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Could you be a Lightworker?

The meaning of a Lightworker is: A person who has a life purpose to help change the world for the better by holding spiritual light for others. A lightworker maybe a healer, an empath, a teacher, or a leader with a purpose to help the world, animals, or people. Lightworkers are here to help remove the darkness, hatred, and fear and replace it with peace, light, and love. 

Lightworkers are here to make the world a better place, it’s part of their soul plan, and deep down they know this.

Lightworkers are everywhere, doing all kinds of work, some covert, working to bring the light and loving energy to their homes, workplace, and families just from by being their kind and healing selves. They might not tell people they are spiritual but behind the scenes may use spiritual tools like crystals, prayer, affirmations, energy healing, and calling on angels to uplift and heal.

Overt Lightworkers are maybe drawn to careers to enact their Divine mission, training and working as healers, therapists, psychics, naturopaths mediums, energy workers, spiritual teachers, authors, and speakers. They openly use their tools, knowledge and gifts to help to bring about healing, change and peace.

Some Lightworkers become famous and help millions to be more conscious and connected. These Lightworkers have a double mission to blaze a trail and hold the light for other lightworkers, and to inspire, heal and teach great numbers of people.

Some lightworkers are born knowing that this is their path in life, others are awakened to their mission at a later stage, sometimes gently through signs, and being introduced to spirtual subjects. Others are awakened through a catalyst such as a loss, a near-death experience, or another meaningful incident that leads them to their path.

There are many lightworkers ready to awaken to their purpose right now. Yet they may not understand why they are suddenly drawn to spiritual courses, angels, and healing or to make other changes to their lives.

If this is happening to you then it is the work of your angels- who know that your soul is ready for your life purpose they are working with your intuition to put books, people and information on your path.

You will be guided one step at a time, to heal yourself, to learn, and to develop your gifts and to make healthy changes to your life.

Each time a lightworker steps on to their path they bring even more Love and light to the planet through their ability to inspire others!

So how do you know if you are really a lightworker?

Here are 11 signs that you are a lightworker

  1. You know that you have a meaningful purpose on the planet in this lifetime. You might feel a sense of urgency about finding ways to heal and change the world. You are not satisfied with a mundane job or working just for money or status, you long to do something meaningful and fulfilling with your time on the planet.
  2. You are attracted to spiritual subjects such as angels, mediumship, energy healing or meditation.  You could read, study and meditate all day long if you were allowed! When you learn new information you cannot wait to share it with others who may need it.
  3. You’ve had a challenging life: Lightworkers often choose big life lessons to deepen their wisdom and empathy. As if you haven’t had enough challenges in past lives! You’ve bravely signed up for profound spiritual lessons (intense relationships, loss, financial struggles, and trauma) this life time which you are healing from. As you heal yourself, you will be able to help others to heal too. Your challenges may also act as a catalyst to awaken you spiritually and remind you of your purpose.
  4. You love to help and heal, it genuinely makes you happy to help and heal others. You have a kind nature, you sometimes know exactly what a person or animal needs. You can tend to over give though and can feel let down by people taking advantage of your kind and giving nature.
  5. You are very intuitive and even psychic. You receive synchronicities and repeating signs such as angel numbers, high pitched ringing in your ears, vivid dreams, orbs and flashes of light. You sense energy and spiritual beings.  You may have a tendency to over-ride your intuition because you look for the best in people and doubt yourself.
  6. You are sensitive and empathic, you can pick up on energy and can be affected by the vibes in a room or radiating from a highly emotional person. You sense spirits and energy. You can tell when someone is lying or pretending, you might even take on the emotions of others. Your intuition is highly attuned and you can feel overwhelmed and drained being around too many people or from over giving from your big wide- open heart. You need to be alone to recharge and clear your aura.
  7. You are a magnet for people and animals who need healing. Complete strangers feel at ease and often share their struggles and problems with you. Animals are attracted to you. You may find a lot of injured wildlife. You are wise soul, a good listener, a natural healer and people tell you they feel better after spending time with you. Your hands may heat up when around people or animals who need healing.
  8. You are wise. You instinctively know just what to say or do in a crisis. You are the one people call when they need comfort. You are an old soul, often wiser than people older than you.You know things without knowing exactly how you know them.
  9. You are deeply affected by cruelty to animals, people, and the planet. You passionately want the world to change to be more loving, kind, and safe for everyone. You have a strong sense of justice and social responsibility. You are an earth angel and you just want people to be more loving and kind, and aware because you know this would fix everything!
  10. You act and speak with integrity, and it upsets you to be around people who do not. You want to walk your talk and you are not interested in ego pursuits like gossip, greed. and competition. When you are untrue to yourself you feel very unhappy and it can confuse you when others are dishonest, manipulative or mean.
  11. You have self-doubt and feel alone withyour beliefs. You second guess yourself and wonder if you’re good enough to follow your dreams.  Almost every lightworker has this as a life lesson to overcome doubt and imposter syndome!

If even half of this list resonate with you, then you are definitely a lightworker. It’s part of your soul purpose to bring more light, love, and healing to the world in a way that also fulfils and supports you. You have already changed lives, perhaps without realizing it!

You are likely already receiving many signs from your angels along with intuitive nudges to make healthy changes to your life. When you trust and follow these messages, you will align with your life purpose and life will start to fall into place for you.

Your angels and intuitive guidance will lead you to your purpose and greater happiness.

Notice WHAT you’re attracted to and be sure to follow any nudges and synchronicities that show up as books, spiritual teachers, articles, courses, classes and other messages that resoate with you

You ARE being guided, one step at a time! The world NEEDS you to shine your light!

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Rachel Scoltock x
Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Spiritual Teacher and author of two books: Loving Your Sensitive Self– A guide for empaths, and My Life with Angels: How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels




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