Do your Dreams Seem Out of Reach ?

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When your manifestations seem delayed or out of reach!

Have you been asking the Divine for SOMETHING OR SOMEONE for what seems like centuries without success? Or maybe you are praying for a healing in a relationship, your health or at work and with every passing day the situation worsens.

What am I doing wrong you wonder? How can I attract the abundance, love and peace I long for?

You are probably great at manifesting some items but others, not so much!
On certain days, you can manifest without getting out of bed, you synchronize with everything on your to-do list and find $20 on the street but still, the fairy carrying your big wish has gotten delayed somewhere!

The most elusive wishes are usually the deeply meaningful ones that you have a strong emotional attachment to. This is where the deepest spiritual lesson and soul growth is, and this is why you need to engage your heart and soul in the process and rather than feel as if you have done something wrong. You haven’t done anything wrong but it maybe that you need to make a change to activate your abundance again!

Consider that the Universe may be asking for you to make the next move!

Everything in your life is an opportunity to learn, especially the toughest relationships and the most elusive challenging goals. Your soul has chosen these situations to help you to grow. This really means that you might need to change something about yourself and let go of the behaviors, ideas, and habits which hold your soul back.

The primary reason you exist is to grow and everything is a spiritual lesson including manifesting your big dreams

So consider the absence of what you desire as a Holy and Divine sign that it is time to deeply change something within you that could be holding you back.

Once you become aware of your blind spot and make the change, you will align easily with what you desire. The only reason you have not got it yet is that you are not yet who you need to be to have it.

I am not suggesting that you need to be inauthentic or to give up, but you are being asked to step beyond your comfort zone, to expand your consciousness and to grow deeply and meaningfully.

Manifesting is really about alignment, what happens outside is always a reflection of what is inside. Look at your challenging situation as a mirror reflecting what you need to know back at you!

Hint: Your soul wants you to grow, your ego wants to keep your small so look at your fears and your limitations first

Years ago I really wanted to move from a rural property to a beach house. I asked and asked but nothing ever seemed to come to fruition. I had lots of animals and though I loved them I was worn out from running a business and taking care of a large property and all the animals all by myself. Finally one day I let go, I asked the angels to help me to let go of my live stock to a good home so I could be free to move.  I released my guilt and boom within 3THREE weeks, I had moved and my animals were fostered with a very lovely lady. I finally let go of my fear based hold on how my life was, to allow for a new solution to come in.

Ask yourself, What do I need to change so that I can fully align with what I want?

Do you need to let go of guilt, fear or a limiting belief which is holding you back?

Is childhood trauma or a difficult relationship stopping you from believing in yourself?

Do you need to start a gratitude practice to help bring more happiness, hope and presence into your life?

Are you on hold, waiting to be happy and putting off happiness and pleasure until the “thing” happens or someone saves you? Maybe you need to let go and start living NOW!

Is it time to give up an unhealthy habit of negative thinking or a costly habit, so you can welcome in new abundance and love?

Do you need to commit to your goals, by showing up every day, meditating, writing your goal journal and praying for guidance?

Are you carrying resentment for past hurts and challenges?Is it time to heal and let go of those past experiences so you can welcome in the new?

Do you need to stop being so independant and reach out for help, support or advice?

Are you burning the candle at both ends and need to get some proper rest and recharge your energy?

Maybe it’s time to put yourself first, and stop giving your power and all your energy away to others?

Do you need to surrender control and be more open to guidance from the Divine- like with my example, your own fear and control could be closing you down to a solution!

The angels are here for you but they can’t do all the work. If you are in a bit of a huff with the Divine for not dropping off your million bucks, soul mate and assorted items earlier then consider looking at what fear is hiding underneath this sabotage.

Still stuck? The most powerful action you can take is to ASK your angels to show you what you need to know, do or change.

You only need to be willing to change to start to see a big difference and get the abundance flowing in your life again. It is my experience from my own life and working with 1000’s clients over the past 15 years, that when you are willing to make the change and let go of self-sabotaging behaviors and beliefs, then the Universe opens the floodgates!

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Angel blessings  and have a great week

Rachel Scoltock x

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel channel, Intuitive Energy Therapist, Transformational Teacher and author of two books: Loving Your Sensitive Self- A guide for empaths, and My Life with Angels: How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels.
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Angel blessings!

Rachel Scoltock x
Rachel Scoltock is an Angel channel, Intuitive Energy Therapist, Transformational Teacher and author of two books: Loving Your Sensitive Self- A guide for empaths, and My Life with Angels: How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels.
Contact Rachel at

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