How to Ask Your Guardian Angel for Help

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Have you ever wondered HOW to ask your angels for their help and what kind of things you can ask for help with?

The first thing to know is that you do have guardian angels, everyone does.

And you ARE allowed to ask your angels for help!

You’ve been given at least 2 guardian angels to be your personal guides, protectors, healers, and spiritual companion for your entire life.

Your guardian angels already help you a lot without you even realizing, but when you actually ask for their help they can help you at a deeper and more perceptible level.

This is because angels are ruled by the spiritual Law of Free Will.

This means that they cannot intervene in your life unless it is a life and death situation before your time OR  if you ask!

Your angels love it when you ask them to help you!

You don’t need to earn their kindness, they are a gift from the Divine.

Please let go of any guilt or fear about requesting and receiving Divine assistance.

You were never meant to do it all alone. It’s why you have angels!

Think about it this way: Not asking your guardian angel to help is a little like trying to live your life with one arm tied behind your back; you could manage, but wouldn’t it just be easier to use what God gave you?

What exactly can you ask your angel for help with?

You can sincerely ask for your angels help with anything that would improve your life, as long as it does not harm anyone and doesn’t encroach on another person’s free will.

They won’t help you to do anything illegal, immoral, or unhealthy! Saying that, they can and will help you with anything, big or small, that would bless and prosper you.

Your angels part of your team, they’re with you to help you to fulfil your soul path and ultimately bring peace and wisdom to you.

They aren’t here to control you, they simply nudge you in the right direction, send instructions (guidance), line up synchronicities and signs, open doors and drop inspiration into your mind.

Why do your angels want to help you? Because it contributes to the positive energy on earth and it fulfils Divine will. When you are peaceful and fulfilled then you become a force of good for others on the planet. (AKA an earth angel)

So don’t be afraid to ask for and accept their help.

Here are some examples of what you can ask for: 

  • Material assistance: Ask your angels help with your material life including money, relationships, career, health and every day things such as parking spaces and getting to an appointment on time.
  • Problems and Pain: You can request angelic intervention and support with problems, conflict, fears, and past pain.
  • Mindset: Angels  love to help you to uplift your mind and release negativity because they see how much stress holds you back.
  • Healing and Health:  Ask for healing and to be guided to the right practitioner or information that you need to heal.
  • Spirituality: Angels will help you with your spiritual path, boosting your faith and your belief in yourself,
  • Mental Health: Release fear, anxiety and depression in your life and increase your peace, happiness and positivity.
  • Safety: You can request your angels to protect your energy, your loved ones, your home, business and any travel arrangements.
  • Searching: Helping you to make life easier like finding a lost objects, hiring great help, choosing gifts.
  • Life Goals: such as finding your soul mate, fulfilling your purpose or Changning your career.
  • Loved ones: Ask your angels to help and heal loved ones or to connect you to those who have passed.

The list is endless.

If you are struggling with anything ask for their help.

How your angels respond to your prayers and requests

When you invite angelic intervention you can be assured that they go to work immediately on your behalf.  You don’t need to figure out what exact help you need, or how it will all work out. It’s better that you don’t because it’s beyond what your human mind can fathom.

After asking your angels for help with something you may feel calmer, more relaxed or detect a lighter energy around you. They may also send you a sign such as a fluffy feather. Learn more information about the signs of angels here

It’s important to be patient, set aside expectations, and to not try to dictate HOW the angels should assist you.

When you try to control the outcome you block your angels from helping you!

You might receive immediate help, or you may receive signs, synchronicities and guidance that lead you step by step to your end-goal.

Your angels are always working in the background. Quietly helping you with whispered guidance, signs and nudging you along the best path for you. They subtly protect you against harm helping you to dodge accidents.

When you give them permission to intervene they’re able to help you at a deeper more obvious level. Their guidance and signs become clearer, more easy to understand and notice.  

Once you have asked it is important that you do not push away any signs, guidance, or synchronicities that you receive.

Remember that Angels can only help you if you are willing to receive their assistance and walk through any “doors” that open for you!

How To Ask Your Guardian Angels for Help

You can start to make your life happier and easier right now by asking your guardian angel for help with something small.

Starting small will allow you to build your confidence and faith.

Here are some simple Angel Prayers:

Dear Guardian Angel, Please help me to bring about the Highest and Best Outcome in this situation.. ( describe the situation. )


Guardian Angel, thank you for helping me with .(fill in the blank be as detailed as you want).

Or in emergencies: Guardian Angel Help Me!

Your angels will often validate your prayer with a sign.

But you can also ask your Guardian Angel to send you a sign:

Guardian Angels, thank you so much for sending me a clear, easy to understand sign of your presence today. Show me that you heard my prayer.

A few things to remember:

Asking your Guardian angel aloud or in writing is much more effective that simply thinking of your request.

Your voice has a unique sound frequency which is recognised by your guardian angel. When you write and speak you are less likely to get distracted and lose the thread of thought.

If you don’t feel comfortable asking aloud, whisper or mentally pray for their assistance.

Try not to control how the help arrives or how long it should take. Just ask for the best outcome that exceeds your expectations.

Be patient while staying open and optimistic.

The most important aspect is that you DO ASK for your guardian angel to help you and then stay detached from how the miracle comes.

Finally; Remember to say: Thank you Angels! 

Angel Blessings

Rachel x

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