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Have you ever wondered about your past lives and how they impact you today?

Do you wonder what you’re here to learn this lifetime?

While your body has an expiry date, your soul is eternal, and has lived many lifetimes, gathering wisdom through experiences.

Some of your lifetimes have been difficult, even traumatic. Others have been more peaceful, and smooth running.

With every experience your soul has learned important lessons.

You carry all of this hard earned wisdom within your soul to help you with this incarnation.

Some of your characteristics from other lifetimes remain with you in your present life. For instance if you were a compassionate healer in a past existence, your soul may choose to be a healer this time.

Your soul can also bring unhealed experiences into your present life to be resolved. These experiences are often called past life karma.

For instance, if you did not forgive someone who hurt you in the past, you may incarnate with that person again so you can forgive them this time around. You may have a karmic cord to the situation.

Sometimes we get stuck repeating the same lessons because we haven’t released the karmic cord.  The unresolved karma acts like an elastic band, continually drawing similar issues to us until we finally let go.

It’s not always about forgiving an old hurt. It could be releasing a fear or phobia, healing from a money issue, leaving an abusive relationship and finally discovering your self worth.

Spiritual lessons can follow us for many lifetimes. Delving into past lifetimes can help you to understand the lesson and release these cords.

So if you want to move past a challenge ask your angels  “What is the Spiritual Lesson I am supposed to be learning here?”

Work with the angels to cut the karmic cords to release all the trapped negativity. When you free yourself from a karmic cycle, your life heals and you never have to go through the same situation again!

The Archangel Raziel is the most powerful angelic guide for this process.

Who is Archangel Raziel?

The Archangel Raziel is the Angel who holds the knowledge of all your past lifetimes, the soul lessons you are currently learning and the purpose you came to fulfil..

Raziel is a huge Archangel with feathered wings, he looks like Gandalf, with a long white beard, and an aura of rainbow colours.

The name Raziel means “Mysteries or secrets of the Divine“. He carries a heavy leatherbound book in which he has written all of the laws of the Universe.

This book holds the Akashic records (the history of every soul and every lifetime each soul has lived). Raziel’s book is known as Sefer Raziel,

How To Work with Archangel Raziel?

  • Call on Archangel Raziel to help you understand your current spiritual lesson or to clear a major block in life that seems immovable
  • This may involve Raziel bringing a specific past or a present life memory to your awareness.
  • Invite Archangel Raziel when you want to understand a past life or find your soul purpose.
  • When you’re manifesting call on Archangel Raziel to teach you his Divine magic and add power to your manifestations!

Archangel Raziel rarely shows up as a guardian angel. He looks after and protects all the angels, but he will go to anyone who seeks his help He works through wise teachers and those with a willingness to move beyond their ego.

Signs of Archangel Raziel

  • Rainbows and large feathers are a sign of his presence.
  • He may appear in your dreams meditations as a monk in robes or a wizard with a long white beard.
  • Raziel may drop symbols into your mind or dreams such as a pyramid, or sacred geometric shapes.
  • You may notice a deep desire to learn and perhaps teach about metaphysics, psychic development, and manifesting.
  • You’ll find yourself attracted to highly spiritual information and repelled by shallow, fear inducing conversations.

How to Call on Archangel Raziel

To request his assistance- simply ask ” Archangel Raziel, I invoke your wise presence into my life. Please direct me to the information, guidance, and healing that can help me with ……”

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Attunement to Understand Past Lives Archangel Raziel


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