Could You Be Clairsentient?

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One of the pivotal moments of my life was when I finally understood that I wasn’t just over-sensitive.

There was a name for my extreme sensitivity, empathy and my ability to feel, see and sense things other people couldn’t.


Clairsentients are extremely intuitive, empathic and energy aware. They are able to receive intuitive and psychic messages through their highly attuned emotions and physical feelings.

You might think that to be truly psychic you need to SEE the angels and HEAR your guidance.

But believe me, clairsentience can be just as as strong and accurate as clairvoyance. By developing your clairsentience your intuitive vision and hearing will strengthen too and you can become a very clear channel.

There 5 major Psychic Senses all of which are equally powerful and valid: Seeing, knowing, sensing and hearing. Everyone has these senses in varying degrees.

Once I learned to trust and work with my innate primary channel clairsentience, my other psychic senses activated naturally.

Discovering that I was clairsentient was a huge relief and the beginning of a new exciting path leading to my life purpose.

I’ve seen the same results time and again when I’ve taught other sensitive intuitive souls how to work with and protect their primary channel.

Could you be  clairsentient?

Here are some of the traits :

🌟 Feeling other people’s symptoms, emotions and thoughts in your body.

🌟Having intense dreams, experiences and visions.

🌟Feeling like the black sheep of the family & the odd one out.

🌟Being told you are too sensitive and over emotional.

🌟An ability to spout wisdom and random intuitive advice to strangers and friends.

🌟Negativity can leave you feeling flat and even unwell.

🌟A pleasant peaceful environment is vital to your wellbeing.

🌟You are attracted to all things spiritual such as angels, tarot cards, new age book shops and crystals.

🌟You struggle with anxiety, random illnesses and even allergies with no known source.

🌟You feel like a human sponge soaking up the emotional energy of everyone

🌟Being overloaded with other people’s energy  dims your intuition leaves you exhausted.

🌟You recharge from being alone and/or in nature

🌟You sense you have a big purpose.

Clairsentients are empaths with EXTRA intuition. They aren’t just sensitive, their strong feelings and deep awareness has a purpose.

As a clairsentient you likely already know  on some level that your angels are helping you.

Your energy awareness allows you to sense the healing presence of angels and other beings.

When clairsentients learn to protect their energy  they feel energised, confident, and their intuition becomes CLEAR as a bell. Your Life purpose will reveal itself to you when you connect to this important gift.

My prayer for you is that you connect with your soul and understand your primary intuitive channel so you can unlock the gifts you are meant to express in this lifetime!

My next program Awaken Your Soul Gifts is created to give you the tools healing and knowledge to properly protect your energy and discover a strong, clear intuitive voice within you.

I will guide you to step out of the fog of fear, exhaustion and uncertainty and into your true awakened self.

Awaken Your Soul Gifts starts on October 5th 2021. Go here to find out more.

Angel Blessings Rachel x

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