Which Angels, Guides and Loved ones Are With You?

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You have at least two guardian angels standing beside you right now can you sense them?You may also have one of the major archangels overseeing an important aspect of your life right now.

You attract certain angels and spiritual guides, even ancestors and deceased loved ones depending on your life purpose, current life lessons and the particular challenges you are facing.

I will be teaching you how to discern exactly who is around you and why at a special one off Angels & Guides workshop this Friday .

Guardian angels and archangels are celestial beings of pure unconditional love they have never lived a human life & they have no ego. They are Divine messengers, protectors, and healers sent to watch over and guide you through all of life’s ups and downs. Your guardian angels never leave yourside, they are a comforting presence, ready to step in and save you from disaster and urging you to your best life. You have extra angels who come and go according to your life situation. At times you may have dozens if not hundreds of angels around you.

Your loved ones in heaven are not actual angels, though they may act like guardian angels for you from time to time. Their visits to you come in times of need, maybe you are going through a particularly tough time, or you are missing their presence. Those “out of nowhere” tears and moments when you miss them the most, happen when they drop by for a visit. Your loved ones also drop in for important dates and to let you know they are safe & at peace on the other side.

Your spiritual guide is an advanced soul and teacher who is unlikely to be related. This guide’s sole job description is to watch over your spiritual path. You volunteered to learn certain life lessons and develop your soul during your lifetime. Your guide will help you to understand these lessons and your life and is there to make sure you stay on your path. The spiritual guide is with you when you pick up that spiritual novel, meet your spiritual teacher or have an ‘aha moment’.

Knowing and understanding your guides, angels and spirit family can bring so much joy and peace into your life. Your life so far, can make more sense and you can heal from grief and confusion.

You can learn to communicate with and receive signs from the different guardians who are with you. This is a powerful way to discover the deeper meaning of your life, you understand your life’s challenges and the lessons,  you can get to know your purpose. You can be comforted by the presence of your loved ones and learn to discern who is with you and why!

During the webinar on Friday I will teach you How to discern the different guides and beings around you. How you can ask for their hep and receive more signs.

I will also guide you through a deeply healing and profound guided exercise to meet your angels , guides and spiritual beings who are with you.

You’ll receive a powerful energy cleanse and activation to your energy so you release cords, let go of layers of fear and grief

This webinar will release blocks so you can connect with and sense the angels, loved ones and guides who are with you.

I will share some angel invocation techniques and mantras to enhance your energy and connection with the angels.

This amazing workshop contains information I usually teach in my bigger programs but you are receive it for $47AUD

Learn more or book your place here

Replay available if you can’t make it (replay will not be available for sale after Friday)

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Here is the video for the week ahead.



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