The Steps To Living A Rich, Radiant Life

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Today I asked my Rich Radiant Angel Manifesting group on Facebook to tap in to their intuition and quickly (without thinking too much) answer this question:

What do you feel is blocking you from creating a rich radiant life?

before you read on…
What would you answer?

Here are a few of their replies:

  • I feel unworthy
  • Believing I need money to make money
  • I fear change
  • Lack of confidence
  • I can’t manifest until I heal myself
  • It will take a long time to heal my past problems
  • I don’t believe in myself enough
  • Other people’s opinions hold me back
  • Focusing on the past

These kind of fears are all too familiar!

I worked to release and heal my low self worth, lack of self belief and other fears before I could create the financially abundant and purposeful life I live now.

Fear is like a tether, pulling you into the past, and holding you back from your potential

In my Angelic immersion programs and retreats the women I work with often find that deep at the heart of their challenges they are really battling with fears just like those above. 

These include a lack of confidence, a limited idea about what is possible, and other fear based beliefs and false ideas ( like not being good enough) which keep them stuck, struggling and feeling inadequate.

None of these beliefs are actually true, but by believing them, you give them power, the power to sabotage your potential.

These fears stopped my clients from even going for their dreams because they don’t actually believe they can achieve them!

Until they release them for good.

When I help my clients to identify and release their sabotaging ideas everything changes!

I teach them how to shift their energy and manifest with the angels, these brave and these beautiful souls begin to rapidly flourish, heal and prosper.

They begin to GLOW!

It’s truly a magical transformation.

Their guidance becomes clear and their intuitive gifts open.

They develop faith in themselves and their angels.

They go for their dreams with confidence and certainty.

Their relationships improve (engagements, soul mate meetings, renewal of vows)

They radiate an inner light, (I LOVE THIS PART SO MUCH)

and of course… their lives prosper and change for the better!

It is wonderful to be a part of the process and witness these transformations.

It all starts with a willingness to step off the merry go round of fear and limitation.
Everything else falls beautifully into place.

You can begin to heal YOUR fears today too,,,

Imagine having faith in yourself and in your angels, that everything was going to turn out okay, better than okay- GREAT!

Imagine dumping those fears and stepping into the unknown- trusting that there is an answer and you will be guided to it!

Well that is exactly what Lucy did:

A private client and Reiki 1 and 2 graduate, Lucy was looking to start her healing business aligned with her purpose and her angels.

Dear Rachel, I listened to your reading on Monday around soul purpose and it totally resonated with me. Last night I pulled 2 cards from my angel card deck asking for guidance about steps to take to ensure I’m following my soul purpose.

The cards I got were “relationship” and ‘the ocean’. At first I thought it strange and didn’t understand but I took ‘the ocean’ as I sign that I should go for a walk to the beach this morning

When I got to the beach, I decided to just sit and have a coffee and ponder. While I was pondering, I decided to email a yoga studio that does yin and Reiki classes asking if they require any assistance. I got an email back saying their assistant for tonight has phoned in sick and would I step in!!!!

So I went this evening and gave Reiki healing to 16 students along with the yin teacher in the class. It was great and I feel like it could be the beginning of something…!

I’m so excited I just had to share. Thanks Lucy x

Lucy contacted me a week later to let me know she’d been offered more work with the yoga studio and had also been guided to more opportunities to start her new life as a healing practitioner.

Have courage to reach out, ask your angels for help and take action on your dreams, you never know where it may lead you!

Are you ready to release the fear and step onto a new path?

I would like to invite you to my Angel Retreat in the Sacred Centre of Australia 18th and 19th May 2019
This is the perfect opportunity to step away from your every day life and shift your fears, sabotage and blocks for good.  You will learn to tap into the angels guidance, develop your intuition and receive the next steps for your life.

When you book into this retreat  ( pay in full) you will also receive a private mentoring session with me worth $497 , plus a powerful healing meditation and a copy of my book.

If you would like to be a part of this sacred angelic immersion and join me and a group of like minded women for a life changing weekend,  please message me privately Spaces are running out and the special early bird offer ends soon.

PS Thank you so much to all who sent me loving messages after my email last week regarding the loss of dear beloved Bear. All were read and felt deeply in my heart. Bless you x

Angel blessings
Rachel x



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