Is it Intuition or Fear (ego)?


How do you know if the intuitive messages you receive are from your intuition  or from your ego-fear mind ?

In this article you will discover how to tell the difference between  false intuitive messages and genuine trustworthy intuitive messages from your angels. This will help you to trust your guidance and stop second guessing the messages you receive!

When I started out as an angel medium, this question worried me.

I didn’t want to pass on bad news or see upsetting visions or predictions. I definitely didn’t want to give ego- based readings or lead anyone astray (including myself).

I always want my clients to leave me feeling better than when they arrived.

I needn’t have worried because true angelic and intuitive guidance is based on love and peace, not fear.

The main goal of spiritual guidance is to enhance your life and guide you towards what is for your Highest Good (and away from what is not).

This means that if you were ever shown a negative situation, you would also be shown how to overcome, deal with or avoid the problem.

I’ve noticed that the fear of receiving negative visions causes many of my students to block their intuition.

There is a lot of misinformation in the world about what it is like to be psychic or intuitive.

When you correctly tune into your intuition and connect with angels you will not receive scary , doom filled messages or see ghouls or other dark beings.

Fear, doom and gloom are simply signs that you need to clear negative and fear energy from within and around you.

Real intuitive and psychic messages are much more loving, simple and grounded than you might believe.

Your angels and guides are there to support you, not scare you or force you to be someone you aren’t!

Psychic readers and healers who predict bad stuff and promote scary ideas, are similar to the sensation seeking tabloids. They do it to seem exciting, clever and important.

There is no truth in their words, it’s all ego, and you are safe to dismiss them completely!

The same goes for any scary ideas you’ve had too!

A simple question to ask yourself if you are questioning some guidance is- Does this information help or harm me?

Here are some signs and characteristics of True guidance versus ego guidance

The traits of Ego based messages :

  • Not connected to you, your intentions, prayers and highest good.
  • Muddy, cryptic, hard to understand.
  • Random and weird.
  • Feels spooky, cold or threatening.
  • Changeable. One day you are moving to India, the next it’s New York.
  • Guide you to situations and people which are unhealthy.
  • Has an agenda: “what’s in it for me?”
  • Offer quick fixes.(which don’t work)
  • Creates convoluted stories and paths.
  • Ultimately doesn’t help with your goal or question
  • Doesn’t offer Guidance about how to avoid or change a problem.
  • Creates Anxiety
  • Nightmarish or Fantasy-like.
  • Positions you as a victim or superior to others. (judgmental)
  • Makes other people out to be inferior or superior.

False or Ego guidance is always about fear, drama and destruction.  When random fears, paranoia and negative thoughts arise call your angels and clear your energy.

The Traits of True Divine Messages

True guidance is always:

  • Consistent, repeated and clear.
  • Answers a prayer, intention or resolves a problem.
  • Comes in response to your prayers.
  • May take you out of your comfort zone in a positive way.
  • Is healthy and improves your life.
  • Brings a calm feeling even if with challenging information
  • Makes sense.
  • Empowers you and others.
  • Always comes one step at a time.
  • Gives you nervous “butterflies” in a positive way.
  • Guides you to let go of negative influences and thoughts.
  • Feels safe, warm, calm, and uplifting.
  • Gives you goosebumps, tears, and bodily validation.
  • You may see colours, feathers, light or other positive signs.

You never have to worry that you will see horror movie style visions or gruesome beings. That is not what the spirit world truly looks like.

Those types of visions do not serve your Highest good so why would your loving angels and guides show them to you?

All guidance is intended to guide you towards what serves your highest good and away from what does not.

With practice your intuition becomes a powerful personal tool to help you with all aspects of your life!

Are you ready to take the steps to strengthen your intuition and tune out your ego so you can consistently receive trustworthy , clear intuitive messages?

Here are a few ways I can help you:

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Angel Blessings Rachel Scoltock x

Angel Medium ,Spiritual Teacher and Author

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  1. Grace

    Very helpful information, Rachel. Appreciate this clear, loving guidance. Thank you.

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