Are You a True Lightworker? 11 Signs You Were Born to Change the World

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The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, and lovers of all kinds.

David Orr


Dear Divine Light

Do you believe you have a healing purpose on earth?


I remember the first time I read the word Lightworker, I was 20 something and on a Round the World Trip with an over-packed backpack and a skeptical boyfriend.


I knew instantly that I was a lightworker. I didn’t care what anyone else thought or said. It just felt right.


I believe that the Universe leads us through life with a trail of signs which only our soul recognizes, in the moments when a soul sign appears, an inner bell sounds, a cog turns, a piece of the jigsaw puzzle clicks into place and you just know it is significant, even though you can’t necessarily know why. Eventually, the trail of spiritual breadcrumbs leads us to know our life purpose and to understanding ourselves more deeply.

I was reading a book that I’d found at a guest house in Thailand. The moment I saw the word lightworker it evoked a powerful feeling of joy and excitement in me, it described perfectly what I’d been trying to grasp about myself since before Id even read my first spiritual self-help book at 13. I had a purpose, a spiritually guided mission, a SOUL reason for being that I’d always known was there, and there was a name for it!

Lightworker: One who has a life mission to hold the spiritual light for others, a healer, an empath, a leader with a purpose to teach through love. Lightworkers are here to help remove the darkness and fear and replace it with light and love.  Lightworkers are here to make the world a better place, and deep down they know this because it is in their very soul.

Back in 1995 I had not met many others like me but today Lightworkers are everywhere doing all kinds of work, some are covert, working  to bring the Divine light and loving energy to their workplace and families just by their loving presence and by using prayer, energy work, crystals, essential oils and other tools of the light. Others are more public with their Divine mission working as healers, therapists, psychics, naturopaths mediums, energy workers, doulas, high priestesses, spiritual teachers, authors, and speakers. Some are famous and help millions to be more conscious and connected. These undisguised Lightworkers have a double mission to hold the light for other lightworkers, to inspire, blaze a trail and to awaken great numbers of people.

Some lightworkers are born knowing, others are awakened to their mission through a trauma, a near-death experience or a meaningful incident.
There are many lightworkers ready to awaken to their purpose right now.

Each time a lightworker steps into their role they unknowingly bring even more Divine Love and light to the planet through their ability to inspire and lead others. Each time you acknowledge your inner light and use it to heal yourself and others, you attract more positive energy towards you and acknowledge to your guides and angels that you are ready to embrace your mission!

There were a few more signs and moments of awakening after that book landed in my hands in Thailand. Back then I had no idea I was headed for a career as a healer, author, and teacher but I was guided step by step. Each time I listened to my heart and intuition I found life fell into place, I felt protected and supported. Other times when I ignored that part of me and tried to hide it, life got bumpy and I would feel lost.

When I decided to finally accept my mission to step into my truth and work in the light as a healer, everything changed for me. By training and attending workshops, I aligned with my Soul purpose, invoking spiritual help and causing my spiritual gifts to fully awaken. I felt totally settled supported and for the first time in my life, My life long anxiety completely settled. I knew I had found my purpose and it is a path that I have never regretted.
So how do you know if you are really a lightworker?

Here are 11 key signs that you are guided to work in the light.

  1. You know that you have a very real and strong purpose on the planet in this lifetime. You feel a sense of urgency about finding ways to heal and help the world. You know deep down you would not be satisfied with a mundane job or working in a career just for money or security, you want to do something meaningful and fulfilling.
  2. You have had a tough life: Lightworkers often choose big life lessons to deepen their wisdom and empathy. As if you haven’t had enough in past lives, you’ve bravely signed up for profound spiritual lessons (intense drama and, trauma) which also acts as an awakening to remind you of your purpose.
  3. You put others before you, you can be a people pleaser but it genuinely makes you happy to help others. You can over give and feel let down by people taking advantage of your kind and giving nature.
  4. You are very intuitive and psychic, you can pick up on energy and can be affected by the vibes in a room or radiating from a highly emotional person. You sense spirits and energy vortexes. You easily tell the difference between dark and light. Your intuition can become frazzled when you are upset or stuck in negative situations. Synchronicity guides you.
  5. You are sensitive and empathic, you’ve been told since you were a child that you are too sensitive or emotional, you easily take on the emotional and feelings of others. Your intuition is highly attuned and you can feel overwhelmed and drained by the just being around too many people or from over giving from your wide open heart. You need to be alone to recharge and clear your aura.
  6. You are a magnet for people and animals who need healing, complete strangers feel at ease and often share their deepest fears and desires with you, you are wise soul, a good listener and people tell you they feel better after spending time with you.
  7. You have healing hands and you instinctively know just what to say or do in a crisis. You are the one people call when they need comfort. You are an old soul, often feeling wiser than people older than you. You download ideas, visions, and can manifest what you want, especially if you are not obsessing!
  8. You are deeply affected by cruelty to animals, people, and the planet. You passionately want the world to change! You have a strong sense of social responsibility, you are an earth angel and you just want people to be more loving, kind and aware because you know this would fix everything!
  9. You act and speak with integrity, and it upsets you to be around people who do not. You want to walk your talk and you are not interested in ego pursuits like gossip and greed. When you are untrue to yourself you feel very unhappy and it can confound you when others are dishonest, manipulative or mean.
  10. You have a lot of self-doubts, you second guess yourself and wonder if you are weird or too sensitive. This can lead to self-destructive behaviors like addictions or unhealthy relationships. You feel shy or lack confidence because sometimes the world feels harsh and judgemental. Other non- lightworkers do not get you or understand your beliefs or sensitivity which can cause you to feel anxious and want to hide your gifts and yourself. These are all distractions on your path which every lightworker must overcome.
  11. You love self-growth and when you learn spiritual or healing information you cannot wait to share it. You are attracted to learning about spirituality, yoga, healing therapies, meditation, crystals, books, and Lightworkers who lead ( like Louise Hay, Oprah, the Dalai Lama) You have already changed lives perhaps without realizing it because of the information and intuitive messages you share.

Lightworkers can feel very alone often born into families that do not understand them. In these families the empath can become the scapegoat for unhealed emotions of others, and go to great lengths to heal and help their hurting loved ones. This is a lonely job and so they love being around like minds and instantly feel at ease when they are in each other’s presence.
If you are a lightworker, notice who and what you are drawn too, what lifts you and what drains you. Follow your passions and that inner knowing because they will lead you to your purpose and a career which fulfills you as well as your mission to bring more Light to the planet. My advice is to trust yourself and your feelings. You are being guided and the world NEEDS you to shine your light and share your gifts and talents!

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Angel blessings!

Rachel Scoltock x
Rachel Scoltock is an Angel channel, Intuitive Energy Therapist, Transformational Teacher and author of two books: Loving Your Sensitive Self- A guide for empaths, and My Life with Angels: How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels.
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