10 Unmistakable Signs That Angels Are With You

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10 unmistakable signs that Angels are with you:

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Do you recognise and understand the signs from your angels when they show up? Or do you dismiss them because you aren’t sure if they’re really signs?

Angels communicate with us in many ways using signs, synchronicity, and more detailed psychic messages. The angels send us signs through the physical world to get our attention and let us know that we are not alone.

Even if you don’t consider yourself particularly intuitive read on because anyone can receive and understand the signs and guidance from the angelic realm!

In this article I’ve put together some of the more common signs that the angels are with you, and what these messages mean:

Here are 10 Unmistakable signs that the angels are communicating with you and what they mean:

1-White feathers are the number 1 sign of  angels. When you see a white feather don’t be too quick to dismiss it as “just a feather”

Angel feathers appear in unusual ways and places, in synchronistic timing and as a Hello from Heaven to let you know that you are not alone.

By dropping a white feather on your path, the angels are giving you a clear message that they’re with you. Feathers can show up three or more times, or when you most need comfort, reassurance that your prayers have been heard.

Angels may also drop coloured feathers in your path to give you encouragement and warnings. Go here to discover The meaning of coloured Feathers

2-Orbs-Have you ever seen an angel orb in a photograph or with your naked eye?

Angels can show themselves to you as bright white or coloured light orbs in photographs.  You might even be lucky enough to perceive an orb of light with your physical eyes, particularly if you are talking with your angels in nature. 

As a clairvoyant, I see angels around my clients as orbs of light which open up to reveal the full angel.

If you see an orb it is a sure sign of the presence of angels in your life. They appear to offer extra reassurance and increase your faith in angels. Seeing orbs around you may also be a sign that your clairvoyance (psychic vision) is awakening. 

3-Angel Numbers. Angel numbers are repeated number sequences which appear with synchronicity on registration plates, clocks, phones, dockets, and in other ways. You may see 444 or 111 or 242 so often that it can’t be be a random coincidence!

These number sequences have meanings and the angels use them to communicate messages to you. Read my latest article about Angel Numbers and what they mean

4-Angel objects. Do you notice images of angels or the word angel when you’re out and about?

These are sure signs that your angels are with you. The angels often use very creative ways to connect, including placing angel figures and angel-wing images in unusual places on your path. You may see or hear the word “Angel” spoken aloud.

Like all angel signs, angels appear to give you comfort and acknowledge your prayers. they also increase your faith that youhave angels with you. The more you notice and acknowledge the signs, the more frequent they’ll become.

5- A voice calling your name upon awakening, This usually happens in the early morning, just before your logical mind takes over for the day. You will hear a loving, calming voice say your full name. You may also hear your name being called at other times.

My first ever angel intervention happened when an angels voice helped me to narrowly avoid a car accident! .

After that incident I heard the same deep voice speak my full name very early in the mornings for months afterwards. Archangel Michael was calling on me!

This was one of the signs that convinced me to connect to my angels so I could understand why they were calling me! 

Has this happened to you? If so, it’s a sure sign that your angels are with you. They want you to quiet your mind and consciously connect with them.

They’re attuning your psychic hearing (clairaudience) so they can send you even more messages. Meditate, join a class, or book a reading to tap into the message that your angel is trying to send you.

6-Angel songs or disembodied celestial music– The angels love to communicate through music. You may hear a song with meaningful lyrics in your mind or on the radio. The lyrics may inspire you or give you an answer, or merely remind you that your angels are close by!

Have you ever heard beautiful celestial music with no physical origin? This is a sign that the angels are near and sending you their heavenly love.

7-Flashes or sparks of light that you see the corner of your eye.  Have you noticed white or coloured sparks in the corner of your eye when you’re staring into the distance or at a screen? This is a sign that your angels are moving across your line of vision. These sparks are allowing you to capture your first glimpse of an angel. This is an early sign that your clairvoyance is opening.

8-A gentle touch or breeze. If you are sensitive or empathic, you may feel or sense the angels presence through a gentle touch and other sensations. These include: a warm hand at your back, someone tugging at your earlobe, a soft breeze out of nowhere, a hand softly stroking your hair, or pressure changes.

These signs offer comfort and show that you are detecting angels through your physical feelings. This highly attuned ability is called Clairsentience (clear feeling)

Please know that true angelic sensations are always loving, peaceful, and gentle. They are NEVER scary, prickly, inappropriate, or uncomfortable. If you get anythin =g uncomfortable call on Archangel Michael for his assistance.

9-An Angel Visitation-The more you develop your intuition & faith, the more likely you are to have an angel visitation.

These very special angel signs can occur in full technicolour and are accompanied by a feeling of incredible love and peace. You may have a waking vision or you could be visited in a dream.  You could have a rare but life-saving encounter with an angel who appears in human form to help you briefly and then disappears without a trace. 

These kind of visitations can’t be forced or demanded but your willingness to commune with angels rolls out the red carpet for this to occur.

10-High pitched ringing in one ear. This is not tinnitus, which is a medical condition, but it is a high frequency sound like a whistle that happens spontaneously in one ear. If you are unsure, please go get a medical check up

The high pitched ringing can have 3 meanings:

1- you’re receiving what I call a Divine download-a message from the angels is coming to you and the angels are letting you know to “listen”. The message may be so high frequency that you don’t fully understand it yet. You will be shown the full message in time.

2- your clairaudience (psychic hearing) is opening with the help of the angels. The sound is attuning you to a higher frequency and the angels are nudging you to meditate and listen to their guidance to develop this gift. Pay attention to any courses or classes that appear that will help you to safely open your clairaudience.

3- you are receiving, saying, or writing something that is a spiritual message. Pay attention to what you are seeing, thinking or saying when the ringing occurs.

I receive a high pitched ringing while giving readings, writing, or teaching. It means I am speaking or writing something important that the angels want me to say or know.

How to Discern the Personal Message behind any sign:

Try not to overlook or dismiss any sign too quickly. Your ego will want to say oh its just a feather, just a dream, just a song.

Accept the sign and say thank you angels! Even if you don’t understand it yet.

The meaning of any sign is usually direct and simple. They don’t have long winded or cryptic meanings. They could be a “Hello from Heaven” a simple sign to give you comfort, support and faith.

Your sign may arrive to validate or acknowledge a prayer or wish you’ve recently expressed.

Sometimes the meaning will occur to you right away. It’s usually simple and direct and the first thing you thought of.

If you are unsure-pause and ask yourself what is the significance for you? Why now?  How does the sign you received relate to your life and the challenges you face right now?

Angels send us signs mainly in response to our wishes, prayers, and needs. What have you been asking for?

Please know that as long as you are open, your angels will keep repeating the message until you get it!

Please don’t over-analyse every sign that you receive. Most signs arrive in perfect timing to comfort you or validate that the angels are with you!

You can ask for a sign at anytime. Your angels never leave your side and they long for you to ask for their help. Start today: Ask your angels to give you a sign of their presence:

Dear angels, please give me a clear, easy to understand sign of your presence today. Amen

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Rachel Scoltock 

Angel Medium, Spiritual Teacher & Author

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