What Do 1111 (and the Other Angel Numbers) Really Mean?

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Are you noticing angel numbers like 444 and 111? Have you ever you wondered what these repetitive sequences mean? and why you are noticing them everywhere such as mobile phones, clock or registration plates?

I learned the meanings of angel number almost 2 decades ago when I first connected with the angels. Nowadays there are so many conflicting ideas about what these numbers mean, so I decided to share these meanings which have never let me down!

So what are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are repeated numeric sequences sent by your angelic guides and the Universe.  These spiritual signs have specific meanings and they signify that your angels are trying to get your attention.

The Universe is always communicating with you through signs, symbols, animal messengers, other people, intuitive guidance and synchronicity. Your angels and guides use these as ways to give you important messages.

They often send you the message repeatedly until you “get it”. Each sign or message is accompanied with an intuitive knowing, thought, message, feeling which “downloads” into your mind.

Some signs have traditional meanings.

For instance seeing a snake may mean that you are about to go through a rebirth or healing.

and angel number 111 means you need to uplift your thoughts.

It really helps to know the traditional message of the angel numbers you’re receiving. This gives you a directory to refer to and apply to your own life situation.

The deeper meaning of Angel numbers

All signs have a deeper meaning just for you. Messages usually arrive in answer to your own prayers and questions. Have you been asking for help recently? Is there a particular challenge you’ve struggled with?

Spirit is there to help you.

Sometimes you’ll understand the message right away. At other times you’ll need to go within (or seek a trustworthy psychic) to interpret the message. Which is why angel signs are always repeated.

Why Angel Numbers?

In ancient times signs would generally appear through the natural world but in the modern society where we spend so much time on screens and driving our cars, it makes sense that our angels would use technology and number sequences to transmit important messages.

Angel numbers show up repeatedly to “Awaken you” and make you aware of deeper messages that your spiritual team have for you.

I notice that many of my clients start receiving angel numbers when they first awaken to the angels, or when they’re ready to go to the next level of their spirtual development and find their life purpose.

These spiritual communications make you aware of the spiritual guides around you and give you very clear steps to take.

Angel numbers all have a specific meaning. They show up synchronistically to answer your prayers and help you out.

When you see a lot of angel numbers it means your angels want to communicate with you at a deeper level. It may be time to study, meditate and even work with the angels. 

Here is a basic guide to the meaning of angel numbers:

The numbers 1111 seen repeatedly are a symbolic alarm clock, awakening you to metaphysical wisdom, the most foundational of which is; your thoughts create your experience.

When you see 1 or 111 it’s a reminder that your thoughts are manifesting into form. 11:11 is an energetic gateway.  Every strong repeated thought and belief has an effect on your life do you want to choose a mindset based on love, abundance and peace or fear, complaints and negativity? 11:11 offers you an opportunity to choose new thoughts to match your higher intentions. Seeing 1 in any sequence is a reminder to uplift your mindset.

⏰The angels use  the numbers1111 to spiritually awaken those who were previously closed or unaware of the spiritual and energetic nature of the Universe. Many people see 1111 when they’re ready to connect with angels and guides who are around them.

The number 22 is a sign that what you’re thinking about and focusing on is manifesting. The seeds of your thoughts, prayers and intentions are starting to sprout and become a reality.  222 is an encouragement that the tide is changing and your positive affirmations and intentions are coming to fruition even if you can’t yet see how.

Angel number 33 is a message to call on all the Spiritual help available to you this includes your angels, the  Divine Universe and your Spiritual guides and Ascended masters. The masters include any highly ascended guide such as Jesus, Shiva, Kali, Buddha. If you’ve been asking for help already 333 is a sign that your prayers have attracted their help.

Angel number 444 is a message of angelic protection and intervention. When you see 44 or any combination of 4’s you know the angels are surrounding and helping you with your situation.

Seeing a 44 is like finding a fluffy white feather. It’s a genuine “Hello” from the angels. You know you are protected and guided. After an upsetting incident I parked my car by the side of the road to recover and wipe my eyes. 6 cars drove by with number 44 on the registration plates! I knew that my angels were comforting me.

555 means that a big positive change is about to occur in your life. This change is likely to be something you’ve manifested and wanted for sometime. Call on your angels to guide you smoothly through the change and align you with positive energy so you can enjoy the process.

666 is a highly spiritual number asking you to take a spiritual and loving attitude to your material life in order to heal blocks to financial abundance and other physical life areas. Thoughts centred in fear are generated by your ego which may be guiding you off track and away from your highest good and life purpose. 66 is a number to alert you to come back into alignment with the Higher power and your angels.

Angel number 777 is a sign that you are on the right track and to keep doing what you are doing. See this as a cheering crowd of angels encouraging you to keep going with positivity and faith.

888 is a sign from the Angels that abundance is coming to you! 8’s remind you to stay connected to Source for all your material needs. Manifest from a place of prosperity thinking and gratitude rather than poverty, complaints, and lack.  888 can pop up when you’re thinking limiting thoughts and your angels are giving you a friendly nudge.

999’s signify completion and often come with a gentle angelic kick to the butt to GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE’s PURPOSE! You are a lightworker and you have angels and other spiritual guides who are there with you. have more power than you realize, stop making excuses and come back to the guidance of your soul! 9’s mean it is now time to act on your life purpose.

Angel number 000, this is a message from the Divine to connect through prayer. Use prayer to radically raise your vibration and requst Divine help. Your prayers will be heard and answered. You are one with this Source of intelligence and power. Do not give in to ego thoughts and fears about seperation. You are not alone.

What about mixed numbers like 505, or 123, or 411?

Are you repeatedly seeing number combinations? Combine the individual numerical meanings above to match the sequences you see, for instance 411 mean that your angels are asking you to pay attention to your thinking. You can now as them to help you to alter any beliefs or thoughts which create blocks in your life.

123 -1thoughts, 2manifesting and 3Spiritual guidance. 123 is a sign that your goal is attainable if you take one step at a time. Start by aligning your thoughts, invoking your spiritual team and take action in the physcal world.

505-Your big changes are possible if you stay connected with Source. Use prayer and positive intention to manifest the best outcome.

Numbers have a magic, energy and deep meaning within them and have been a part of Universal and spiritual symbolism throughout history. The tarot, numerology, spiritual texts, sacred geometry and even computers all use numbers.
You are always guided and you only need ask for Divine help to receive signs and messages.

What angel numbers are you noticing lately?

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Author based in Australia.

Rachel was saved from a potential car accident by a loud angelic voice instructing her to stop her car on a winding mountain road moments before the crash occurred. From that moment onwards angels intervened in her life leading her to the career she has now as a successful angel healer and guide for others. Rachel has written two books :My Life with Angels- How to access the Wisdom and Healing of the Angels, and Loving Your Sensitive Self- How to Protect and manage your energy as an empath
You can get in touch with Rachel at rachelscoltock.com.




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