Intuitive Angel Masterclass

The Free Intuitive Angel Masterclass Video:
Discover How Angels Can Guide You to Your Purpose (and whatever else you’re seeking)

Learn 3 of my professional tips to unlocking intuition, purpose and answers!

Are you ready to uncover a stream clear detailed guidance leading you to your Divine Purpose. Do you dream of serving others from a place of clarity, abundance and support? Bring your angel oracle cards and a crystal. (any will do)

You will learn tips to:

  • How to get more insightful, personal messages from your angels
  • Stop playing small and eliminate doubt and fear
  • Clear the blocks which keep you experiencing limitation and fear
  • Discover how to co-create your dreams and goals from a place of power.


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This 90 minute Zoom Masterclass with Leading Angel Medium Rachel Scoltock is valued at $497

Here is what you will receive in this free training:

Masterclass Lesson #1

Unlock Your Intuitive power

When you are ready for real change and to make a difference in the world you aren’t satisfied with general vague messages. I will be dropping some of my secrets for tapping into a Higher frequency so you can receive specific, crystalline clear messages using cards and intuition

Masterclass Lesson #2

Release your Intuitive Blocks

Shift from feeling uncertain and blocked about your intuitive abilities and move into a world where you are able to see, feel and fully know a deeper connection with Spirit, your angelic guides and your own intuitive self.

Masterclass Lesson #3

Manifesting Abundance & Purpose

Move from feeling limited and undeserving in your purpose & desires to drawing real opportunities and abundant prosperity into your life. Realize a deeper understanding of what is possible for you.

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When you truly pay attention to your guidance & heal blocked energy, your path and purpose will unfold before your eyes.
It is time to reclaim your power and supercharge your inner Light and spiritual connection so you have great boundaries and strong energy and you no longer allow energy thieves and dramas to drain your precious energy!

Are you ready to make that shift, rise above the fear, to release those unhealthy patterns and blocks and so you can unlock your intuitive power?

Rachel Scoltock
– Angel Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Author


Are You Ready to immerse yourself and spend 28 days Unlocking Your Intuitive Gifts to Discover Your Purpose?

Immerse yourself in Intuitive Development Training and Angelic healing & guidance for 4 transformational weeks . I will support you each step of the way. You’ll uncover, heal & release self limitation, fear and blocked energy, understand your next steps AND align with your true Divine purpose. You are here to make a difference in the world.

Get in touch to book a chat with Rachel about this program starting July 5th 2022.