Have you ever seen an angel orb?

Orbs are a very powerful spiritual sign that angels are with you and making themselves known to you.

These distinct floating spheres of light often appear in photographs, videos, and even in real life as a sign of the presence of an angel, or another spiritual being such as a deceased loved one.

When an orb shows up it is a gift of comfort, validation, and healing. It may be accompanied by a physical or emotional response such as goosebumps, tears, or tingles and a sense that you are not alone!

You may have an intuitive knowing or feeling that something or someone is reaching out to you from the Spiritual realm.

The appearance of an orb is not something to fear. It’s a sign that your angels want to make a deep connection with you.

If you see an orb, simply say thanks for the gift. Try not to second guess  or overanalyse this amazing event.

Guardian angel orbs show up as pure white light. Archangels reveal themselves as larger, multi-coloured orbs, arcs and other shapes.

Sometimes your deceased loved on can show up as an orb of light too! Read 5 signs your loved one is with you.

The layers, colours and different shapes of orbs can give you insight to the angelic beings who deliver these signs to you.

The reason for a recent increase in the appearance of orbs is that the collective human frequency is rising.

More people are becoming intuitively aware of the presence of angels and are connecting to spiritual beings. Many are experiencing spiritual awakenings that open their chakras and psychic centres to sense spiritual energy.

Cameras have become more sensitive to pick up on these high frequencies of energy.

Orbs can show up in photographs taken when there is a strong spiritual energy present.  I’ve seen images packed with thousands of orbs clustered together taken at my retreat at the sacred site of Uluru in central Australia.

Clients have sent me a CCTV footage of many orbs dashing around a room.

A friend took a photo of her family a few days after her mother passed away, and a large orb of white showed up beside her in the picture.

I have photos from a music event with thousands of orbs floating above the heads of the audience. The artist is a very spiritual person and I believe his energy attracts a higher vibratio

I captured some archangel orb photos on a my walks and hiking trips to places with strong spiritual energy. (see below)

What does it mean to see orbs?

Orbs are a spiritual sign of the presence of angels and deceased loved ones in your life.

They show up to let you know that they’re with you and invite you to connect more deeply with them!

The angels may be comforting you, reaching out to heal you, bring you guidance or increase your faith in their presence.

The orbs relating to deceased loved ones are comforting and they remind you that you are not alone, your loved one is still with you.

You may see orbs because your psychic awareness is opening. You can see them with your physical eyes on a photograph, but you can also develop your clairvoyance to see & sense orbs without a camera.

One of the first signs that your visual intuitive channel is opening is catching a glimpse of a white flash of light in the corner of your eye.

With practice you may graduate to see angels in your minds-eye or with your physical eyes.

As you develop your connection with the Archangels you may see orbs or sparkles of coloured light, depending on the Archangel.

When I am teaching or doing an angel reading,  or teaching my Angel classes angels sometimes reveal themselves as a glowing orb beside my client, which can open up to reveal a full angel before closing again.

Understanding What Your Orb Means

Orbs are usually a sign that gives you comfort and a “Hello” from Heaven.

I’m sent a lot of angel orb photographs! Most people want to know what I sense or feel about them.

I can’t tune in and answer every request. If you want me to read your orb photograph or answer questions, you need to book a reading with me

I always want to tell them that the orb was sent to them for a personal reason. If you have seen or captured an or it’ s more important to trust what YOU feel and what you thought when you first received it. Trust your intuition!

What was going on in your life right then? What were you struggling with and praying for when the orb (or other sign) showed up?

Your angels are always whispering in your ear and sending you messages and amazing signs including orbs. You can learn to develop your intuitive and psychic gifts to connect more deeply to your angels guidance. (My programs and classes are ALL about communicating with angels)

When you capture an orb in a photograph the orb colours will help you to understand what your particular orb means. (see my guide below)

You may notice how your ego immediately wants to dismiss the orb as imagination, coincidence, or random camera glitches. Try not to overthink it. Be open.

A Guide to Angel Orbs and their Colours:

White Orbs: Most orbs are white, and white orbs are likely a sign of your guardian angels. These large bright orbs often show up hovering over a person’s shoulder or beside them in photographs. When you look closely they may contain shapes or other orbs within them.

Multi-layered and coloured orbs show multiple angels and archangels. The angels use light orbs as a vehicle to visit our dimension. Orbs can also contain a “package” of healing energy, guidance, or wisdom. Very often they’re just a sign, a message of the presence of an angel in your life.

White, grey/blue or whitish-blue orbs can relate to a deceased loved on in spirit. These are often found in family photographs, after the passing of a close loved one or at a family gathering.

Bright royal blue orbs relate to Archangel Michael, the angel of protection and courage. Archangel Michael is showing his presence and may be warning you to stay safe. Call on him and protect your energy and pay attention to any guidance. I often see a blue orb or flash when I am traveling and about to encounter an accident, police, or hazard.

Emerald green orbs relate to archangel Raphael the healing angel. You may have Archangel Raphael with you if you are unwell and in need of healing or if you are a healer.

