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Have you felt extra sensitive, drained, or unusually anxious lately?

You are not alone!

As a lightworker (a spiritually driven soul with a healing purpose) you have a heightened awareness of energy, spirit and other non-physical forces.

Your increased sensitivity means that you have a strong empathy and intuition which are your lightworker superpowers.

But at certain times it can all get a little too much and you need extra support.

This is especially true when:

  • You’ve absorbed too much fear and harsh lower energies from others.
  • You are over-giving and not receiving nearly enough.( AKA undercharging and overdelivering)
  • Your sensitive system is bringing your attention to changes that you to need to make in your life. (and you’re ignoring them)
  • There are intense astrological and global shifts magnifying the collective energy.

Right now, you could be impacted by all four of these!

Which means it is vitally important that you seek support for yourself and your energy and correct any energy deficits.

Many lightworkers, feel solely responsible for healing the planet, their clients, communities, including friends, loved ones and strangers.

This causes you to overgive and under-receive creating an energy deficit, for example; many lightworkers with spiritual businesses undercharge and overdeliver. They feel guilty promoting their services or asking for money.

I have also noticed that so many sensitive souls are  suffering in varying degrees from fear fatigue from taking on the pain and suffering of others.. This shows up as a very low vibrational energy which clogs your energy system leaving you feeling tired, drained and emotional

Clairvoyantly this appears as a ‘thick grey fog’ in your energy field. This fog can bring you down and push away your clients, repell abundance and other manifestations.

Short term you can start to feel better with angelic healing and cord cutting to clear your energy and raise your vibration.

However long- term, you need to engage strategies that allow you to feel supported as you support others.

  • Regularly cleanse and protect your energy to minimize the “fear fog” seeping into your energy.
  • Call Archangel Michael to help you release the cords and pain you’re carrying for others.
  • Remember you are not meant to do your Lightwork alone. You are supported and guided by a team of angels and guides. Ask for and accept angelic and human help.
  • Release toxic guilt about acccepting gifts, help and money.
  • Surround yourself with like minds, generous souls and people who support your dreams. Your life is the result of the 5 people you spend the most time with! People who drag you down, shrug off your concerns and can’t clap when you win, will hold you back.
  • Expand your willingness to receive to adequately balance how much you giveout to the world. (Take more time off, increase your pricing for your services and products, find ways for other people to support you.)
  • Exercise, bathe in salt water baths, go outside in nature often to naturally release stress and attachments.
  • Turn your worries into prayers. Worry is draining, prayer will recharge you and attract solutions.
  • Join my monthly Archangel Attunement Events a regular group  intensive clearing and healing for lightworkers. Go here for the next event.

Here are 5 ways I can support you to fulfil your Purpose


-Sign up to the upcoming Archangel Attunement Event HERE these events are designed to support Lightworkers

-Read my Book Loving Your Sensitive Self-A Guide to Managing and Protecting Your Energy

To clear your aura you can use the deep angelic clearing or cord cutting meditations from the free Angel Library

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Spiritual Teacher, and Author

Photo credit Ussama -Azam Ozj Unsplash



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