A Guide to Angels and Archangels

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Angels are spiritual beings of wisdom, love, and light who are here to bring peace to humanity.

They are your Divine, protectors, guides, teachers, and healers and everyone has angels.

Angels come from the Higher Power, which some people call Source, God, The Creator, or the Universe.

The word Angel Means Divine Messenger or Messenger of God. They carry the thoughts, love, and guidance of the Divine to you, and your prayers to the Divine.

Angels are non-denominational celestial beings who have never been human. They’re not deceased loved ones, spirit guides, or ancestors. These spiritual beings are with you, but they are at a different frequency than angels.

You can communicatee with all your guides when you learn to expand your energy to link into the angelic realm. (I teach you how to do  this in my Angel Communication Programs)

There are many types of angels, but the main ones who interact with you are Guardian Angels, and Archangels

Do you ever wonder which angels are with you?

Well here is a brief insight:

Guardian Angels are your personal angels, sent to watch over you, protect, heal and guide you. Everyone has at least 2 guardian angels. They are your devoted angelic guides who remain by your side for your entire life.

You can request your guardian angels assistance at any time.

They are very pure, loving, and they know you inside and out.

You also have a connection to Archangels.

Archangels are larger angelic beings with a wider purpose than guardian angels.

Archangels are multidimensional, which means they can be with many people at the same time.

You can invoke Archangels to be with you or to help you out with specific tasks.

They happily help you as long as your request is loving in nature and ultimately serves a positive purpose.

You may already have Archangels on your team of Guardian Angels!

Archangels can come to you at significant or challenging times to offer their specific wisdom, healing, and influence for your situation.

When an Archangel is with you you can sense their presence because they have big energy. They have brightly coloured auras which match their specific purpose.

Guardian angel auras are usually white or pastel coloured.

How Archangels Help

Archangels have specific roles to oversee larger aspects of life and the Universe.

For instance, Archangel Raphael is the healing archangel who looks after your health. Raphael also helps healers and works through them to bring about healing.

Archangel Raphael has a bright emerald green energy. He helps surgeons, Drs, vets, paramedics, energy healers, homeopaths- anyone dedicated to healing and creating health and well being.

You may sense or see green light around healers or around your body when Archangel Raphael is present.

Archangel Michael is the protector angel. He has the power to remove evil and negative forces.

You can call upon Archangel Michael for protection when you feel unsafe, vulnerable or you need courage. Archangel Michael’s aura is a bright neon blue/ purple.

You may feel very warm and see flashes of blue or a blue aura when Archangel Michael is present.

There is an archangel dedicated to watching over wild animals, another who looks after pets. There is a specific archangel who helps with prosperity and financial security. An archangel who can help you to make decisions about your careeer.

There are hundreds of archangels, many are unknown to us, but there are several known archangels who are here to work with us all directly at this time.

I have created a free list of 16 of these Archangels, their auric colours, and how they can help you Get it here

As you read the Guide to Archangels, notice which archangels you are attracted to.This can be a sign that this angel is already with you or wants to work with you. Carrying a crystal or wearing the auric colour of the archangel will help you to attune with their energies.

Why do You Have Angels and Archangels?

Angels ultimately bring Divine love and peace into your life!

They help you to stay connected with your soul, your purpose, and God.

Angels do this through their presence and by helping you to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. Keeping you safe, and guiding you gently on the path that is right for you.

To receive their support you need to set aside resistance, ask for, and accept their help and guidance.

Not accepting angelic assistance is a bit like refusing to use one of your arms or legs, you could get most things done,  but isn’t it easier to use what God gave you?!

Do you feel you have a big purpose to bring more love, light, peace or justice to the planet?? If you feel called to serve and share love and light on a bigger scale then you will have many, many angels and archangels with you helping you with this purpose.

Asking Angels and Archangels to Help You

You can ask Archangels and Guardian Angels for assistance by invocation. Read this article to learn how to invoke angels

If you don’t know which Archangel to call, then just ask for “the angels” relating to your challenge.

For instance: if you are struggling with a health issue-  call on the angels of health, for help after a loss, call on the angels of grief, If you need help with relaitonships call on the angels of romance or the angels of friendship.

Your prayer will be heard and answered through signs and synchronicity, guidance, or direct intervention.

If you’d like to learn more about the Angels and Archangels and how to work with them, here are some options:

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Angel Blessings

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