“With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.””

Wayne Dyer

The teachers in life:

I was walking in the sunshine, minding my own biz, and came across a woman whom I had not seen in a while, we got chatting and she inevitably asked about my love life. “Still single but loving it” I said, hoping to rapidly change the subject before we descended into one of those conversations where I feel cornered.

But weren’t you with that guy ?” she pressed I muttered that I’d ended that particularly delightful romance. Not wishing to explain the in’s and outs.

Oh why do YOU always attract the wrong sort of man?” She declared at the top of her booming,shrill voice just in case someone at the other end of the beach or perhaps in a passing submarine did not hear.

Now let me pause to point out that I have had many versions of this conversation, often resulting in me feeling like running and hiding under a rock somewhere with the worms and beetles. Not this time….I kept my power!

I stopped her right there and lovingly put her straight. I told her I did not accept her judgment. She sniffed, changed the subject and I felt goooood.

That yukky statement  “You attracted that bad thing” covers all that is faulty about how people perceive the law of attraction. It infers that you were in the wrong because something went wrong, implying that you are somehow broken and negative, and this so called “bad thing” is a mirror… NOT TRUE!!

Sadly we can fall into the trap of making this horrible judgment of ourselves when something goes wrong. Thinking this way keeps you stuck in an endless cycle of unworthiness, misery and fear and blocks you from growing or moving on from the experience.

You see when any of us experience challenges in our lives, whether it is a health problem, an unhappy relationship, a toxic work environment, big conflicts…. any of life’s unpleasant scenarios they are drawn to us from the place inside of us that wants to heal, we are constantly  being offered opportunities to grow, heal and thrive. It is actually a gift, a teacher, a spring board to happiness and abundance.

No one in their right mind would choose unhappiness, divorce, financial ruin,  an illness or loss and so when someone ( including yourself ) accuses you of attracting it, then you instantly feel: Powerless- because you did not mean to create it so how the heck do you  uncreate it? Angry because it “should” not have happened …Judged– it is your fault so you do not deserve compassion or good things. Ashamed- because you feel like a failure! Unloved because it feels like you do not deserve any better.

Those five states of being are the exact opposite of the energies needed for healing. How can anyone heal anything when they feel shame, anger, powerlessness, judgement and a lack of self love?  These are all states of non- love aka fear.  The source of all suffering.

Please always remember that this is a compassionate Universe where Divine Love healing energy is on offer constantly to heal you of ALL states of fear and pain and loss.  When you get this, you begin to heal automatically, because you understand the way everything really works. You are not powerless or unworthy, you are loved! Your suffering is based on a lie.

Everything exists within this state of Divine Love including your seeming pain and unhappiness, everything that seems to bring suffering i.e. NOT Love,  is an opportunity to return to wholeness, an opportunity to learn and heal.

Everything and everyone that brings you to a state of suffering is a teacher!

This teacher shows you your wounds, the parts of you that are unloved and unhealed and that are actually blocking you from living a fulfilling happy life. These so called negative experiences give you an opportunity to pay attention to the unhealed you and completely heal it for good. They give you a chance to change things around, re focus and have an aim that is more true!

If the situation keeps repeating then it’s a wake up call, it definitely is not something to feel ashamed about or hate yourself for. It is simply a call for more love not less!

If something negative is happening in your life, ask yourself ,what am I learning here?  and please know… you are not learning to beat yourself up more, or that you are a victim, or that the world is a cruel place what you are learning is how to love yourself more, how you can expand more into being the true you, how you can raise your standards, shift your beliefs and speak your truth and make life happier for YOU!

So let’s say a big THANKS, to all the teachers in our lives… for all the B.S. and the pain! ( that is what forgiveness is by the way) Well maybe not yet, but one day you will!

That guy? Well he was teaching me that I needed to put myself first, treat myself like a queen with love, kindness and respect and that I needed a needy partner like a hole in the head.. I needed to nurture and nourish my own heart and soul and remember who I really AM and what I deserve…and give it to myself.

Who is a teacher for you in your life right now? (it’s the person who is upsetting or annoying you the most) When you get the lesson and start loving yourself more then most likely they will either go away OR you just wont be irritated anymore, until then they will bug the heck out of you whether they are in your presence or taking up room in your mind!

I am sending Divine Love to you for your healing, ask the angels to help you, to show you the lesson and to unbind you from any patterns that keep you in pain.
I am praying that you grow, heal and flourish from this situation and that you keep your heart open in the knowledge that you are worthy, powerful and very very loved!

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