Do you ever struggle with keeping your thoughts positive?

If you’ve been on the spiritual path for a while you already know that your thoughts and emotions create your experiences.

You need to keep your thoughts and emotions at a high vibration, so you can intentionally and consciously attract what you want and need!
 But it’s not always that easy, especially when you are doing it alone.

When you work with angels, you are never alone!

There are 2 special angels you can invoke to transform your thoughts and emotions: Archangel Jophiel and Archangel Michael.

When you call on these 2 powerful archangels you’ll regain control of your emotional and mental energy and your vibration will raise automatically.

Archangel Jophiel ( pronounced Jo-Fee- Elle) has a beautiful lavender pink aura which comforts and uplifts you when you feel down. She’ll gently encourage you to be your best self. 

Her name means Beauty of God. She helps you to look, feel, and think beautiful! She helps you to focus on the good and create a beautiful life!

I always call on Jophiel whenever I feel foggy, drained or scattered. Within minutes I always feel clear, optimistic and focused again. 

Do you suffer from low self esteem? Archangel Jophiel will  assist you to see the good in yourself and the world. She uplifts you by shifting you out of ego- mind into your natural state of higher self.

She’s a  beautiful feminine archangel who helps you to look through the eyes of love, rather than fear. Archangel Jophiel can help you to feel peaceful about yourself and life. She works with your energy and your nervous system, to calm you down and be more present.

Simply call on her presence aloud and ask her to uplift your mind and help you to feel better!

Archangel Jophiel can also infuse your mind with positive thoughts and transform your mindset to optimism, openness and clear thinking. She encourages you to be receptive and calm.

Jophiel suggests that you do a daily gratitude practice to uplift your thoughts and vibration!

If fear is interfering with your intentions and you can’t get your mind away from negativity, then call on Archangel Michael. 

Archangel Michael is the angel of protection. He removes fear and it’s causes from the world. He carries a sword of light which severs negativity, toxic relationships and fearful experienes. He works swiftly clearing your energy and thoughts of all lower energies. He can cut  your cords to past pain or people who are pulling you down. 

Archangel Michael’s name means “He who is like God’ this means he carries a very high frequency of powerful loving energy. His presence removes fear.

Archangel Michael clears your aura, crown and third eye chakras to release you of all the low cloud-like vibrations of fear that you’ve absorbed from thoughts and other people. These energies obstruct your mind and drag you down mentally and emotionally.

A simple energy clearing with Archangel Michael can an immediate difference to how you feel!

As the Angel of protection, Michael can shield your mind and body from external low energies. He uses his auric colours of bright neon blue and purple because they repel darkness.

If ever you feel afraid, stressed or depressed, call on him to help you.

Here is an Angel invocation for Changing your Thoughts.

Dear Archangel Michael and Archangel Jophiel, I am ready to change my mindset to match my desires and align with love rather than fear. Thank you for helping me to uplift my mind, so I can heal my life and manifest more happiness and success. 
I ask that you clear my mind and energy of anything that is dragging me down, align my mind with the Divine mind and guide my thoughts today to match my highest intentions and Divine will.
Guide me away from situations and people who may be toxic for my mind.

I ask for healing, please help me to release self sabotaging, self depreciating thoughts and emotions. I am ready to release the root cause of painful emotions and thoughts.

Please replace all that I release with positive energy. Infuse my thoughts with love and remind me of my worthiness.

Please protect me  and help me to set clear boundaries.
And so it is.

Angel Blessings
Rachel Scoltock x

Angel Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher

Here are 3 resources to help you to uplift your mindset and cRachel Scoltock in kitchen holding a mug and wearing a terracotta coloured dressonnect with the angels:

1- Join my monthly Archangel Attunements to clear your energy and connect with the pure positive energy of the angels. Here

2-Access my Free Angel Library of meditations HERE

3- Book in for a private reading here

4- Read my book Loving Your Sensitive Self



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