The Healing Power of Archangel Raphael

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Archangel Raphael is the supreme healer of the Angelic Realm, his name means Divine Healer or God Heals. Raphael is THE archangel to call upon whenever you or anyone needs healing physically, emotionally or spiritually.

Archangel Raphael will heal you one of 2 ways:

1-💚Direct intervention, where he miraculously and someetimes instantly heals the issue.

Or more commonly,,,

2-💚Divine guidance, where you uare directed, one step at time, through synchronicity and intuitive messages to your healing.

It’s always beneficial to invite the intervention of this Heavenly healer and to stay connected with him through prayer and meditation.

There is a Divine order to Archangel Raphael’s healing which is always perfect for the receiver and leaves no doubt of the power of the angels.

Archangel Raphael will likly bring about healing in creative ways that you couldn’t possibly predict.

Here is a story of Archangel Raphael’s healing intervention:

When Irene came to see me for help with losing weight, she had tried many diets and exercise programs, but she was jaded and unmotivated to exercise.

Whenever Irene visited my clinic it took a while to get her to my healing room because she loves animals so much. She always had to visit with my horses, dogs and chickens first! She had no pets herself because she did shift work. 

During her healing I called on Archangel Raphael to help Irene to lose the weight. 

A few days later she called me because a miracle had happened.

On returning home Irene heard a dog barking in distress as she walked by her neighbours front door. Worried she knocked on their door, only to discover that the elderly inhabitants were unable to walk their little dog anymore. He was expressing his frustration vocally! This news was too much for this warm-hearted, animal lover! She immediately offered to walk the dog every day.

It later occured to Irene that Archangel Raphael was behind her new exercise routine. 

Her fluffy ‘personal trainer ‘never let her miss a single session. She could hear his bark through the wall if she forgot!

How to invoke Raphael’s Assistance:

Do you need healing for some part of your life?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual, the Archangel Raphael can help you return to balance and wholeness in a way that is perfect for you!

There are many ways to invite the healing of Archangel Raphael. The easiest is through a healing invocation prayer said aloud, silently or written:

Archangel Raphael invocation

I ask for and invite the presence of Archangel Raphael and the healing angels.

Thank you archangel Raphael for helping me with (XYZ)

I am open to your guidance, protection and complete healing for this situation. 


Yes, you can invoke Archangel Raphael to heal someone else too.

You can add extra energy to your prayer by visualizing AA Raphael’s golden- green aura surrounding you or anyone who needs healing.

What happens next?

When you’ve asked Archangel Raphael for help, sit quietly to acknowledge his presence. Give yourself the space to receive his intuitive guidance and allow the healing to happen

Try to remain open, if you attempt to tell Archangel Raphael HOW to heal, you interfere with and block his healing.

When the Healing Archangel is working on you, you may feel tingling, airpressure shifts, heat, or a gentle breeze.

If you’re intuitively open you are likely to see or sense green and golden light, and other signs associated with Raphael. You could hear his voice, or receive a repeating thought that guides you to your healing outcome.

Pay attention to any information that arises synchonistically and repeatedly after you’ve requested Raphael’s help. If you hear of the same healer, book, or Dr several times, don’t wait to follow it. This is Raphael’s guidance for you!

However the guidance comes, be sure to follow the steps you’re given

It’s important to remain open. Archangel Raphael’s healing methods and guidance are infinitely creative and will happen in ways that you could not have thought of yourself

You may invoke Archangel Raphael and his healing angels to help others too, including pets and wild animals!

And if you’re a healer, Raphael is on your spiritual team. As the guardian angel of healers, Archangel Raphael will work through you and with you

You are always safe with Archangel Raphael, you can trust his messages and healing.

Angel Blessings Rachel x

Do you need Archangel Raphael’s healing intervention in your life? Would you like to understand more about Archangel Raphael and other Spiritual Healing Guides such as Ascended Master Hilarion and how they can help you and others?

You can join me this April 21st for a 90 minute online workshop plus lifetime access to the replay- I will share more stories  & you can experience and learn miraculous healing methods at the Archangel Raphael and Hilarion Healing Attunement


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