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Are you ready to embrace and strengthen your spiritual gifts and wisdom in 2024?

Would you like a way to consistently clear negativity, scarcity, and cords, recharge and replenish your life force throughout 2024

Are you ready to learn new spiritual lessons, understand your journey and get answers for your deepest questions?

Would you love to receive regular intensive angelic healing, and deep spiritual clearing to keep your energy radiant, magnetic, and positive?

Are you looking to deepen your connection with the angels, receive their  activations to keep you aligned with the ascension shifts and your Divine path?

Would you like to learn authentic spiritual tools, and discover helpful insights from an experienced angel medium to develop your gifts and find your purpose?

These transformative monthly Angel Attunement classes will support and recharge your inner light, helping you to let go of anything holding you back.

Who are these events for?

These events are for you if you are an empath, spiritual seeker, lightworker, healer who is sensitive and aware of energy and would like a way to keep your inner light bright and clear so you can more easily manage energy, magnetise abundance and fulfil your Divine purpose.

If you want to develop and strengthen your intuitive and healing gifts and you want to remove blocks, cords, and negative energy and receive healing and wisdom from the angels.

If you’re on a path of awakening and ascension and you want support and authentic spiritual guidance and techniques as you go through these shifts.

How do these Attunements Work?

Each month you can attend the scheduled live Zoom class or access the high vibrational recording to do in your own time.  Everything will be sent automatically to you.

Over the year you will have access to incredible high vibe angelic recordings all kept together on a spacious login area you can revisit whenever you need some Divine energy

Each unique  90- 120 minute Angel attunement  includes a transcendent channelled guided meditation and attunement to the angels and archangels.

The angel energy is imprinted into the recordings which you have lifetime access to on your personal members area, along with a separate recording of the guided meditation from each session.

Download the Angel Attunement Call Schedule for 2024 here

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Become an Angel Attunement VIP:

For a limited time you can register for all 13 of the 2024 Archangel Attunements for $42 Each instead of the usual price of $67 AUD/ $97 AUD

Here is what you receive by becoming a VIP:

  • A saving of $325 AUD (that’s 5 free angel attunements )
  • VIP automatic registration to all monthly Angel Attunement Classes and replays in 2024
  • Bonus registration to the Lion’s Gate Activation Event 8/8/8  (extra significant in 2024)
  • Automatic reminders and replay notifications. so you don’t miss anything.
  • Lifetime access to the replays including video, audio saved on your beautiful private login platform
  • A brand new meditation audio every month to add to your spiritual toolbox.
  • Bonus $100 discount on a private reading with Rachel Scoltock
  •  You receive every attunement at $42 AUD (~27 USD) each instead of $67/$77

Only $555 AUD for the year ( ~360 USD) Usual price $871 AUD

Or Pay in 2 monthly instalments of $277.50 AUD ( ~187 usd)

+GST Au and Eu residents Offer Expires January 5th 2024

Once you checkout you will receive an email comfirming your VIP Membership for 2024 and your $100AUD Reading discount code.

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Once you’ve paid an email will land in your inbox with the joining instructions. Check spam and contact us if you cannot find it.Refunds are not available. Terms and conditions apply.

Rachel Scoltock is a renowned angel medium, spiritual teacher and author with over 2 decades as a professional.

A pure channel for the angels, Rachel’s sessions are powerfully transformative and healing. She brings through the angel energy and messages in such a way that you experience the shifts as they are happening.

Passionate about guiding souls on their spiritual journey, Rachel stands out as a beacon of authenticity in a world saturated with spiritual noise. Rachel is dedicated to helping individuals to find clarity, purpose and a deeper spiritual connection with themselves and their angels.

Rachel’s personal journey and profound experiences with the angelic realm maker her a sought after guide for those seeking genuine spiritual enlightenment

Read the Reviews for Angel Attunement Events:

Your Archangel Attunement today was just brilliant. I got goosebumps as I could see what was happening before you said  it! My hands and feet and scalp were seriously tingling ..your energy was just so strong and genuine. I am so grateful I feel I went through a big healing  and a serious past life journey …It really makes sense to me..what I was shown and felt so protected by Archangel Micheal ..!!

– Melissa

Your monthly Attunement classes always brighten up my day! I really enjoyed the visualization and manifestation part and have incorporated it into this morning’s meditation. Thank you

– Shonagh

The Archangel Raphael Webinar, was amazing. I really appreciate it as I have recently felt drawn to Archangel Raphael and his healing power. This was a special webinar for me, I can’t thank you enough.

– Trevor

I can’t thank you enough for this Attunement Rachel!

I love that I can have the replay for myself to do it privately in my own vibration with the spirit realm, it works better for me if I’m honest with you than live.

This is helping me so much! All my gratitude

– Patricia

 I just wanted to say thankyou for today’s Archangel Attunement. I cried &  felt really light & bright afterwards. I felt transformation and the transcendence of negativity during the Attunement Session. Wow! Thanks for helping to clear & release the stuck energy within me.

– Sasha

This Angel Attunement was incredible and you are incredible! Thank you so much for sharing,  so spot on for me , it’s helping me so much. 

– Emma

I participated in the Archangel Uriel  Golden Light Attunement event and I wanted to say thank you!! It was amazingly therapeutic, intense and transformative. Thank You!!!

– Jennifer

That blew my mind. I released so much. I loved the part when we met the guide at a sacred site.

– Sue