The Empath’s Prayer

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Do you sense and feel the pain of others?

Many empaths and healers believe that they need to use their personal energy to heal and help others.

But this is actually a mistake which can lead to burn out.

When I started out as a healer 20 years ago  I noticed that I felt extremely tired between clients.

After a busy week, I felt weepy and exhausted.

After a while, I realized this couldn’t go on. I loved my work, but I dreaded the fatigue and mindfog that came with it.

I meditated and asked my angels for help.

What I learned changed everything.

The words that came through were:

Your life force energy is yours and yours alone.

It is not meant for anyone else.

In that moment I realized was misusing my energy!

Even though I was channeling the angels, I was also giving a lot of my personal energy to my clients. Sessions went long, I over delivered and undercharged.

To make things worse I was absorbing every emotion they released into my own body and energy field.

They would walk away feeling wonderful and I felt like a deflated balloon!

This was a lifelong habit, I’d always given my energy away and taken on other people’s pain.

I needed to learn proper energy skills,otherwise I would burn out.

It was then I learned that ALL energy used for giving of any kind must come from Source and not from personal energy.

Connecting to Source is a little like plugging your lap top into the charger to use the mains energy instead of your battery.

(Try the meditations in my Angel Library here to learn to connect with Source)

I also discovered that instead of taking on the pain energy of others, I could give it to the angels and the Divine Source for transmutation. #lifechanging

From that moment on I visualized my client’s pain leaving their bodies in clouds, being gathered by the angels and taken out of the room.

In essence, I learned to care not carry.

These simple adjustments changed everything. My work, my vitality, my business and my income improved in a short amount of time.

I was able to heal, listen and give, both personally in relatonships and professionally in healing sessions without becoming drained and chronically tired.

I’ve taught this method successfully to hundreds of empaths, healers, psychics and therapists. It’s a shift in perception which makes a huge difference.

Try it.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional therapist or you’re just listening to a friend, (or the news)  this method works to preserve your personal energy.

Try this simple protection prayer before you start your day and notice the difference:

The Empath Prayer

Divine Spirit, Angels,

May all the energy I give today come from the Divine Source and not from my own energy.

May all pain energy that is released in my presence today be returned to Source for transmutation and not remain in my energy.

Amen *

Let me know in the comments how you feel after saying this prayer for a few days

Angel Blessings Rachel Scoltock

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