You can manifest the life that you want, read how I did and how you can too.

If you are anything like me, you hate feeling stuck and far off from what you want in your life. It is so frustrating to be in that place of knowing where you want to be and not being sure how to get there. Especially if you compare yourself to others or get down on yourself for NOT being there yet. Every fear you ever had comes up to taunt you, you remember all the bad times and failures and before you know it, you start to wonder if you are a bit crazy even wanting something good and you consider giving up.

Please, Don’t give up!

Keep going!

The world needs you to shine your bright luminous, unique light and despite what any deluded fear based person or thought has told you, you are important, loved and you have a purpose.

The real reason that you feel that BAD is that deep down you KNOW that there is meant to be more meaning, abundance, joy, healing and love in your life and you might even secretly know that you deserve it. (You do!)

This inner knowing comes directly from your Wise Soul-self. It is a sign that you can get there. The path is already paved! Even if your human mind cannot conceive of how you are going to get from here to there.

Believe me, there is always a way.

Ten years ago. I was feeling this way, I felt very alone, very isolated and about a million miles from my dreams. I was also very broke. I was depending on my new healing practice in a rural village to pay all my bills, my rent and take care of me and my animals. I was newly single and not yet an Australian resident. I wanted to be a citizen, I wanted a successful busy practice, I wanted to travel, I wanted to write a book, I wanted to feel free and prosperous. I often thought about giving up, but I KNEW deep down that this was my calling and I had to keep moving ahead.

Within a relatively short time it ALL happened. All of it! i learned how to manifest – properly and of course I have new bigger goals and intentions to fulfill. We never stop aspiring, the Divine inspiration that triggers our growth never ends. I know that my new dreams are coming to fruition as I type, because I have learned now how to use my thoughts and energy to manifest the life I want. I know how to connect to the Divine Source energy to align my intentions with what is right for me.

This year I’ve traveled more than ever before, I’ve met some incredible people,  I’ve had the most amazing experiences and I am so grateful and humbled by it all. The reason i am telling you this is because now, more than ever, I understand what had to happen for me to finally get it and I truly madly deeply want to teach you how to do it too!

It really is about aligning with what you want through your feelings and thoughts, getting out of your own way and being conscious of how to lift your own mood to one of optimism, joy and peace.

It is not just about “getting” it is about giving too, because when you are in the flow of Divine abundance your heart opens and everything flows back and forth. You cannot help but feel generous when you know that you are Divinely supported.

Even if your motivation is to feel financially secure or have a new car  that is more than Okay. Never feel guilty for wanting money, love, health happiness or new cars and shoes because all of these are aspects of an infinite abundance available to you & everyone.

This is a compassionate Universe, designed to always bring you to the realization of Divine abundance, joy, peace, kindness, love : All roads perhaps especially the painful ones, give us an opportunity change, to learn a new way, to discover our own power and how the Divine is a part of everything if we allow it. Abundance to one person is different for another, that is ok too.

You can close the gap between where you are and where you want to be right now, just by being willing to let go of the frustration, guilt and that crazy idea that you wont get there. Then start to affirm that what you want is coming. Even if you cannot see it yet, just say it to yourself regularly. This mantra lifts your vibration immediately and invites a more receptive
mindset that attracts ideas, signs, opportunities and more.. try it!

Most of all you need to finally DEAL with the PAST. Whatever comes up regularly and pulls you down.  That was the key for massive change for me, I was so stuck and down that I HAD to let go of the old negatives that ran riot in my mind and heart. Those sandbags of pain hold your dreams out of reach.

Letting go properly, in a sincere way changes everything, then all you want cannot fail to rush in.

So plan to let it go, do it for yourself, do it for your future self and so that you can enjoy all that joy when it appears! Get in touch if you would like some help.

I have created an mp3 seminar to teach you how to bring your intentions and dreams into reality called Manifest your intentions, you download it and listen right away. go here.

Have an awesome week and do not forget to check out the weekly reading, there is some awesome information for you to turn your life around.

Go ahead and manifest the life that you want

Love and blessings Rachel


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