From little things big things grow

Paul Kelly

At this time of great change, so many people are seeking their purpose through a meaningful career. Lightworker is a spiritual  term used to describe loving souls of all ages who feel that their life has meaning beyond the ordinary. They feel compelled to heal and help the world, to bring light where there is darkness, love where there is fear and wisdom instead of ignorance and greed. These earthly angels can be deeply effected by the suffering in the world even as small children and yet instead of becoming a part of the problem they want to help, they want to change the world for the better. These feelings become more urgent with time and can be very frustrating especially if you do not know how to find a lucrative career that matches this calling

Could you be a Lightworker ? There are a few distinct characteristics:

  1. You are Sensitive– to err.. everything!! Lightworkers need an unusual level of empathy ‘cos you need to be able to feel it to heal it. Empathy is a gift but it also means you can’t tolerate toxic vibes. Shield daily with bright light. Learn to protect your energy so you do not absorb everything !!
  2. You want to change the world,  it physically hurts to hear about cruelty, injustice, neglect and pollution. Deep down you know that humans can do better. Start where you are: vote responsibly, write blogs & posts, pray, eat clean. The actions you take create ripples and that energy comes back to you, follow your passions and this will lead you to your BIGGER purpose.
  3. You have been through A LOT, not only do you feel everything so very deeply, you seem to have had more than average challenges to deal with. This is because world changers have signed up for the toughest lessons. Your humility and compassion  make you a great leader & healer. Time to focus: Healing your life & releasing the past  will fast track your life purpose.
  4. You have changed! Friends and family comment that you are different & you know it. No more hiding!!  You’ve made conscious changes to yourself and your life because you are always learning and growing.You feel drawn to spiritual & loving subjects that other people find unusual. Don’t let other people’s opinions hold you back. Your power lies in being authentic and loving.
  5. You have a deep down knowing that you were born for a reason.This knowing is from your soul, let your passions and intuition guide you to your purpose.Do not settle for an ordinary path. Think about your personal path and what you have learned and consider how you can transform this into helping others. You will make a difference in this world your way!
  6. Self doubt sidelines you. Do not worry, every light worker goes through this, keep going anyway. You are going against the grain of society so it is natural to question yourself.  Stop listening to the negative voices and trust yourself. Drama and self doubt can be a form of self sabotage that keeps you in a loop avoiding getting on with your purpose. Ask the angels to guide you forward.
  7. Nothing seems to fit- Searching for a career can be frustrating because every day jobs seem limiting and dull. You do not fit in!! Be patient and trust that Life has a plan.. in the meantime do research on people you admire & follow hunches. Take courses and read books on subjects that light you up. You may transition to self employment or working with enlightened companies. You will be guided.

Light workers are here to change the world through Love rather than force. Divine Love is your weapon. You are not alone your angels are beside you specifically to help you with your mission.
Even if you do not know specifically what your purpose is, know that you can still be the Light every day. Ask for and seek opportunities to sincerely send light and love, to pray for the planet, or to take loving action on big and small issues. Your Light makes a difference!
Love and Light to you!
Rachel x
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