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Have you ever wondered about your past lives? Your soul’s wisdom and what you are meant to be learning this lifetime?

Do you think about why you have the habits, thoughts and experiences that are uniquely yours?

When you are stuck in a repeating pattern, or you feel desperate to change your situation then there’s an Archangel who can help you: Archangel Raziel.

Who is Archangel Raziel?

The Archangel Raziel is a higher realm Archangel whose presence will help you to understand who you are at a soul level.

He looks like an old Wizard or Guru with a long white beard and an imposing aura of rainbow colours. He works with the Rainbow Ray, using it to heal and instantly purify your aura.

This immense Archangel offers his healing energy and guidance to sincere light seekers, healers, teachers and those who want to understand their purpose and live a soul-guided life.

The name Raziel means “Mysteries of the Divine”. He carries a heavy leatherbound book in which he has written all of the secrets of the Universe which he learned by standing so close to the throne of the Divine.

This book holds knowledge of the Akashic records (the history of every soul) which makes him a valuable guide to understand your past lives.

The great book also contains all the Laws of the Universe. These Divine Laws rule everything in our world and make everything work perfectly.

Raziel helps us to understand, and work in alignment with the Divine Laws so we can live abundant, balanced and healthy lives as individuals and in harmony with the planet.

Why Work with Archangel Raziel?

This Divine Archangel is perfect to work with when you are so ready to let go of repeating toxic patterns. He will help you recognise the core of your problem and guide you to release it. This may involve remembering a past life or a present life memory.  This is a powerful and fast way to delete old negative programming.

When you feel stuck in life, it maybe because of an unhealed karmic wound from another lifetime. If this is the case Archangel Raziel will safely help you to heal the challenge and understand the lesson you are currently learning.

At other times Raziel may bring forth wisdom that you learned in other lives so you can use it now.

You can ask for Raziel’s help to hear your Divine guidance more clearly, gain deeper insights, understand metaphysical information, and open your clairvoyance.

As a Divine Teaching Angel he will show you step by step so you can absorb the knowledge and grow from the experience.

If you ask, Archangel Raziel will teach you the metaphysical information that you most need to know at this moment.

This includes Divine Magic- the art of manifesting, understanding your Soul’s path, the lessons you are currently learning and how to fulfil your purpose this lifetime.

Archangel Raziel a rarely shows up as a guardian angel. He looks after and protects all the angels, but he will go to anyone who seeks higher knowledge and enlightenment. He works through wise teachers and those with high integrity and a willingness to get past their egos.

Signs of Archangel Raziel

This powerful angel often appears with huge wings and intense rainbow light radiating outwards so unsurprisingly rainbows are a sign of his presence.

He may appear in your meditations as a monk in robes, or a wizard with a long white beard. He holds a book, a lantern and a staff all of which can show up as signs of his presence.

Raziel may drop symbols into your mind such as a pyramid, or other sacred geometric shapes, these symbols have an energy frequency which help you to raise your vibration and understand wisdom.

When Archangel Raziel comes into your life you will notice a deep desire to learn and perhaps teach about metaphysics, psychic development, healing, angels and manifesting.

You’ll find yourself attracted to highly spiritual information and find you are no longer interested in shallow of fear inducing material and conversations.

When to Call on Archangel Raziel

Invite Archangel Raziel to connect with you when you need to clear a major block in life that seems immovable. You will better understand your path. He may take you back to a past life to release some unhealed karma.

When you need deeper guidance with your spiritual path, calling on Archangel Raziel will lead you forward and teach you what you need to know.

When you’re manifesting call on Archangel Raziel to teach you some Divine magic to add strength to your manifestations!

If you’re looking to enhance your own psychic abilities, invoke him to develop your spiritual gifts & raise your frequency to a spiritual level.

For those who feel held back in some way, Raziel can break down barriers to get you onto the right path. There’s no puzzle he can’t help you solve!

This Friday I am holding a special  Archangel Raziel event. I will guide you through a past life meditation with this powerful Archangel to heal and retreive knowledge. 

I will take you through a healing to clear and activate your psychic energy centres wtih the Rainbow Ray

And I will teach you some Divine Magic I learned from Archangel Raziel!

Find out more here: https://rachelscoltock.com/webinar-psychic-activation/

With Love and Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium




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