Affirmations are positive statements, made consciously to create positive experiences in our lives and remove negative situations and thoughts.

Affirmations state your intentions, as if they’ve already happened, in the present moment.

What you think, speak, write, and believe has a profound effect on your emotions, your mindset, and your material life (relationships, health, career, finances)

Your mind is very powerful. The Universe, other people and your body always respond to your beliefs, thoughts and intentions whether they’re negative or positive.

If you have mostly negative or complaining thoughts, then it creates matching emotions, and in turn can attract and create negative experiences (and a lack of positive experiences).

Negative thoughts and words reflect a belief that the world is hostile, limited, and unwelcoming. In response to your inner complaints and fears your body produces anxiety and depression, your demeanour becomes defensive, and you will manifest more of what you do not want. You may even reject positive experiences because you don’t believe in them!

When you speak and think in optimistic ways, your body and emotions respond with uplifting feelings and emotions. Your daily experiences feel more positive and you’ll attract loving and inspiring situations.

Your thoughts always create your outer experiences, through the Laws of the Universe.

You may never eliminate negativity completely, this isn’t the goal.

Sometimes negative reactions help us to discern what we need to change in life. But if you dwell in negativity, ruminating over the past disappointments,  not allowing your feelings to guide you to something better, then you can get stuck.

Stuck negative feelings and thoughts start to build up. They create a negative energy which in turn attracts matching energy. Negative thoughts have the power to repel positive experiences.

It’s really important that you know how powerful your mind is.

If you want to make positive changes to your life, and manifest more healthy, prosperous and happy situations, then it makes sense to shift your mindset to match what you want.

Your positive mindset and higher vibration will make you more hopeful and open to new opportunities. You will also become more receptive and open to your angels messages and signs.

The energy of positive thoughts attracts matching experiences.

Your angels want only to guide you to more happiness and to help you to reach your goals. They know how powerful your mindset is. They don’t judge you for any negativity or mistakes. They want to help you to heal and they know this begins with shifting your mindset.

Affirmations send a very clear message to the Universe that you are ready and open for positive experiences.

Repeating affirmations can shift you rapidly and align you with your goals. Your new mindset helps you to let go of past pain removes resistance to the good in life.

Here are some affirmations that will raise your vibration and open you to all the blessings of abundance and love.

You can download and print a free guide to angel  affirmations here

Affirmations to release blocks, problems and fear:

I forgive myself. I call on the unconditional love of the Divine to clear me of all that holds me back. I welcome peace in all ways.

Thank you angels for turning my challenges into blessings, I now see and experience only good in my life.

I bless everything and everyone and I see my problems dissolved and my blessings multiplied

I now call Divine Love into my mind, body and life. I ask Divine Love to release me of all pain and suffering and guide me to healing and happiness.

All my power is in the here and now. I release the past and my attachments to it and live in the present moment.

Divine Love now dissolves all seeming obstacles clearing my path and making life easy.

The white light of the Divine now wipes out all fear, doubt , anger and resentment within me .

Divine  love pours through me and draws to me only my highest good.

All is well in my world, out of this situation only good can come, I am safe. ( Louise L Hay)

I am not limited by past thinking. I choose my thoughts with care. I constantly have new insights. I am willing to change and grow.

Affirmations for Connecting to the Divine and your Angels

The Divine Presence is here. (say repeatedly)

I am surrounded by the white light of my angels. I am safe and protected.

I am guided, protected, and healed by my angels, I am loved unconditionally and now accept and receive that love.

I trust my inner wisdom to guide me.

I am profoundly intuitive.

My mind and heart are open to the guidance and signs from my angels

Thank you angels for showing me the blessing in this situation!

Affirmations for Abundance, Health, and Success

I now draw abundance from the Universe. My endless good now comes to me .

The Divine Universe is the Source of All of My Good.

I am healthy, whole, and healed.

I am so grateful for my healed body.

I am a money magnet

Money comes to me easily and effortlessly, I have plenty to share and to spare

I am open to the Gifts of the Universe, all of my needs are taken care of.

I am so happy and grateful now that I have…..( what are you manifesting?)

I am so happy and grateful now that I have an income of…. per month

I am so happy and grateful now that I have (booked my dream trip)

Choose one or two of the above affirmations, (or make up your own) to memorize and repeat several times a day.

You can even record yourself  on your phone speaking them or write them on sticky notes to put around your home.

If you add a visualisation to your affirmations, you will see a rapid change in your situation.

You can make up your own affirmations for specific life changes you want to see: For instance, if you want a new job, you can affirm that a wonderful new job, that pays x amount, is now here for you. I am so grateful for my wonderful new job which pays $xxxxx per month or more.

Use these statements to replace any complaining, resentful and fearful thoughts. The moment you catch yourself complaining or thinking pessimistically, stop, and say an affirmation instead.

This practice will change your life and align you with new, more positive and inspiring experiences!  Things that you wished for will start to happen. At first you’ll notice little miracles like more green lights, unexpected discounts, refunds, easy parking spaces, and other small but significant rewards.

As time goes on you’ll notice bigger miracles and blessings start to show up.

To accelerate this shift start a gratitude practice, write down 5-10 things you’re grateful for every night before bed.

Rachel Scoltock

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