“Follow your heart & Intuition they somehow already know what you want to become”

Steve Jobs

Today I changed my routine and I am writing this from a cafe. A pot of tea beside my notepad and favorite pen, the sun is shining from a blindingly blue sky, I can see a square of shimmering ocean through the trees. Perfect.

This change of venue is the result of listening to my heart. Today my heart told me she did not want to go home right away after my morning beach meditation & workout.
My head protested of course:
“It’s Monday, newsletter and admin day”
My heart slumped her shoulders.
My head said ” Save the cash, have a cuppa at home, in the garden, you have loads to do”
My heart became heavy.  A familiar grey weight spread over my chest.
She said ” You promised to love yourself more
she’s right, I did!

So I gave in.  Immediately I saw myself sitting at a table with tea and a notepad in my mind’s eye. Light bulb moment, I can do both!! So here I am, waiting on breakfast.

The reason  I gave in is because I have been waking recently with a heavy energy around my heart,  it was uncomfortable & unwelcome and worrying.  I fought it back everyday yet it re appeared each morning. Eventually through frustration and tears I decided to practice what I preach and ask my heart what was going on.

I sat down closed my eyes and said “Heart, Why do you feel this way?”

At first there was nothing, but experience has taught me to wait. I had already searched my mind for answers but nothing really felt right, I had to go to the source!

Finally the answer came: “I need more Love”

My head argued with this of course pointing out I’d just had a short holiday, I was exercising daily, eating well, meditating.

My heart grew heavier. A big sign.  I realized I was acting like a parent scolding a child. My insistence was ” that should be enough, you don’t deserve anymore”. EEK!

I understood in that moment how I often withhold pleasure and rest from myself by justifying that I’d already had a little bit and so that should be enough. I was fearful of being slack, taking too much, being too selfish….my inner critic was using guilt and judgement to stop me from loving myself more fully. My heart was suffering, I was suffering.

We all have these types of blind spots that cause us to push life into the future, putting off joy, nice experiences, holidays, and relaxation to a later date. It’s like waiting for dessert that never comes, until you have eaten so many stewed vegies that you collapse!

Think of all the “No’s” you might have used to brandish a self punishing stick! There is always a “good” reason why not: Money, busy lives, what will the neighbors think, what if I become lazy, enjoy it too much, spend too much…. blah blah.  As if a little bit of goodness will turn us into out of control awful people.

The truth is that the more we give to ourselves, the more we have to share with others. The more we love ourselves the more that resentment dissolves, pain dissipates and life begins to WORK for us.

On an energy level, the universe can only give to us what we are willing to receive.
Anytime we say “No” to something that we want & can afford to do in time and energy we are placing roadblocks up to all the other joys that are coming our way.

The no attitude just pushes our real needs underground and results in unhealthy behaviors like over indulging in junk food and sweets, too much TV, or feeling like lying down all the time!

We have confused self love with selfishness, our heart’s callings with our ego’s and this is tragic and toxic.

We suffer as a result of all of these limiting ideas and judgments that block our ability to Love ourselves and fully enjoy life, we stop listening to our hearts and inner voice and start listening to that hard critical voice of the ego, and the ego always steers us off course!

Listen to your heart it is a wise guide that will direct you in what may seem like illogical ways to our over analytical minds but will ultimately make sense to a happier heart centred life!

My heart is so much lighter and I know I got there on time before it manifested as something else. Our hearts are always speaking to us, it is up to us to listen!

So are you willing to listen to your heart more?
Try my little technique and ask the question “Heart what do you want me to know?” breathe deeply and wait, maybe have a pen and paper handy!

Try asking how can you unlimit the ways that you allow Love, Joy and Abundance into your life? Ask how you can love yourself more!

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