Dark teal orbs (see image below) reveal Archangel Fehliel the angel of forests and animals. He may show up to reveal his presence and your connection to nature.

Rainbow orbs or Arcs denote incredibly high spiritual energy coming from the Archangel realm such as Archangel Monasterial the Archangel of sacred places. Archangel Raziel the angel of spiritual teachings. Raziel’s wings are rainbow light and he will send rainbows and orbs to connect you to a higher frequency.

Gold Orbs– Archangel Uriel the angel of wisdom and guidance. Gold is very much a color relating to the Ascended Master Jesus too.

Violet Orbs– Archangel Zadkiel the carrier of the violet flame with Holy Amethyst and St Germaine.

Royal Purple/Gold Archangel Metatron- the Ascension Angel (Also Archangel Michael)

Bright Pink and Gold– Archangel Ariel, the angel of abundance nature, and clairvoyance (see my photos below)

What about the “glare” in photo’s?

Some arcs and orbs are simply a glare side effect of taking photos in certain light – there is usually no spiritual feeling with some of these effects. However, this is not always true, some glare created orbs are in fact angel orbs. It doesn’t matter HOW the orb got on your camera, what is important is the message and the angel energy that you feel as a result of it.

The most important message your angels want you to know is that when an orb appears, it means that you have attracted more angels to be with you. You have angels on your side!

How to Attract Orbs

Angel orbs show up uninvited as an unexpected gift of Grace from your angels. It’s often a much needed sign which brings healing and comfort for you.

You can’t control the Divine and the angels and how and when they deliver signs, but you can increase your openness to them.

You can ask your angels to show themselves to you as orbs, ask with a humble, open heart and mind. Invite the angels to join you in nature where it is easier to sense and interact with the vibration of Spirit.

Your emotional state is important, focus on feeling joy, calm and peace.

Set an intention to connect with angels and to be in a soul aligned state. invite the angels to come to you and then meditate. Experiment by invoking different angels on different days and asking for their assistance with your life.

Don’t invoke an angel just to post an orb photo on Instagram or prove how spiritual you are. This is an egoic reason for connecting with angels and won’t work!

When you’re out in nature and you want a photo your phone or camera and gently ask the angels and archangels to show themselves to you. This is what I did before taking the 4 nature photos below. The angels appeared without asking in the first 2.

Angels are with you to bring you peace, healing, and guidance. To bring your life into alignment with your soul purpose.

When you make your intention to accept their guidance and presence in your life, they will happily do all they can to increase your faith and with that comes more signs, healing miracles & orbs!

Have you seen an orb lately? Let me know in the comments or share it on my Instagram DM’s or comment on one of my posts@rachelscoltockangelmedium

If you want me to “read” the orb or find out what it means, then please book a reading with me and include the photograph or video in the email. I receive a lot of orb photos and I cannot possibly tune into all of them.

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Author

Would you like to learn about angels and how to see and receive more of their signs and messages? Are you ready to open up to the messages waiting for you??

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Here is a small collection of orb photographs:

The first 2 were taken at the Crystal Castle in Byron Bay Hinterland. This special place has gardens with huge crystals, a Buddhist stupa and huge statues of Buddha, Ganesh and other deities. It’s has strong sacred energy, created with intention. There are large white orbs above my head in both images. These are the angels who were with me.

The 2 with wide pink wing like lights were taken on a walk. I asked Archangel Ariel to reveal herself on camera. NB, other Archangels including Metatron and Raphael also appear in those photos.

The dark green image beside a hut in the Dorrigo rainforest appeared after invoking Archangel Fehliel and the Blue glowing beam of light appeared after praying to Archangel Michael (note it looks like a sword)



  1. Jim Belcher

    Hello, Rachel. My name is Jim. I’m a retired United Methodist pastor and I’ve practiced meditation (zazen and the Jesus Prayer) for37 years. During the summer months I rise around 3:00 a.m. to sit on my meditation cushion on my patio. Last August I opened my eyes during meditation and saw a white orb in a tree about twenty yards away. I intended to observe the orb but it immediately turned itself off. I closed my eyes and continued meditating. When I opened my eyes again, the orb was back on but again turned itself off. This process repeated without exception: opening my eyes, seeing the orb, the orb turning itself off. The process was too repetitive to be coincidence; the orb seemed to be aware of my looking at it and didn’t want to be seen. The orb remained with me nightly during meditation for about three weeks. One morning it enlarged from its usual size of a baseball to the size of a basketball, then changed shape into a rectangle the size of a window. Any thoughts on what was happening? Thank you

    • Rachel Scoltock

      Hi Jim, Thank you for the message. I feel it could be your angel making contact. Your clairvoyance may be expanding, opening more which means that you might be losing connection rather than the orb turning off? Sometimes it is hard to hold a vision for a long time. Just a thought. My sense is that it’s obviously wanting your attention, maybe you could try asking for more understanding. Angel signs like this aren’t usually complex in meaning. I would take the simple positive sign that it is connecting with you and showing you it’s presence! Say thank you and more please! See what happens. Rachel


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