What You Focus on Expands


I am just back from a long weekend away. The  trip was planned for a long time. I had tickets to a live country music event to see one of my favourite artists . I spent a day walking and swimming in the most spectacular nature. It was just what I needed.

When I arrived at my destination though,I noticed that I couldn’t relax!

I asked my angels for help, I meditated and  realized the problem, I felt  guilty for spending time and money on myself instead of working!

Has this happened to you?

I have some big events coming up, there’s lots of planning and preparing to do.

However, I’m my own boss and like everyone I need to rest and recharge to be productive!

Guilt and fear are such a toxic emotions that block joy and abundance.

With the help of my angels I was able to clear those fearful energies before they ruined my weekend.

I had the BEST time!

It struck me though that there’s a lot of fear and guilt around  abundance at the moment.

The media is full of scary reports and predictions which cause us to mistakenly believe that there’s not enough money, energy, time, jobs, houses, or other resources to go around!

When in fact this is not true. There is abundance everywhere!

I just watched a documentary about how much money is being made by social media companies.

We are energetic beings, and our thoughts, words and beliefs have a powerful effect on our experience.

When you start believing in LACK then lack starts to show up in your life.

This  belief in not enoughness, causes you to feel guilty about accepting any kind of abundance, reward or rest. This blocks you further.

Your angels stand by ready to help you to release these mistaken beliefs and return to a state of abundance.

The most basic spiritual truth is that our thoughts and beliefs create our experiences.

What you focus on expands!

So isn’t it time you focus on abundance, gratitude and joy instead of guilt, worry and scarcity?

If you’ve recently noticed feelings of scarcity or  guiltthen this is the perfect time to have an abundance reset to tap back into the infinite nature of the Universe, and your worthiness to receive!

This Friday I am holding a very special angel attunement to help you release scarcity and tune back into the abundant nature of the Universe.
In this 90 minute Zoom workshop I will guide you through an angelic clearing to release blocks and sever  the cords  which keep your mind  and energy in a state of worry and limitation.

I will help you to align your energy and raise your frequency to connect only with abundance and peace. From here you can attract and create the abundace you need, no matter what is going on in the world.

The Archangel Metatron Raise Your vibration for Abundance is only $57 AUD (apprx $38 USD) you can reserve your spot here.

Angel Blessings
Rachel Scoltock

Angel medium

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