Close your eyes for a moment and imagine total peace in your life.

Visualise yourself rested, having enough money to pay bills with plenty to spare and share, having space and time to achieve your goals and to spend time with loved ones. Imagine feeling good about yourself and your life.

How does that feel?
Focusing on having and being enough allows your nervous system to calm down which is a win in itself!

It also tunes you into the vibration of Higher Consciousness.

To consistently reach this frequency you need to become aware of, release and transmute the negativity that you hold within your mind and energy field.

Negative energies come from painful experiences, beliefs and thoughts that really drag you down. Maybe you believe that you are not good enough, or past memories of hurt and struggle are playing in your mind.

All this fear, suffering and emotional hurt can swamp your mind and aura and keep long term happiness at a distance.

Transmutation is an energy therapy term that means to transform lower negative energies into higher Divine energies. 

You transmute by consistently using spiritual practices like gratitude, energy therapy, meditation and working with Angels.

Angelic beings bring the gift of transmutation, they can take any lower energy from you such as a traumatic memory, a conflict, a painful thought (other people’s negative vibes) and transform this energy and it’s root cause using the Highest energy of Divine Love to dissolve it.

This works as long as you are willing to let it go.

Part of your soul’s work is to willingly release negative vibrations, memories, karmic patterns, thoughts and experiences and replace them with the higher frequencies of the Divine Presence.

This completely transforms your life.

Your raised vibration gives you a sparkle in your eyes, and a spring in your step. allows you to attract what you need. You effortlessly feel connected with the Divine and your Angels and your life flows with synchronicity and magic.

Here is a simple technique you can use to begin to transmute anything that you know is lowering your vibe:

Call on Archangel Michael- who radiates the brightest cobalt blue light of the Divine: 
Archangel Michael in the name of the Divine (God) and according to my highest Divine Self I now ask to be surrounded by the Impenetrable Blue Sacred Light to Protect and Heal me. (See yourself in a column of Blue and White Light)
Then Focus on some situation that you know is creating negativity within you.

Say x 3 – Archangel Michael I now ask that you remove and transmute this ( say what it is) Please replace it with Divine Love and only Divine Love.

Repeat: I AM one with Divine LOVE 3 or more times OR ‘I AM that I AM”

Then breathe deeply, see negative energy as grey & black clouds or lumps of dark energy breaking apart and dissolving within the column of light with Archangel Michael’s help.

Allow any images, thoughts and guidance to come that may show you information about this energy and why it is there.

Thank Archangel michael and ask him to stay with you if you’d like.
If you spend 10 minutes each morning or evening giving ARchangel michael energies to transmute your life will improve day by day.

Transmutation and Energy Therapy is the work that I do in My Soul Clarity Sessions. You can book a Soul Clarity Session with me


Watch this week’s Video Message and  learn more about Connecting with the Frequency of Prosperity HERE

Rachel Scoltock is an Energy Therapy Expert, Angel Medium and Author


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