Which Lightworker Stage Are You In?


When you are on a spiritual path, you can sometimes wonder where it is leading. But as you advance on the path, everything starts to make sense.

Living a soul guided life doesn’t happen overnight, it happens in stages and at each stage, you are being prepared for the next.

So which stage are you in?

The Awakening Lightworker– You have a spiritual awakening experience which leads you to realize that there is more to life than just the material and what you can see!

Your awakening experience is very personal and comes at the right moment in life to help you. There are several ways an awakening can occur: You suffer a big life change such as a personal loss, an accident or a health challenge which leads you to seek healing and a deeper meaning in life.

You have a spiritual experience such as a dream visitation, a life saving intervention or a vision which changes your perspective on life.

You suddenly notice signs, angel numbers, and synchronistic spiritual messages showing up for you.

These signs are not the “goal” they are an invitation from the Universe and Spirit to open up to the special guidance and healing that is waiting for you.

A positive spiritual teacher may come into your life or you might read an inspiring book which shifts your reality and encourages you to think differently.

You need to trust these loving signs and synchronicities, open your intuition and to allow yourself to learn more from trustworthy teachers and other sources.

The Light Seeker-During this stage you are on a quest of learning, self healing and discovery.

You feel called to spiritual books, courses, programs, seminars on the subject of spirituality and understanding yourself from a soul perspective.

When you set foot on the spiritual path your healing begins.

You start to let go of ego issues, negativity and past struggles. You may find yourself drawn to a healthier lifestyle and more positive mindset.

This is not a coincidence!

Your angels and guides are preparing you for the next stage in your life.

Very often you find yourself drawn to a certain teacher, author or healer who can guide you on your personal spiritual path.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears!

You’ll feel a deep pull to discover your own soul gifts, open to your intuition and communicate with your angels and guides so you can understand your guidance.

This is because you aren’t meant to give your power to teachers and gurus, but ultimately find the power and connection within yourself.

During this process you begin to understand your Divine Life Purpose and why you are here this lifetime.

(Seeking never really goes away for true lightworkers as we are all on a soul driven quest for enlightenment and to change the world)

The Lightworker- Your seeking leads you to your purpose.

You’ve heard the call to step into your role to work in the light and share your wisdom, healing and inner light with others.

At this stage you may be guided to take some professional training to strengthen your gifts.

You are no longer interested in working only for a salary or to advance on a heirachy.

You want to do something meaningful and fulfilling.

You know you are here to make a difference, to add more love and light to the world for the Highest good of all.

Not everyone has this calling which makes it hard for loved ones and friends to understand. This path is not always easy, but it is immensely fulfilling and you know that you need to follow your guidance.

You have a large team of guides and angels who are with you to help you to fulfill your Divine Purpose.

Lightworkers can be artists, creatives, authors, teachers, healers, psychics, and soul-driven entrepeneurs who set up their businesses to be of services to others. Lightworkers can also be undercover working in seemingly normal careers in government, beauty, health, retail, teaching, and corporate jobs but they use their Divine gifts for the greater good.

No matter what role they take, when they are doing “the work” lightworkers are uplifting to be around, they make the world a better place just by being in it.

Advanced Lightworker

Advanced lightworkers are highly ambitious with their spiritual mission. As they mature, they don’t step back but they get more motivated to share the light before their time is up!

They want to shift consciousness.  As trail blazers, they serve greater numbers, sometimes stepping into a more public role, other times they make an impact from behind the scenes.

Their high spiritual vibration makes a massive difference to the greater good. (as do all Lightworkers)

Advanced Lightworkers can become teachers and leaders, setting up foundations and institutions which spread love, light and spritual wisdom.

Every lightworker stage involves important personal soul-lessons that you need to learn to grow as well as more worldly lessons which serve your purpose. As you learn, you become a role model and inspiration for other emerging lightworkers.

You already knew when you incarnated that you’re here to polish your soul, whilst also being of service to others.You’ve brought deep wisdom from all your other lifetimes as a lightworker.

The lightworker journey is constantly evolving as you grow and learn. Your angelic team will guide you when it is time to make changes to your life. For example you may be a healer for many years and then evolve to teaching, writing or public speaking.

You may be an undercover lightworker for years and then find yourself drawn to serve in a different way as a healing therapist, artist or spiritual mentor.

More lightworkers are waking up and hearing their calling than ever before, because at this moment more light is needed.

If you’ve been feeling called to anyone of these stages, please don’t dismiss your guidance. 

Take this article as a nudge from your angels to “get to work” because the world needs your light!

Read more about Lightworkers(read about the 4 common fears of lightworkers here)

Which stage do you identify with? Please comment below

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Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium


*Please note that true lightworkers, spiritual teachers and healers come from peace and love. They will never give you fear, make themselves superior to you,  put you down, cause harm of any kind or teach you toxic beliefs.If anyone does that in your journey, walk (run) away! R x


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