5 Signs From Your Loved Ones In Heaven

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Today I want I’d share with you some inspiration to help you to connect with your loved ones on the other side & fully understand the signs that they send you.

I am an angel medium, meaning that I communicate with and bring messages from your Celestial guides but over the years I have had the privilege and honour of receiving messages for clients many times from their loved ones in Spirit.

This is because the same intuitive channels and methods  used for angel communication can be used to contact loved ones beyond the veil too. It’s just like tuning your radio to a different frequency.

The angels can be a great help when building that connection with your loved ones, if you ask they will enhance your intuitive awareness, faith and receptivity which are big elements to receiving signs and messages. They will help you to let go of your trapped emotions so you can be open to receiving messages

You can ask your angels to help you to feel the presence of your deceased loved one, and to bring your attention to the signs and messages they are sending you.

Archangel Azrael is particularly helpful with helping you to create a bridge of love between yourself and those who are on the other side.

Even with a strong faith in the spiritual realm, the grief of the physical separation from someone you love can feel unbearable at times. Heaviness of any kind can temporarily cloud your spiritual connection and make it feel impossible to connect with the other side.

Which is why receiving signs from a loved one in Heaven is so incredibly comforting and healing to anyone who is grieving.

What if I told you that connecting need not be difficult after all? What if you could make communicating with your loved one a part of your every day life? You don’t have to be a trained medium to receive comforting signs!

Your loved ones ARE with you, even when you can’t sense it on a physical level. They try to let you know that they are with you. They are often closest around significant dates, celebrations, anniversaries and when you get together with family.

In this article you will learn some of the ways your loved ones communicate with you, this will make you more aware and probably you will realize that you’re already receiving signs of their presence.

I am writing this from a personal experience of loss as much as from my professional perspective as an Angel medium.  This time of year is particularly significant to me because my lovely Dad passed away on 31st October 2006. I lost my soul mate dog Bear in December of 2018, and I have lost a close Auntie around that time too. 

I was traveling last week, so before setting off on the 2 hour flight and 5 hour drive I sat quietly and sent love to my Dad, asking him to send me some clear signs. I wasn’t disappointed, the signs I received were amazing and gave me a very strong knowing that he was with me.

Asking for signs and sending love in a light meditative state is a great way to invite a connection with both your angels and your loved ones.

It’s important to be open and let go of HOW and when signs appear, and not try to control the experience as this will block you.

(You don’t want to miss a sign because you’re overly focused on what you think should happen)

If you are looking to make a connection with your loved one here are some signs to look out for:

#1 Butterflies

Butterflies are a very common sign from loved ones, because they symbolize metamorphosis and transition. But how do you know if it’s “only” any old butterfly or if it is significant to your loved one in Heaven?

You know that a butterfly (or any sign) is a genuine sign because it will show up in an unusual way. You might see a high volume of them, or they might behave differently, like landing on you or getting really close. You might see butterflies in unusual places or at the wrong time of the year.

I am from Jersey, an island in the English Channel. The weather in October is very cold, and butterflies do not normally appear until the warmer months. The morning my Dad passed away was chilly and grey. A butterfly was spotted fluttering against the bathroom window by a family member, it then followed her as she walked into another room  fluttering against that window for a long time.

#2 Names

Your loved one will let you know that they are around by their name, initials, or nickname appearing at significant times or in unusual ways.

You might coincidentally meet people with their name, or see your loved one’s initials or name or a symbol on trucks, tee-shirts or registration plates which appear in front of you. You might overhear someone yelling out your loved one’s name or you might hear their name in your mind when you’re not expecting it.


#3 Personal Signs

You might have a particular sign that means something to you and reminds you of your loved one. Something unique but meaningful. It could be a song, a certain word or a flower, bird or animal.

One of mine is sunflowers. Sunflowers show up randomly, usually when I am feeling vulnerable, celebrating, or missing my dad.

When I boarded my flight last week I found I was upgraded to business. then a woman walked by with a sunflower on her t-shirt.

When I hired a house for a photoshoot for my website a few years ago, the house owners had left me a huge bunch of flowers featuring sunflowers! They had no way of knowing that those flowers were significant to me. Seeing them soothed my nerves about the photoshoot!

#4 Electronic Interference:

Did you know that our loved ones in Spirit can get our attention  through electronic and technical interference? Televisions, stereos, lights and other equipment flickering or switching on or off without help, static crackling randomly, old electronics coming back to life are all signs.

The main light in my healing room kept blowing out and eventually gave up completely. It hadn’t worked for 12 months but the electrician could never find a problem.

 A lovely woman came for healing one day about a dear friend who had died suddenly and tragically. While we were discussing the possibility that he was around her, suddenly the broken light turned itself on and stayed on for the full session turning off after she left. I never got it to work again! 

#5 Dreams

Dream visitations can be life-changing and help you to heal your grief. In visitation dreams, your loved one comes through to tell you that they are okay and they love you.

The dream is always positive, emotional and feels very real. Because it is real!

The memory of this dream visitation will stay with you for a long time unlike most dreams which fade away quickly after awakening.

Like all signs and messages from our loved ones in Heaven, they are usually brief and to the point, wanting only to let you know that they are okay and that life goes on beyond the transition we call death.


This list isn’t exhaustive. The best signs are unexpected and creative in ways you can’t imagine!

You can’t force a dream visitation or any sign, you can only be open to the possibility & be willing to set aside doubt.

There are some safe and simple steps you can take to open yourself up to the presence of your loved ones the signs and messages that you are already receiving. I can teach you these steps at my classes and programs.

Would you like to receive more signs and messages from your loved ones in spirit? Would you like to let go of grief and other heavy emotions? Are you ready to open intuitively to spiritual communication? Join the Connect with your Loved ones in Spirit Class here

Angel Blessings

Rachel x

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  1. Jean

    I constantly see orbs in my house some are like white florescent butterfly’s fluttering around me they are so beautiful this has been happening for many years ,I always speak to them ,my cat is fascinated but my husband or daughter cannot see them ,
    I saw my mom she looked a lot younger it only lasted a few seconds ,I have seen two of my cats ,I have felt them walking on my bed ,I lost them many years ago ,but it’s so comforting ,I do have a lot of activity in the house ,but it all feels harmless, in 2017 I fell and damaged my shoulder the pain was unbearable,I was advised to have surgery as soon as possible ,I accepted .A wonderful thing happened ,I was preparing to go to bed ,the room was in darkness my body appeared to light up all of a sudden a very large orb started to move along the headboard slowly then disappeared,A few days later my shoulder began to feel better ,the following week all the pain had gone ,I cancelled the surgery the doctors were baffled ,but I knew I had the orb to thank ,

    • Rachel

      Thanks for sharing your angel experiences Jean. Our loved ones in Heaven often look younger when we meet them in dreams or in a vision. Some orbsare angels and others are loved ones. The healing orb sounds like an Angelic being.

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