I Trust Your Intuition, Do You?

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Do you trust your intutiion?

I do.

Yes, I have one hundred percent trust in your intuition!

I can confidently say this because over the past 18 years I’ve learnt that people always have the answers within them.

The real problem is that most people just don’t trust this wisdom.

They dismiss, ignore and second guess it so much it can’t get through.

Add to that layers of fear energy, and a loud ego voice & you pretty much drown out the poor intuition.

Think about a time where you made a decision that you now regret… wasn’t there a part of you that knew at the time?

The part of you that knew is your soul, it never sleeps and it’s always speaking to you.

This unfailing well of inner wisdom throws messages up into your consciousness all the time:

In dreams and day dreams, through thoughts and feelings and mini movies.

When you learn to recognise this wise inner voice, you will trust it easily.

😇You’ll resolve problems and shift yourself out of challenges and confusion quickly.
😇You’ll make decisions for your highest good in any moment.
😇You will easily find the path to your purpose and your heart’s desires.
😇& You’ll effortlessly connect with your angels & the Divine Universe for more detailed signs and guidance. .

You tap into your true guidance by asking the right questions and  learning to recognise what is and is not REAL guidance.

It’s also important to clear the psychic, mental and emotional clutter in your mind and energy field.

Fear is kryptonite to intuition.

Your fear’s and other peoples.

I promise that the answers you need are all there within you and I can help you to unlock them.

Learn to tap into your soul’s voice this week by joining the Psychic Activation with Archangel Raziel.

In this 90 minute online class I am going to guide you through 2 deep meditations to release limits and fears which block your intuition. One is a past life meditation which will guide you to visit a past lifetime to release present life challenges.

The other is a clearing to activate your psychic channels and open your inner wisdom. I will also teach you about how to work with amazing Archangel Raziel to clear self sabotaging patterns and blocks so you can move forward.

Book here

Angel Blessings
Rachel x

PS My next program Awaken Your Soul Gifts is open for enrolment. This 4 week Intuition Awakening program is a deep dive into giving you the practical experience, tools healing and knowledge so you can strengthen and trust your intuition and understand your next steps.

Learn to decipher between the ego voice and your intuition, how to connect with your angels and how to step into your true awakened soul- self!

Awaken Your Soul Gifts starts June 2022. Go here to find out more. or send me a message.

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