Why You Need Spiritual Friends

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I’m meeting many new students on discovery calls for the angel communication practitioner program recently, and I love the stories and questions that come up in these light filled conversations.

It’s reminded me how much I love being with like-minded souls, healers, intuitives, lightworkers. Spiritually centred people with a purpose to uplift others.

Lightworkers have a shared spiritual knowing that coincidences are not random accidents, that we are all guided, and everything is connected!

I’m so grateful that I get to work with spiritually minded people daily, and I have a few beautiful spiritual besties that I’ve met at classes and events over the years.

Having spiritual friends gives you the space to be fully open and real. You don’t have to over- explain or hide your spiritual beliefs and needs as sensitive souls.

The fact is that being a Lightworker can feel lonely sometimes! (do you feel this way?)

Especially if you’re generally around people who aren’t on your wavelength.

As a lightworker you need spiritual friends who get you, speak your language and can lovingly support and respect your unique needs.

It’s someone who can hear and validate your signs, dreams and synchronicities without rolling their eyes!

There’s often an immediate recognition when you meet a like-minded soul, a feeling that you’ve met before, or you just intuitively know where they’re coming from.

You feel safe sharing your spiritual experiences and intentions without shame or fear that they’ll scoff or be skeptical.

I love the sense of mutual respect too. They won’t intrude on your energy or disregard your intuition.

And they won’t take it personally if you’re an empath who needs space to recharge!

As a result your intuitive and healing gifts can expand because you’re not holding them in like a bloated tummy in tight jeans!

If you’d like to connect with some genuine, like- minded souls while activating your spiritual gifts then I invite you to join the Angel Communication Practitioner program.

You’ll connect with me and a small group of new spiritual friends, in a kind and ego-less environment to support you to unlock your psychic abilities and connect with your angels.

And If you’d like an Angel Discovery Call to discuss the program, then get in touch here: Rachel@rachelscoltock.com

Angel Blessings
Rachel x

Angel Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Author

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