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Is it time to start trusting Divine Orchestration & the power of synchronicity to help make your dreams come true?

We so often get caught up in HOW our desires are going to work out.

Worrying about how can make you feel as if what you want isn’t going to happen, but that simply isn’t true.

It will happen but you have to leave the details up to the power of Divine Orchestration.

You may not know exactly how you are going to make your dreams come true, but if you stall putting your dreams out into the Universe until you DO know, then you will waste a lot of time spinning your mental wheels and going no-where.

It’s exhausting to live this way!

As George Michael repeatedly reminded us : You Gotta Have Faith.

Faith is the most important ingredient because without it, you give up before the miracle occurs.

Your fear-mind will make up a million reasons why you should put off your dreams, or not even bother trying.

Which is why you have to decide right now, to stop listening to your fears and doubts. The mental ticker tape running through your mind is not wisdom or intuition.

It’s an outdated recording of everything negative you’ve ever heard or made up playing over and over again.

It gets really loud when you start to want to change.

To counteract this you must keep your mind focused on the outcome of what you want. Remind yourself that the Universe wants to bring you what you want.

The Divine planted that desire within you!

Stay tuned into the big powerful Universe, knowing it is on your side whilst keeping space in your heart for the path to show up!

Your dream is a seed which is about to sprout in an unexpected way.

If you allow doubt to take over, then it’s like pouring weedkiller on your seed  before it’s even had a chance to break through the ground.

A negative or defeatist attitude closes the paths of  possibility, leaving you in limbo and your seed frozen in the earth!

A hopeful and expectant mind creates fertile ground,  allowing the Divine to create a pathway for your desire to come to you!

Your only job is to remain open to signs and guidance, and keep watering the seeds with affirmations, visualisation and prayer!

Get excited each time a sign appears or a door opens knowing that this is synchronicity, guiding you forward.

Please don’t give up on your deepest desires.  The way will be shown to you and when it is, take action without hesitation!


Today is the anniversary of the passing of Dr Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay. I’ve often longed for their presence and wisdom this year . Here is the  blog I wrote on this day 5 years ago in tribute to Dr Wayne Dyer you can read it here

The words are so poignant for today on so many levels. It was exactly what I needed to read today, but I believe you may need to read it too!

Watch this week’s video reading here

Love and Blessings Rachel Scoltock x

Ps Keep your mind and your vibe high and book in for the Archangel Michael Webinar here




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