4 Signs You Are a Natural Angel Messenger

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It is wonderful to get an angel message or a sign for yourself, and to know without a doubt that you are supported and watched over by the angels.

But did you know that the angels can also use you as their messenger to give comfort, understanding, healing and messages to others?

In fact you could already be acting as an Angel Messenger without realizing it.

Some people are natural-born Angel Messengers, which means it is part of your Divine Life Purpose and you could turn it into a successful career and help more people on behalf of the angels.

Or you might prefer to be an undercover Angel Messenger and spread the angel’s love and light in your existing job or in your personal life.

The angels love to work through and with you in a way that matches your personal desires and your needs.

Here are 4 signs that you are a natural Angel Messenger and how you can help the angels to make the world a better place:

Sign #1 Strangers just pour out their hearts to you.

Here’s the scenario: you are on a plane, in a queue, or in a meeting and the person beside you tells you their heartbreaking life story.

Friends, family and random people alike off-load their struggles and deep pain to you.

It’s almost as if you have a neon sign hanging over your head which says “I can help you”!

Well, you kinda do!

People sense the radiant angel energy around you. They can spot it a mile away!

Sometimes the angels draw those people to you, other times your natural loving vibe  acts as a magnet to those in need.

Sign #2 -You have a knack for sharing healing words.

The angels  channel messages through your thoughts and words, which is why you sometimes say something really profound and wonder where the heck it came from.

Folk feel calmer in your presence, because you intuitively pass on the angel’s energy and messages when you speak to them.

Claircognizance is an intuitive channel which allows the angels to drop ideas and inspiration into your mind and through your written and spoken words. It means “clear knowing” and it’s a powerful psychic gift.

When you recognise your that the angels are working through you this way you can learn to develop your claircongnizance and even see and hear the angels.

I can teach you how to do this in my Awaken Your Soul Gifts and Angel communication program.

Sign #3 You are intuitively sensitive to the angels and their messages

You also intuitively sense how other people are feeling, and you pick up on the vibe in rooms and buildings. You can even tune into the ‘world energy’.

🌟Newsflash-not everyone can do this!

Though sensitivity and empathy can seem like a burden at times, you are sensitive because it is part of your Divine Life Purpose.

You only needd to learn to protect yourself energetically so you’re not drained & overwhelmed by the pain and fear energy of others.

Empathy is a gift and it’s one of the main ways that angels communicate with you.

As a psychic channel it is called Clairsentience, the angels send you guidance through your emotional and bodily feelings. You become a channel when they send healing energy outward to others through you. 

Angels are beings of pure love so it makes sense that they use emotion to connect. Emotion is energy in motion, so when people offload their emotional burdens,  healing takes place especially when you are in the presence of the angels. 

Clairsentient souls tend to second guess their feels a lot because they get confused about what is theirs and what isn’t. Read this article to find out how to protect yourself.

Sign #4- You want to make the world a better place! You are a Lightworker. 

Lightworkers are individuals who are born with a BIG life mission. Right from the start they have a deep desire to make the world a more loving place. They deplore cruelty, injustice and hate seeing any creature suffer.

Lightworkers have an urge to “be the change” and they go out of their way to heal the world in their own way. Though they can have tough challenges in life, these challenges lead them to open their hearts and share their wisdom with others. 

Lightworkers are attracted to spiritual subjects, angels, healing, crystals and intuition.

Deep down they know they have a big purpose and they often have extra angels working with them to be of service in some way.

Another word for Lightworker is an Angel on Earth,  when they step into their purpose, they find their path.

Being a Lightworker does not necessarily mean that you have to set up a spiritual healing business, although that may exactly be what you are here to do.

Some lightworkers work in more conventional careers and spread love and angel energy from behind the scenes. No matter what you do, if you open to being an angel messenger you will bring love, hope and healing to people, while eliminating fear, doubt and darkness.

If you are acting as an angel messenger a lot with your friends, strangers and family and you mostly love it, it is likely a sign that you need to start charging for your services as a professional.

This is not greedy or unspiritual, it’s actually what the angels and the Divine want you to do! 

You and the angels can help MORE people when you step into your power this way through healing,readings,  counseling, creating products and content that bless and heal people, giving angel messages as an angel reader, teaching courses and workshops that uplift and heal people and writing books and posts that make the world a better place. 

You don’t serve anyone by over giving for free and ending up in a drained, resentful heap! 

When it finally hit me that I was an Angel Messenger and it was my Divine Life purpose, I quickly followed the guidance to start my business.

First I learned to hone my gifts while creating better boundaries with good energy protection. Becoming a professional Angel Messenger made perfect sense after my lifelong habit of attracting strangers and it has allowed me to reach thousands of people with the angels’ messages.

Are you ready to take the next step as an Angel Messenger ?

I can help you to uncover your intuitive gifts so you can be a clearer channel for the angels and their energy. You will learn how to receive the clear messages YOU need to make sense of your purpose and fulfil it in a way that is perfect for you.

You will also learn to properly protect and look after your energy so you don’t over give and deplete your energy.

Contact me to go on the wait list for the next Awaken Your Soul Gifts Program or Angel Communication Certification.


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