Could Your Struggle Be a Spiritual Awakening?

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A spiritual awakening is a moment, an experience, or a period of time when you go through changes which lead you to a realization that there is more to life than just the physical realm.

Your spiritual awakening happens when you understand without a doubt that a spiritual realm exists and that you are connected with Spirit.

Spiritual Awakenings may happen instantly through a spiritual experience such as after death communication from a loved one, an angel intervention, or near death experience.

Your understanding of spirit may awaken slowly as part of a search for meaning after a tragedy or accident, or just simply because you feel the need to seek spiritual understanding at a certain point in your life. 

You may already be spiritually oriented, and not need an awakening experience to understand the spiritual nature of the Universe.

I was always attracted to spiritual books and teachings. I knew that there was more to life,  but when my first awakening came it was because the Angels were ready to introduce themselves to me and guide me to my purpose.

This spiritual awakening  happened over 2 decades ago. I was traveling in Australia, feeling uncertain about my purpose and feeling very lost. I was in a great deal of emotional pain and upheaval due to an unhealthy relationship. I totally confused about my next steps.

I knew that I deserved more than I was currently allowing myself. I also loved music and I wanted to escape my suffocating relationship for a few days so i could find clarity and courage about my decision. (Which was to leave him)I  followed my intuition to go on a road trip to a music festival over the mountain ranges in the town of Tamworth.

Bouyed by music and friends, I set off home a few days later. As I drove in the rain, I heard a voice instruct me to stop my car

I followed the command and seconds later I narrowly avoided an accident.

That voice saved my life. 

From that moment onwards I was forever changed. I knew the voice was spiritual and I knew it had saved me. I had a second chance at life.

After that day I heard the same voice often. I found  white feathers on my doorstep everyday, saw repetitive number sequences, and other amazing experiences that I could not ignore. I soon discovered that the voice belonged to Archangel Michael ( It’s all in my book My Life with Angels)

I was lead step by step away from the sources of pain,such as the painful relationship & crappy job I was in, and towards my purpose as an angel medium and healer. I had to trust my guidance and follow it even when it was difficult and I was afraid.

Your first spiritual awakening expands your awareness to know you are not alone, you are guided by an intelligent loving presence. You find the support and direction you need to change your life.

Your angels help you to see and let go of negative behaviours and situations that are not serving you. Your intuition wakes up and everything becomes clearer.

Being spiritually awake means you can tune into your soul to make decisions rather than your ego. 

The truth is though, that awakening is not always a ONE time experience.

I have several since that time, leading me to something better and more aligned.

You’ve had these awakenings too. You are likely having one right now!

Awakenings (or shifts) always happen when something needs to change and the Universe is redirecting you.

Your first instinct can be to resist. (your ego doesn’t like change)

For example: Your job/relationship is draining your life force and suppressing your spiritual growth, your health begins to suffer.  Even though you sense the inner guidance that it’s time to leave or find  something better, you ignore it because you worry you won’t find anything. You pretend it’s not a problem so you stay. 

The signs and nudges will become increasingly stronger, pulling your awareness to what needs to change before things get worse.

Which is why an awakening can be so darn uncomfortable!

NOT because the Divine Universe has it in for you, but because your ego fear mind is resisting the change and the signs have to get louder to get your attention.

Sleepless nights, feeling drained and tired, becoming ill or having body pain, feeling extra sensitive & emotional, vivid dreams, and even negative thoughts can all be signs that you are being WOKEN UP. You need to pay attention to something and make new choices. 

If you are confused about what it is, call on your angels, meditate and ask for guidance. Join one of my  monthly Archangel Attunement events to connect moree deeply with the angels and their guidance for you.

Your angels and your wise inner voice are always talking to you, guiding you away from pain and suffering and towards your highest good.

You can trust this guidance.

Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Author



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