How to Ask Your Guardian Angel for Help

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Today I want to put you back in touch with your guardian angel and share with you why it’s so important to regularly ask your guardian angels for their help.

Sometimes your G.A.’s get overlooked in favor of the Archangels.

Your personal guardian angel helps and supports you in multiple ways and you probably don’t even realize it.

You’ve been assigned a guardian angel for a good reason; to be your personal guide and spiritual companion through life.

Not employing your guardian angel’s help is like trying to get through life with one hand tied behind your back, you would manage, but wouldn’t it just be easier to use what God gave you?

How Your Guardian Angel Can Help You

Everyone has guardian angels.

Yes, even if you aren’t spiritual or you don’t believe in them!

They never leave your side from the moment you are born until the time you cross over at the end of your life and beyond.

Your guardian angel watches over you for your whole lifetime.

By directly asking for their intervention with anything in your life,  you can strengthen the bond you already have and ultimately make your life so much easier.

Your guardian angel can help you in multiple ways including:

Helping you to handle life’s challenges

Strengthening your spiritual beliefs and your beleif in yourself,

Releasing the stress and bringing more fun into your life,

Lowering the fear, anxiety and negativity in your life and increasing peace, happiness and positivity.

Giving you the confidence to feel safe whereever you go

Helping you to make life easier like finding a good parking space, hiring great help, finding lost objects.

Assisting you in acheving your life goals like finding your soul mate, fulfiling your purpose or changning your career.

Giving you signs and arranging synchronistic meetings

Getting to know your Guardian Angel

Guardian angel energy is pure love and white light which you will sense as soon as you invite their intervention.

They are already helping you by constantly whispering guidance, buffering you against harm and comforting you when you are sad. They help you to dodge challenges and accidents and gently guide you on your true soul path.

Guardian angels have a more subtle presence than the archangels, but that doesn’t make them any less powerful.

The more you ask for their help, the stronger your connection will become and you will sense their presence more easily.

The quintessential sign that your G.A. is with you is a fluffy white feather on your path.

Other signs include: A warm touch on your arm, face or back, a wave of pure love energy, a glimpse of a spark or orb white light.

You may hear celestial music, capture a scent of roses or baked cookies or meet your guardian angel in a memorable and emotional dream.

How To Ask Your Guardian Angels for Help

You can start to make your life happier and easier right now by asking your guardian angel for help with something small.

A few things to remember:

Asking your Guardian angel aloud or in writing is much more effective that simply thinking of your request.

Your voice has a unique sound frequency which is recognised by your guardian angel. When you write and speak you are less likely to get distracted and lose the thread of thought.

In emergencies or if you’re in a crowded are you can still whisper or mentally ask but I wouldn’t reecommend doing it that way all the time.

Keep the requests positive: Try to ask for what you want to happen, rather than what you don’t want to happen.

Similarly, you can’t ask for the angels to control or change anyone, do harm or bring you anything that wouldn’t be for your highest and best good.

So those prayers will go unanswered. Sometimes rejection is protection!

Try not to control how the help arrives or how long it should take. Just ask for the best outcome that exceeds your expectations. Be patient while staying open and optimistic.

Guardian angels are all about kindness, compassion, peace. As messengers of the Divine, they can only work to bring you what you want in a benevolent & loving way.

Generally you can only ask your guardian angels to help you with your life but you can ask for guidance about how you can assist other people.

However, you can request the Archangels to go to the side of those in need and pray for their highest and best good.

There is no limit to how many times you ask for help in a day but I suggest starting small and building up to avoid overwhelming yourself.

The most important aspect is that you DO ASK for your GA to help you and then stay detached from how the miracle comes.

Finally; always say Thank you Angels! When your prayer comes to fruition. Not only is it polite but your gratitude benefits you by making you more receptive to even more GA love and miracles!

Here is a simple Guardian Angel Prayer:

Guardian Angel Please help me to bring about the Highest and Best Outcome in this situation.. then describe the situation. 


Guardian Angel please help me with …… Thank you.

Or in emergencies: Guardian Angel Help! 

You can also ask your Guardian Angel to give you a sign.

Guardian Angels, thank you so much for sending me a clear sign of your presence. 

Keep in touch

I’d love to hear from you in the comments about how your requests are answered!

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium

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