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Can you believe I used to be a Civil Servant?

Yep for over a decade!

Everyone told me it was a “good job” but deep down I knew it wasn’t where I was meant to be!

Looking back there were a few signs that I was in the wrong place:

👀I was always in trouble for wearing bohemian clothes and dangly earrings. (I got sent home a few times)
👀I was often reprimanded for being too kind to customers
👀I got sick A LOT (which often made me late and in more trouble)
👀I was always being sent on courses for confidence, assertiveness and time management.
👀My bosses suggested I wear fake glasses to look older and more authoritative.
👀I was fired on the spot for taking compassionate leave. (I won my unfair dismissal case and was reinstated)

I just didn’t fit in!

In those days I often wondered if there was something wrong with me! I felt like a failure and not good enough in almost every area.

If I could go back in time, I would give my younger self a big hug and a permission slip to leave.

I would tell her “There’s NOTHING wrong with you!”
and your true life purpose is AMAZING!

Thankfully after years of learning what I didn’t want, I took the time to find my Divine Llfe purpose!

And I found it!

Actually I was guided to it by my angels.

Nowadays as an Angel Medium I rock my dangly earrings and boho outfits every day if I want to!

Being creative, intuitive and loving is part of my job.

No one wants me to change to fit in.

I start my working day according to my body clock.

AND I never feel the lack of confidence, anxiety and utter exhaustion that comes with trying to be someone I am not.

I am free.

Are you ready to discover your Divine Life purpose and finally align your life with who you really are?

I can help you to uncover the guidance steps & release your blocks to finding a fulfilling, supportive, loving and aligned path!

It all starts with connecting with your true (Higher Self).
One easy step you can take today is to sign up for the for the Angel Communication Program
There is only 1 more day to sign up for this transformation. It’s fun, healing and very insightful. Doors close tomorrow. There is room for 2 more! Email me if you need more information about th program , the dates or the payment plan.  ($1999 AUD or $397AUD  deposit  converts to approx $1500 USD 999GBP)

PS Hit reply if you need more information about this program , the dates or the payment plan.

PPS My rates are going up on July 1 due to GST. This is a great time to book your spot if you want to save $200AUD


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