive world.

The good news is there’s an easier way.

Loving Your Sensitive Self shows that, when properly understood and protected, your sensitive energy becomes a powerful intuitive guide, revealing your gifts and leading to your true self.

From her thriving global practice as an Energy Therapy Expert and Angel Medium, Rachel Scoltock has collected twenty years of healing experience and spiritual wisdom to create Loving Your Sensitive Self: A guide to Managing and Protecting Your Energy

This book teaches you how to overcome the challenges of being sensitive, stop absorbing pain and negativity, find your true self and claim your purpose as an empath.


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