The Empath’s Prayer

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Are you an empath or healer who senses and feels the emotions and pain of others?

This empaths prayer will quickly help you to protect your energy and rethink your energy.

When I started out as a healer,  I noticed that I felt extremely tired between clients.

After a busy week seeing anywhere between 10 and 25 clients, I ‘d feel completely exhausted and weepy!

I soon realized this couldn’t go on. I loved my work, but I dreaded the fatigue and emotional overwhelm that came with it.

I asked my angels for help with how to cope with the amount of energy I was processing.

What I learned from them changed everything.

The words that came through were:

Your life force energy is yours and yours alone.

It is not meant for anyone else. Give from the Source energy, not your own energy.

Do not take on the pain of others. Allow us to transmute it.

In that moment I realized was misusing my energy!

Even though I was trained, and channeling the angels healing and messages, I was giving away a lot of my personal energy to my clients. Sessions went too long, I over delivered and undercharged.

To make things worse, I was absorbing all the pain and emotion my clients released, into my own  energy and body. I wasn’t properly protecting myself and I believed deep down it was my responsibility to take this pain energy from them.

They would walk away feeling wonderful and I felt like a deflated balloon!

I believe that many empaths do this automatically, especially if they work in healing and caring careers!  This can be a trauma response created in childhood, where  you have learnt to take responsibility for how everyone feels.

You try to absorb the pain energy you pick up on, to help people feel happy!

I had to learn proper energy protection skills,otherwise I would burn out.

It was then I learned that ALL energy used for giving of any kind must come from the Source and not from our personal energy.All released energy must go back to Source and not remain in our energy!

How to Connect to Source

Connecting to Source is a little like plugging your lap top into the charger to use the mains energy instead of your battery.

Source energy is infinite, your personal energy is not!

To connect to Source- (God/ Universe/Divine) Visualise massive lake of infinite light energy.

Then see a beam of this light streaming down from above your head from Source, surrounding you and your aura,filling your body from head to toe. See this Divine energy constantly replenishing you and flowing through you to others. Whenever you give healing, advice, or other services to people. This mean energy draws from the Source, not your energy.

This energy is the Source of all your good! If you deplete your own energy, you cut off from this Source and you start to experience scarcity in all areas of life!

How to send pain energy back to Source

If you tend to take on the pain and emotions of others, this means that you deep down believe it’s your job to absorb it. This is not healing, it just means you  carry the responsibility, burdens and pain yourself. It’s not your job to carry the unhealed energy of anyone!

Instead of taking on the pain energy of others, you can set the intention to give anything that they are ready to release- to the angels and the Divine Source for transmutation.

When I work, I visualize my client’s pain leaving their bodies in clouds, and being gathered by the angels and taken out of the room. Transmutation happens, when very high frequency Divine energy dissolves the low energy for ever!

These simple adjustments transformed my life and my work! I was no longer absorbing the pain energy of others into my body, It was pointless.

My vitality, my business and my income all improved in a short amount of time when I started to say the empaths prayer.

I’ve taught this method successfully to hundreds of empaths, healers, psychics and therapists

Now it’s your turn!

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional healer, or not. Whether you’re just listening to a friend, (or scrolling on social media)  this method works to preserve your personal energy and protects you against absorbing all of the fear and negativity in the world

Try this simple empath protection prayer every day and you will soon notice the difference:

The Empath Prayer

Dear Divine Spirit and my Angels,

May all the energy I give today come from the Divine Source and not from my own energy.

May all the pain energy that is released in my presence today, be returned to Source for transmutation and not remain in my energy.

Amen *

You can see how this prayer radically shift you from giving all your energy and absorbing the pain you come into contact with.

Follow the prayer up with a simple visualization of light and angels surrounding and filling you.

You can Download the Protect your energy meditation from my store which will help you to protect and clear your energy daily!

Are you super sensitive and empathic? Let me know in the comments how you feel after saying this prayer for a few days.

I teach more energy protection for empath techniques at my monthly Archangel Attunements- Every month I guide you through an intensive clearing, healing and protection for your energy.

*This prayer is included in my book Loving Your Sensitive Self, A guide to managing and protecting your energy. 

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher


  1. Cass J

    Thank you so much Rachel for your guidance and invaluable energy protection knowledge. The change in my energy is next level! I rarely feel tired or drained after using your techniques! I am forever grateful for the massive change in my life and thank the Angels for guiding me to you ?✨ you are making a difference for the greater good and I also love your monthly webinars! Always divinely timed ?

    • Rachel

      I am so happy to read this Cass. Thank you!

  2. Julie Yassin

    Thank you Rachel.
    This has been life changing. I no longer come home like a zombie. I use this also when I need to be in large crowds. As an empath as you know, strangers often tell us their life stories. This works just as well in those situations. Blessings!!

    • Rachel

      Hi Julie, I am delighted that you’ve discovered this powerful prayer. Thanks so much for the feedback. Blessings x

  3. Jules Debra

    I found this Empath’s prayer very helpful; thank you so much for taking the time to share. Blessings to you x

    • Rachel

      You’re welcome Jules! I am so glad you find it helpful. There’s more like this in my book Loving Your Sensitive Self.
      Angel Blessings Rachel

  4. Belle Kateley

    Hi Rachel,
    I need so much help. Please. I have asked lots of people but no one has advice without purchasing something

    • Rachel

      Hi Belle, What kind of help are you seeking? I have a free meditation library with great meditations for empaths, a free blog full of tips and advice, free video readings each week, I offer free classes regularly, but a lot of what
      i do is how i earn my living so it’s hard to offer courses and services free. Let me know what you’re looking for?

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