The Divine Depot of Abundance

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Last week I had the most parcels & gifts  I’ve ever had delivered on any given day.

10 parcels arrived in 4 deliveries in 1 day.

And it wasn’t even my birthday!

Just in case I didn’t get the message. A van pulled up beside me on my evening walk and the driver gave me a parcel.

I have often said that there is a Divine depot in the Universe where all your manifestations are packed up, waiting to be delivered by your angels!

You unlock this depot of dreams by releasing your inner barriers to abundance.

Well that is exactly what I’ve been doing recently.

An abundance block is anything which holds you in a state of scarcity, negativity and fear.

Think about anything you are holding onto only because of fear or guilt:

You refuse to put away the ugly statue that your aunty gave you incase she’s watching from Heaven.
You let your boss/friend talk down to you because you fear repercussions.
You keep using the same coffee shop/ hairdresser/ gardener even though you aren’t satisfied with their service.
You repeatedly give your time and energy to others & receive nothing in return.

It all adds up!

When you tolerate situations that make you feel drained, unworthy or miserable you send a message to the Universe (and yourself) that you don’t deserve better.

You leak life force energy.


You cement yourself into a cycle of limitation, attracting more of the same.

Those doors to the Abundance depot will stay firmly bolted until you shift your energy back into alignment with your highest intentions!

Over the past few weeks and months, I made an extra effort to clear my life of situations which are out alignment with my values and my highest intentions.

I discovered that I was putting up with so many situations that weren’t fitting for me.

For instance my sofa was so uncomfortable it was giving me neck pain.

I let go of outdated, unused or broken items and stopped tolerating bad treatment and service.

I released situations which consistently drained my energy. I honored my intuition and said no to things which didn’t feel right anymore.Each step of the way I cleared my energy and cut cords.

This “work” is not always easy, fear comes up with a million reasons to stay stuck, but it’s well worth it.

I know the influx of parcels was a big sign that it’s working. I’ve had other signs and demonstratons too.

I am going to keep going.

If you feel inspired to clear your abundance blocks then start small by answering this question:

What 1 small broken or annoying item can you let go of today to make room for abundance?

Let me know in the comments below👇👇👇Then do it!

Are you ready to finally receive the abundance that is waiting for you?

I am holding a special webinar on July 23rd 10 am AEST called Abundance Creation with Archangel Ariel.
At this class I will focus specifically on identifying and clearing your barriers to creating financial abundance. You will work with Archangel Ariel to discover the steps you can take to align with prosperity.

I will show you how to align your mind, actions and energy with abundance so you can manifest what you need.  You will be guided through a deeply clearing and healing meditation to release cords and other energetic barriers which hold you in scarcity and fear.

You can book your spot by using the link here.

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